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Nøgleordssky, Forfattersky, Nøgleordsspejl
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Jul 1, 2006
Rigtige navn
Bruce Bolinger
Om mit bibliotek
The books I have entered reflect the part of my library dealing with escape and evasion of Allied airmen during WWII; conditions in German-occupied Netherlands, Belgium, and France; the escape operation run out of the British Embassy in Madrid and their consulate in Seville; and the contributions of the Norwegians, one of whose merchant ships carried Tom Applewhite to freedom at Gibraltar.
Om mig
I am researching the story of my great-uncle, Arthur Schrynemakers, who hid nine people in his home in Brussels during WWII from the Nazis. One of them was Tom Applewhite, bombardier on a B-17 shot down near the Dutch city of 's-Hertogenbosch on 11 Nov. 1943. I am documenting Mr. Applewhite's successful evasion of the Germans; his helpers in the Resistance--Dutch, Belgian, French, Spanish and Norwegian; and what happened to them. I am also researching the Dutch escape line of Karst Smit and Eugene van der Heijden, sometimes called the Bravery Line; the Belgian "Service EVA" escape organization based in Brussels; and the Belgian "Comet Line," which moved escapees from Brussels to Spain. I am also interested in the Belgian "Luc-Marc" intelligence organization to which Robert Sauveur and Mariette Dumont belonged, both of whom were also hidden by Schrynemakers. On March 31, 2010 I started a website about my research,, which provides more details about my current areas of research.
Nevada City, California