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My ratings:

5 stars: A very special book; one that I can imagine happily re-reading many times.

4 stars: A fine book; one that I would recommend to most readers.

3 stars: A good book; perhaps not for everyone, but recommendable to those who enjoy the genre/author/style.

2 stars: Not for me, but not without merit; I might not recommend it, but I wouldn't necessarily try to talk you out of reading if you were drawn to it.

1 star: A bad book; one that I would not recommend to any one. Why did I even finish this mess?

I don't give 0-star ratings, so an unstarred book is either something from my TBR lists, something that I haven't read recently enough to give an accurate rating, or something to which ratings seem inapplicable -- a reference book, perhaps.

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Retired librarian. Grew up in Vermont; went to school in St. Louis and Ann Arbor; have lived in Los Angeles for 30+ years.

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