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Dec 30, 2006
About My Library
I guess what I can say about this library is that it reflects things I'm interested in. Because I've chosen to read these books over the ones I haven't read, must show some motivation to pick them up.
About Me
Currently Reading: THE ORIGINAL STORY by John Barton & Julia Bowden.

This is a sub-account that I created for the books that I've actually read. My main catalog contains a lot of books that I own, buy may not read in the near future. What I've found is that due to the large number of books that I own that I may not get to soon(or ever), the social information is scewed toward the whole of my library. For example, the users that I have the most books in common with would vary greatly if my catalog listed only the books that I've read. The books that I choose to read sooner rather than later say a lot more about me than everything I hold in my library.

The location of my main catalog is shown below.
West Michigan
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