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Apr 9, 2023
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Toby Smith
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I love books that involve magic, nature, time travel, mysteries, friendships, hardships, Queer characters, history, dystopian tales, and much more. General Bibliophile, prefer fiction to nonfiction.

About Me

I am an Autistic Transgender Gay Man who is in love with all things books. I have been growing my library slowly but steadily for years. I am a Queer goth, fantasy nerd, artist, avid reader, amateur writer, and collector of many things. I am a goblin dragon living in my nerd cave, coming out only to buy new books and show off my hoard.

Richmond Heights, Oh
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Biblioteker: Cleveland Heights-University Heights Library, Cuyahoga County Public Library - Richmond Heights Branch, Cuyahoga County Public Library - South Euclid-Lyndhurst Branch, Lee Road Heights Library

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