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Mar 20, 2008
Om mit bibliotek
I like to think of myself as a fairly omnivorous reader. Mostly my taste runs to a combination of science writing; general nonfiction; a touch of history; and good, old-fashioned, pulp fiction with a dash of scifi mixed in for fun.

My rating system is based loosely on the Netflix approach:
5 Stars = Loved It. Deserves to be considered an all-time favorite. Great writing and/or a compelling subject artfully handled. Definitely worth reading.
4 Stars = Really Liked It. Engaging, exciting, thoughtful, well-crafted. Recommended as a "good read" for anyone.
3 Stars = Liked It. The equivalent of a well-done TV show (if there is such a thing). Entertaining, action moved along well. If the genre or subject is within your usual area of interest, the story will certainly pass the time.
2 Stars = Didn't Like It. Problem with the quality of the writing, poor plotting, boring characters, what-have-you. May or may not have finished the entire book.
1 Star = Hated It. A bomb, candidate for the worst writing of the year. Unlikely to have read through to the last page. Steer clear, or read at your own risk.
Om mig
I'm happily living the expatriate life in San Miguel de Allende, a lovely colonial town in the Mexican highlands. Yes. I do still work, but not much and only as a very-virtual consultant.
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico