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Om mit bibliotek

Welcome to my personal library, where the shelves breathe with the spine-tingling tales of horror and heart-pounding thrillers. As an avid collector, each book is a cherished addition, even if my reading pace struggles to keep up with my growing passion. Amidst the chilling plots, you'll also find the well-worn pages of non-fiction history, offering a glimpse into the captivating narratives that have shaped our world. Step into this literary haven, where every book holds not just a story, but a piece of my ever-expanding fascination with the written word.

Om mig

Welcome to my world of books! I am a dedicated collector, with a heart that beats for horror and thrillers, and a curious mind that delves into the depths of non-fiction history. Amidst the shelves, where tales of suspense and historical epics coexist, I strive for a semblance of organization and stats. The love for order clashes with the whims of my ADHD, creating a delightful chaos where every book tells its own story, not just within its pages but in the unpredictable dance of my eclectic collection.

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