About My Library
Very little non-fiction aside from the occasional science, Jazz, or author bio. Science fiction (with a little fantasy, the demarcation line gets blurrier with each passing year) comprises about half of my library, with an even split between mysteries (very fond of translated mysteries) and general fiction. Odds are, if it was a best seller it is not in my library (a few exceptions).
About Me
In my 8th decade which, I guess, equates to 7-and-a-half decades of reading. It never gets old and keeps my spirit young. My only wish is that they quit publishing books for a year to give me some feeling of catching up my TBR pile. Many books have come and gone from my library. I'm old school in that I like to see my literary friends on their shelves which brings back the mental flavors I experienced while reading them.
Gladstone, Missouri