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History. Fiction, classics and some popular stuff. I have multiple Stephen King novels, I grew up on him, his bibliography has left my life but I still like to pick up something by him every once in awhile. I have a lot of favorite authors and don't own nearly as many books as I wish I did. I read a lot, and normally the books I read come from the public library (Can't wait to be in Chicago for their libraries), but I have spent considerable time and money amassing a fairly diverse and decent personal library despite all the pop fiction I used to read when I was younger.
About Me
I live in Illinois and moving to Chicago in one month (as of March 15, 2011).

I like liberals, houses, architecture, astronomy, reading, and a bunch of other stuff. I also like to be well-informed from all sides. I'm pretty liberal but you'll find some conservative stuff amongst my library and reading list, this doesn't mean I endorse the viewpoints.

I dislike pseudoscience and conspiracy theories/theorists, David Brooks, Libertarians (except my one Libertarian friend for life), religion/spirituality and the Chicago Cubs.

If you look at my library or reading list you'll see that I've read your conspiracy theory nonsense, your alien abduction diatribes and your right-wing tomes. So I know where you are coming from, and you aren't even wrong.
Chicago, Illinois
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