About Me
My self-proclaimed life’s career has been raising a family and creating a home, alongside my husband of almost thirty years. I returned to the world of the gainfully employed late in life; currently in a position which doesn’t require one iota of dramatic flair - just common sense, organization and attention to detail. Besides being an avid novel reader and a devoted Beatles fan, I most enjoy choral music and researching family genealogy.

I recently self-published a work of Creative Non Fiction, my memoir. I always knew I had at least one good book in me. Being inspired by the old adage, “write what you know”, how could I not give it a go? My unique background has been the ideal conversation opener on numerous occasions, including many awkward, social affairs. I've over fifty years worth of material; because of various universal themes such as tradition, assimilation, acceptance and personal growth, I have no doubt that “With Love, The Argentina Family” will appeal to fans of history and genealogy, journeys- spiritual or otherwise, and plain old-fashioned romance and adventure.

This little Jewish - Russian -Argentine -American girl, who was timid and self-conscious, grew up and wrote her story to share with her friends and family and with complete strangers! And those strangers like it! Mazal Tov (congratulations) to me!


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