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Dec 5, 2010
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Lauren Nosanchuk
About My Library
I'm fairly ecclectic. I obviously have a huge soft spot for young adult novels (they're my biggest vice!), but I also love many other genres.

I'm still building up my library as every book I own I acquired myself (being an in-debt-student has large downsides). I enjoy hunting for books at thrift stores and get extremely excited when I find books that I've been looking for that cost far too much as chain book stores!
About Me

23/Female/Victoria, British Columbia.

I hate writing biographies, but I like making lists of things I enjoy. Funny how that works.

I'm an English/Greek & Roman Studies student at the University of Victoria who desperately wishes to be writing books or decorating cakes than writing papers and decorating my desk with endless amounts of notes & textbooks.

Things I enjoy (in no particular order): Baking/cooking, reading books of all sorts (very obviously), writing, music, cats!, vegetarian/vegan cuisine & lifestyle, YA literature, fantasy novels, Romantic writers, Mr. Shakespeare, religion, the Oxford comma, daydreaming about book characters, self-discovery, yoga, zombie apocalypses, folklore of all kinds, the ocean, makeup artistry/special effects makeup...

Types of books/writing I enjoy: YA literature of all kinds, fantasy, urban fantasy, folklore, Elizabethan literature, German literature, tragedy plays, problem plays, Romantic poetry, Cyberpunk literature, Victorian poetry, modernist poetry, re-tellings of classic literature.
Victoria, British Columbia
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