Om mit bibliotek
I have lost a lot of books through theft and arson. Here's my 'I can't live without' books, as determined by those I carried when I ran back to England in the clothes I stood up in, with only my passport and my bank card for company via the airport:

The Greek Anthology (Loeb)
Sappho (Loeb)
The Odyssey - two volumes, Loeb

Sadly, on top of theft, arson and displacement I have had to contend with a house fire which scorched, singed and otherwise depleted my books that were stored in London. Thank god my mother was unharmed, but the house was destroyed. Blowing off the ashes, I'm sorting through my library and salvaging what is left.

Life has been eventful, so from classics and Greek I've become addicted to gloomy crime and thrillers. I have sworn-off buying books again - the trauma of losing most of my possessions in the last year has had a psychological impact. Thank goodness for my local library, which I visit twice a week.
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A reader, an idler, a teacher and drinker of tea. I like music, travel and food. I will go no more a-roving; I have retired from the water gypsy life after six years of bilge pumps, strange harbours and wrestling with the Dutch language. Now safely ashore in London and back to a quiet life of Assam tea, chocolate biscuits and an early night with a good read. God bless England and dry land!
Greenwich, London
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