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May 18, 2008
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"...the riders were beginning to appear far out on the lake bed, a thin frieze of mounted archers that trembled and veered in the rising heat. They crossed before the sun and vanished one by one and reappeared again and they were black in the sun and they rode out of that vanished sea like burnt phantoms with the legs of the animals kicking up the spume that was not real and they were lost in the sun and lost in the lake and they shimmered and slurred together and separated again and they augmented by planes in lurid avatars and began to coalesce and there began to appear above them in the dawn broached sky a hellish likeness of their ranks riding huge and inverted and the horses' legs incredibly elongate trampling down the high thin cirrus and the howling antiwarriors pendant from their mounts immense and chimeric and the high wild cries carrying that flat and barren pan like the cries of souls broke through some misweave in the weft of things into the world below." - Cormac McCarthy from "Blood Meridian"

I only list books that are in my possession.
About Me
Reading and music are my two main interests, though I do watch some TV - sports: football (NFL more than college), auto racing (Formula One), and golf's majors; business news, and nature/science documentaries. Some interest in films, a few favorites are: Fargo, No Country for Old Men, Memento,and City of Lost Children. I am not going to list my CD collection on LT, but I will mention a few favorites: on the pop side - Emily Bezar, Cocteau Twins, The Chameleons, Big Country, Interpol, Loud Family, Low, Belly/Tanya Donelly, Throwing Muses, Trembling Blue Stars, The Clientele, Club 8, Kate Bush, Hank Dogs, Mary McCaslin, Sarah Harmer, Haley Bonar, Kathleen Edwards, Richard Thompson, Sandy Denny, Kate Rusby, Keith Jarrett, Bill Frisell, etc. etc.. Favorite classical composers include: Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, the Romantic era is probably my least favorite as well as atonal music. However. there are some tonal modern composers that I do enjoy: Part, Gorecki, Rubbra and Shostakovich to name a few.
Johnstown, PA