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Aug 10, 2007
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In a time when Ireland is densely covered in mystical woods Donachca mostly lives a quite and normal life. But when he turns eighteen Ciara his friend falls ill, and turns out not to be so normal. On bringing the dying girl to the Druids he learns that to save her he must go to the legendary Dair, an oak tree so tall it reaches heaven and its roots dig so deep they go straight to hell it is the link between earth, heaven and hell. But to get there he must pass through the infamous Foraois de Diamhair full of magic and magical creatures some good some not so good and some Evil.....ONLY AVAILIBLE ON: LULU.COM
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Hi Im an author from Ireland,Im into fitness and boxing, i love music and am a musician, Im 20 years old and have a book available on LULU.COM

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