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Keith Fowler
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I currently have about 932 books, not much but I am working towards about 5,000. It is not the amount, but the content that I am looking for. I own mostly non-fiction History from European and American History, to Ancient Greek and Roman History. If you look closley at the picture you will see that I have run completely out of room for my books, I really need to think about getting more shelf space.
About Me
I am a total Bibliophile, there is nothing in this life that I love more (ask my wife) then books. I may not care for the subject but I believe that all books are good. I read mostly non-fiction History, American and European. I love books on Anceint Rome and Greece, as well as those about the early days of religon. I spend as much as I can get away with on books, I would spend my last dollar on books before I spent it on anything else. I am now totally Deaf, so I am learning sign, I guess you would say I am learning a new language.
Augusta Georgia
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