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Megan Langley Grainger
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I prefer non fiction, usually history, biography, science and cultural studies. I don't have a dogmatic hatred of fiction, however, and will read whatever looks interesting.

I have been accused of "having a problem with books", but really, it's more of a problem with storage, as I've had to keep acquiring bookcases to hold my collection. What I *really* need is more room for bookcases.

Edited to add: Three apartments and a house later, and the books are really taking over. Our living room is now dedicated to books, and they have begun taking over my office. I am ever so slowly working through the backlog of books to read. I could still probably use another bookcase, though...

About Me

I am now, as they say, "dangerously overeducated", but I suspect that is because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Hopefully over time I shall get to those "to be read" books that are lurking in my house.

Vejle, Denmark
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