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Lorraine Devon Wilke
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I'll start my library with my own books, taking the opportunity to introduce myself via the things I've written. Once established, I'll look forward to adding books of other indie authors I enjoy, as well as more traditionally published books that have snagged my attention.

AFTER THE SUCKER PUNCH is my debut novel; published in May of 2014.
"She Tumbled Down" is my short story published in 2014.
HYSTERICAL LOVE is my latest novel, published in April of 2015.
Om mig
I write books. I write articles. I take pictures, I sing, I write songs. Have followed these Muses my entire life and they're a demanding but joyful bunch! In terms of verifiable accomplishments, my website (www.lorrainedevonwilke.com) offers a trove of probably more than you'd ever want to know about me, with the bonus of links and lots of fun photos.

The life-story nutshell: after years of rock & roll ('80s, big hair, great bands, incredible music; best time EVER!), a feature I co-wrote (To Cross the Rubicon) was produced by a small indie company in Seattle... it was a small but significant success (starred J.D. Souther, Billy Burke and featured David Crosby) which had some solid impact on my career's forward motion, and shortly after, other screenplays were optioned and awarded in various competitions.

Somewhere in the midst of all this cinematic activity I got back into music (songwriting, recording, performing, session singing), leading to the fruition of one of my lifetime goals: recording my own album (Somewhere On the Way). It was a true labor of love, of which I remain ever-so-proud and still listen to today (longer road trips make for great sing-alongs). You can find it at CDBaby.com and iTunes...and I hope you will! While I continue working with indie songwriters when I can (SoundCloud has the latest), I look forward to repeating the album exercise at some point, hopefully before the business of music completely eludes me.

My current life includes curating and marketing my photography website and my personal blog (Rock+Paper+Music), maintaining a regular column at The Huffington Post, and writing a monthly column for an award-winning northern California newspaper, The Ferndale Enterprise. I write and edit for a variety of other online sites and businesses (a decent archive can be found at my page at Contently.com...all other links are found on my website).

My most recent adventure has been exploring life as an independent author. Both my debut novel, After The Sucker Punch, and my short story, She Tumbled Down, were 2014 publishing successes, with my latest novel, Hysterical Love launched in 2015. All are available at Amazon, with both novels also at Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Kobo. I hope you'll take a look and, certainly, enjoy the reads. For updates, articles, and my continuing "adventures in publishing," check my book blog, AfterTheSuckerPunch.com.

And that's the nutshell. Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to get in touch if you're so inclined: info@lorrainedevonwilke.com.

Los Angeles, California
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