About My Library
It is mostly in boxes!! I am in the middle of a move, and thought that it would be fun to catalouge my books as I unpacked them.
It is pretty small compared to others on Library Thing, and I ashamed to admit how many books I own that I haven't read. I like to tell me self that I am collecting them for the future, as though they are some kind of literary savings account. Truthfully, I am just trying to justify my sad habit of constantly re-reading old favorites (how many times have I read A Game of Thrones). I'm hoping that participation in this lovely website will encourage me to pick up those ignored treasures.

CURRENTLY READING- CEASAR:A Novel by Colleen McCullough
About Me
Basically, I am a thirty-two year old kid. I think that is why I like fantasy- I would rather do "lets pretend" than the so called 'real world' any day.
I am a yogini, and a vegetarian (with a growing cookbook addiction). I have been working in accounting for most of my grown-up life but am hoping to return to school next year to change that.
I just moved back to my hometown after an absence of seven years, which is a bit surreal, but turing out to be a lot of fun.
These are a few of my favorite things: apples, Firefly, Leonard Cohen, tofu, standing on my head, Jolly Ranchers, Cowboy Bebop, The Little Prince, The Medieval Babes, Americanos, grocery shopping, and thunderstorms.

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