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Oct 16, 2008
About My Library
Sometimes people come into your life and cause you to have never before thought of questions. The wonderful thing about the books I've read is that when I find the right one the answer to my question is there. So most of my library is Self Help, Psychology, and History. I believe it is these area's that we learn who were really are, what depths human nature goes to and when we understand our history and respect it, when then can carry on into the future without repeating the same mistake twice. Books teach you to really listen and then your soul has a chance to answer back.
About Me
Reading has always been a passion for me. It was my 5th grade teacher who use to lend me her books and I would read late into the night under my covers with a flash light.
Books, music, my children, my African Ciclids, and my friends enhance my life. One day I hope to write my own book
so that I too can give back from the lessons I have learned in life.

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