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Sep 21, 2013
Real Name
Lisa R. Murray
About Me
Lisa R. Murray

Lisa R. Murray a scholar, life coach and moving motivational speaker, as the founder and CEO of Matters Of The Heart LLC a non profit organization designed to benefit, encourage, educate and inspire as well as support male and female single parent homes.

After retiring from the United States Air Force, Lisa a native New Yorker relocated to
The Hampton Roads area of Virginia. But it was in the years of Lisa’s active duty being stationed in Okinawa, Japan. What started out as journaling God spoke through the holy spirit and as it ministered to Lisa in many ways birthing her daily devotional “Words Of Encouragement, On The Single Side and The Couples Corner all unique in there own special way supported by scripture, life experiences and reflection as well as a open heart and soul total transparency inspiring her first book. What Does Your “EX” Stand For?
Being delivered from the wrong mentality and activity after Break ups, Separation or Divorce: Obtaining the freedom to Live, Love and trust again.

For over 15 years while achieving her degrees , An Associates in Accounting, a BS in Business Administration, BS in Occupational Education( specializing in corporate training) BS in Religion, a Masters in Education Administration, a Masters in Business Administration and currently working on a masters in Professional Counseling Lisa with consideration and plans to achieve her PHD.

Lisa R. Murray a gifted and talented as well as anointed woman of God, has a uncanny knack for creating literary works that not only stimulate, educate and minister to the heart And soul of the reader but to the spirit that lies within, provoking a change in perspective And Lifestyle.

Lisa R. Murray a compassionate and understanding humanitarian, an educator an entrepreneur and author. A woman of great integrity and substance one with a heart
And soul and a burning passion to encourage, support and empower anyone who has
The courage to grow above and beyond their dreams.