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This is my MUSIC library. (My book library is listed under "Betelgeuse.") I enjoy Classic Rock / Oldies, and Baroque & Classical Music. My audio library has evolved over the years from vinyl to tapes and then to CDs. Today I have some MP3s, but most of my collection remains in the CD format -- and it will probably stay that way until they stop making CD Players, at which time I will become a Luddite and curse and mutter about the constantly changing technology.

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Music Rating System:

5 Stars: (My Favorites) -- the essential collection that I'd take with me to the proverbial desert island.

The rest of my music is rated on a spectrum ranging from "4.0 Stars (I Loved It)" to "0.5 Stars (I Really Disliked It)."

Two albums with the same number of stars aren't necessarily of comparable musical quality, because my expectations vary by genre or artist. I might award five stars to a Classical Symphony and five stars to a pop album, because I appreciate them both for what they are.

My BOOK Library can be seen at the URL below, next to Homepage:
About Me
American male in his fifties, very happily married, proud father of two daughters. Betelgeuse (pronounced BET-el-jooz or BEET-el-jooz) is a prominent red star found in the constellation Orion.

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