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Feb 26, 2024
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Bry and Jo
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Bry: Even though a later starter, over the years have read, enjoyed, and hoarded many books. From the Sci-Fi of youth to the esoteric subjects of maturity. My collection is spread higgledy-piggledy over many bookcases and hidden in many long unopened boxes. Time has come to get organized, catalogue what I have, pass on those I no wish to keep and, most importantly, discover new books.

Jo: I enjoy reading popular science books, especially the writings of Richard Dawkins and Alice Roberts. Old science fiction writers are my next thing. All the Doctor Who books are mine. Most of the general British history and reference books originate from me, as do the Spanish language books.

Worcestershire, UK
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Boghandlere: Sedgeberrow Books, The Malvern Bookshop

Biblioteker: The Hive


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