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Jun 20, 2020
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Marli Hanekom
About My Library

Personal collections.

About Me

I work at my dream job; Bookseller✨. I love giving recommendations. I can talk for hours about the books I love📚. My library is harbouring +/- than 750 books to date.

I am set in the genres that I read. (Fantasy, Young Adult, Teens, Children 9 to 12, Erotic Romance and Manga.)

I am a picky reader - I don't 'normally' read 'trending' books . . . I love to find obscure and underrated books.

I am married to a wonderful husband🥰 who keeps saying, "I will never make you stop buying books."

Pronouns: She/her🎆

I am a Proud Slytherin🐍

I love listening to Rock, Metal, J-metal, J-pop and BTS💜

I believe in Unicorns🦄, Dragons 🐲and Fairies🧚🏻‍♀️ amongst other beings.

If I am not reading (which I do 98% of the time), I am playing games 💻, listening to 🎧and binging TV series.

South Africa