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Apr 10, 2020
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Kevin Whitesides
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This LibraryThing Account keeps track of the book holdings of The Terence McKenna Archives.
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The Terence McKenna Archives is an extensive, multi-pronged project, coordinated with TM's extended community, to collect and preserve his legacy. The Terence McKenna Archives represents the most complete extant archive of Terence McKenna and his legacy. Much of the archive will eventually be uploaded to, but for now the TM Archival Blog, our FB page, and the @McKennaArchives Twitter account are the main output hubs for the project. In addition to the acquisition effort, there is also an ongoing effort to transcribe all of Terence's audio/video material into a searchable text database. If you would like to donate any Terence McKenna-related materials (either digitally or in hard copy) to the archives, please email; if you knew or met Terence while he was alive or attended one of his events and would like to tell your story or have photos or recordings, we would also love to hear from you.
Goleta, CA

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