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May 26, 2013
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Grace Pointe Church Library
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Our Collection. As a church library, our collection focuses on the Bible, biblical reference materials such as commentaries, and Christian books. In addition to the physical books in our library, we have also catalogued hundreds of electronic books available on the Internet. We have a nice collection of works from the Restoration Movement (also known as the Stone-Campbell Movement), many of them available as free ebooks.

Nonfiction. We organize our nonfiction materials with the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system, the same system used in most school and public libraries. Over 80% of our collection is in the DDC 200 Religion Class. You will find Bibles, commentaries, and biblical reference materials in the DDC 220s, theology in the 230s, devotional works and Christian living in the 240s, sermons in the 250s, worship, missions, and Christian education in the 260s, Christian history in the 270s, materials specific to particular churches, denominations, and sects in the 280s, and other religions in the 290s. When materials have the same DDC number, we arrange them alphabetically by the author’s last name or the title. For a brief introduction to the DDC system, check out the PowerPoint slideshow here. For more information on the organization of the DDC system or to find a specific DDC number, see the DDC 23 Summaries.

Fiction & Biography. Like many school and public libraries, we place fiction and many individual biographies in separate collections, with call numbers beginning with “F” and “B,” respectively. We class collected biographies in 920. We class biographies of persons in the Bible and many other religious biographies in the DDC 200s alongside other materials on the Bible and religion, however, to ease locating those materials. We organize fiction materials alphabetically by the author’s last name and biographies by the subject’s last name.

Electronic Resources. More and more materials are available online, but they are often hard to find. To improve access to these materials, we catalog electronic resources along with physical resources. Electronic resources represent over ten percent of our collection. For these materials, the web address (or URL) of the resource appears in the “Local notes” section. You do not need to check out electronic resources. Just click the link or copy and paste the link into your browser to access the material. You can download many of these resources to your computer, tablet, or mobile device at no charge.

Restoration Movement Collection. Over a third of our resources are part of our Restoration Movement (RM) collection. RM works appear throughout the library, but are concentrated at 286.6, the DDC number for the Restoration Movement. Other sections with numerous RM works include 220.7 and 225.7 (commentaries), the 230s (theology), 252 (sermons), the 260s (worship, missions, and education), and 782.27 (hymnals).

For more details about the Grace Pointe Church Library, see here.
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Grace Pointe Church Library is a ministry of Grace Pointe Church of Christ in Montgomery, AL. We add new materials frequently, so check back often for the latest resources.
Montgomery, AL
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