About My Library

Favorite Novel: Fahrenheit 451

Favorite Author: Haruki Murakami

Favorite Poet: John Donne

Favorite Genres: Literary, International/Translated, Speculative, Weird, Psychological, Metaphysical, Philosophy, Magical Realism

Favorite Publishers: Vintage, NYRB, New Directions, Everyman's Pocket Poets

Favorite Book Sellers: Boxwalla Book Box Subscription, Book Depository, PangoBooks, Amazon, Lamplight Bookstore and Secret Garden Bookstore in Seattle

About Me

Hi! I'm Jixian, I love literature, anime, video games, TCGs, music, makeup, and more! Below are some facts about me; feel free to add or message me to chat. :)

  • 26 years old, female
  • USA
  • Jixian is my screen-name, pronounced jee-shee-en
  • Gemini, INTP, Type V
  • Overwatch, EDM, and FGO addict

Seattle, WA
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