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Mar 24, 2012
Real Name
John Gabcik
About My Library
Heavy into sports, history, biography, railroading, mystery. I live in North Carolina in the forest and want to learn more about birding, trees, wild flowers, Civil War history. For me heaven will be free reign over a monstrous used book store (the Renaissance in Milwaukee comes to mind) and all the time and energy to read and understand what's there.
About Me
I'm fairly eclectic as to the subjects I read ranging from baseball history to railroads to mysteries. Every issue of Bookmarks Mag. leads me to making a target list of about 20-25 books. That's a problem because I'm not the fastest reader, and get through, at most, about five books a month. I'm a sucker for owning books and am always running out of shelf space; much of what's in my "permanent library" is yet to be read. At age 69, I'm probably going to leave some books "on the table."
Brevard, NC
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