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Jan 3, 2010
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Robert Villa
Om mit bibliotek
My library reflects two main interests:

1) Mesoamerican and Sonoran herpetology (the study of amphibians and reptiles).

2) Natural and cultural history of the Southwestern region (southwestern US and northwestern Mexico) and the Mesoamerican region (Southwestern region to Central/Middle America).

My library numbers roughly 400 titles (not including some journal articles and issues). The latter category encompases:
-Scholarly and multifaceted/multidisciplinary references on the diverse flora and fauna of the region including ethnobotanies and -zoologies, -biologies
-Mesoamerican life, history, human ecology, Pre-Colombian writing/poetry/worldview and art
-The diverse literary styles of the southwest (Charles Bowden, John Steinbeck, Gary Nabhan, David Yetman, J. Frank Dobie, Bill Broyles, Karl Sofus Lumholtz, Jim Harrison...)
-The history and oral histories/stories of southwestern naturalists and explorers up to recent times
-US-Mexico relations
-Mexican history
About Me
A passionate naturalist in love with the cultural and natural history of Mesoamerica and the Sonoran region. A laboratory technician at the Human Origins Genotyping Laboratory at University of Arizona and the vice president of Tucson Herpetological Society which is dedicated to the conservation, education and research of amphibians and reptiles of Arizona and Mexico. Freelance violinist.
Tucson, Arizona