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I have a few thousand books acquired partly in the old-fashioned romantic way (hours in used bookstores, travel, serendipity) and partly in the anodyne 21st century consumerist way (hours on amazon). I have my preferences.

The ~1500 catalogued here to date represent my university years-to-current pleasure-reading interests and constitute about a third of the books in my home (to my wife's chagrin).
Faulkner Country
http://The now defunct Orbis Quintus.
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Boghandlere: Arcadian Books & Prints - La Librarie d'Arcadie, Book Culture, Burke's Book Store LLC, Cottonwood Books, Crescent City Books, Left Bank Books, Lemuria Books, Librairie Book Shop, Odyssey Books, St. Mark's Bookshop (New York City), Strand Bookstore, The Word

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