Alle samlinger (2,113), R.O.T. (85), Gifted (6), Suncrest Branch (398), Ønskeliste (336), ebooks (417), Dit bibliotek (871)
LRT (19), C&T (12), Read (11), MBT (3), AQL (3), CBT (2), Autographed (1), FBM (1), TMT (1), RQL (1)
Nøgleordssky, Forfattersky, Nøgleordsspejl
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Aug 3, 2017
About My Library

Welcome to CCRLibraryAZ! This is a private library that serves the research and entertainment needs of family and friends. We've been a member of LibraryThing for some time, but only now in early 2024 have we started to catalog our resources consistently.

In this online catalog, we have defined several collections:

  • Your library: Our primary physical collection, always undergoing acquisition and refinement. This one is the hardest to catalog.
  • ebooks: A list of our pdfs, epubs, and books/journals in other digital formats.
  • Suncrest Branch: A listing of our previous household library, which was unfortunately destroyed by fire in 2009. Books are listed here to help inform our future acquisitions, or just serve as a memorial to what once was. Fiat voluntas tua!
  • ROT: A list of books from our primary household library, which have succumbed to ROT: the Ravages Of Time (destruction at the hands of children, animals, mold, water damage, or other factors). This collection mostly serves as a reminder to replace certain works.