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I read pretty much anything. If it looks good or if some one recommends it il give it ago.I read ANYTHING about WWII, the Holocaust, Hitler, any books on History(prefer nonfiction). Love some good old Chic Lit as well and the classics. I also get into all the "cult" books as we like to call it AKA TWILIGHT and HARRY POTTER my excuse being that i have to read them so i know what im selling =)
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My name is Jessica, im 19 and i am Assistant manager of a book store =) I own more books then i have space for and my pile of "to-read" is getting bigger by the day! I love to read and now i have an excuse to read....its my job =) now i just have to convince them to let me read WHILE working. Aside from reading i love playing Netball, swimming, generally being outdoors, music just generally having fun....... i like to enjoy life and i want to read EVERY book ever written haha
Sydney, Australia
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