Værker (1,087)

À la découverte des villages de métier au Vietnam: dix itinéraires autour de Hà nội af Sylvie Fanchette
1000 jaar strijd tussen Hindoes en Mohammedanen : duizendjarig conflict India Pakistan (AO-boekje 1080) af C.J.J. Wiedhaupland
The 13th Valley af John M. Del Vecchio
The 1960's: War Within a War: Vietnam and the Cold War (Lucent Library of Historical Eras) af Laurel Corona
1968 af Joe Haldeman
1968 - året der rystede verden af Mark Kurlansky
The 25-year war: America's military role in Vietnam af Bruce Palmer
365 Days: The Forgotten Heroes of Vietnam af Ronald J. Glasser
4 3 2 1 af Paul Auster
50 Things You Should Know About the Vietnam War af Chris McNab
500 Asian Dishes: The Only Compendium of Asian Dishes You'll Ever Need (500 Series Cookbooks) af Ghillie Basan
60 năm tranh cổ động Việt Nam, 1945-2005 af Department of mass culture and information
The 7th Infantry Regiment: Combat in an Age of Terror af John C. McManus
AA Key Guide Vietnam (AA Key Guide) af AA Publishing
Access Contested: Security, Identity, and Resistance in Asian Cyberspace (Information Revolution and Global Politics) af Ronald Deibert
Access Denied: The Practice and Policy of Global Internet Filtering (Information Revolution and Global Politics) af Ronald Deibert
Action Presidents #4: John F. Kennedy! af Fred Van Lente
Advice and Support: The Early Years of the United States Army in Vietnam, 1941-1960 af Ronald H. Spector
After Disasters af Viet Dinh
After My Lai af Gary W. Bray
After Tet: The Bloodiest Year in Vietnam af Ronald H. Spector
After the Fire, a Still, Small Voice af Evie Wyld
After the War Was Over: Hanoi and Saigon af Neil Sheehan
Aftermath: the Remnants of War: From Landmines to Chemical Warfare--The Devastating Effects of Modern Combat af Donovan Webster
L'Aile d'airain : Une enquête du mandarin Tân af Thanh-Van Tran-Nhut
Air America af Christopher Robbins
Air Power and the Ground War in Vietnam : Ideas and Actions af Donald J. Mrozek
The Air War in Southeast Asia : Case Studies of Selected Campaigns af Herman L. Gilster
Air war over South Vietnam, 1968-1975 af Bernard C. Nalty
Air War: Vietnam af Drew Middleton
Airborne In Vietnam: 1st Cavalry in Vietnam and 101st Airborne in Vietnam (Elite Attack Forces) af Michael Sharpe
The AK-47 and AK74 Kalashnikov Rifles and Their Variations af Joe Poyer
All Manner of Things af Susie Finkbeiner
All The Broken Pieces af Ann E. Burg
All the Wrong Places: Adrift in the Politics of the Pacific Rim (Traveler) af James Fenton
I Am Young af M. Dean
Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists: A Graphic History of Women's Fight for Their Rights af Mikki Kendall
America in the Cold War: Twenty Years of Revolutions and Response, 1947-67 af Walter LaFeber
America's Vietnam policy; the strategy of deception af Edward S. Herman
America's First Air Battles: Lessons Learned or Lessons Lost? af Aldon E. Purdham, Jr.
America's Longest War: The United States and Vietnam, 1950-1975 af George C. Herring
America's Lost War: Vietnam 1945-1975 af Charles E. Neu
America's Needless Wars: Cautionary Tales of US Involvement in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Iraq af David R. Contosta
American Dreamer: How I Escaped Communist Vietnam and Built a Successful Life in America af Tim Tran
The American Heritage Illustrated History of the United States, Volume 17: The Vietnam Era af Robert G. Athearn
American Philatelist, No. 1377, October 2015 af American Philatelic Society
An American Sin af Frederick Su
American Tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson, and the Origins of the Vietnam War af David Kaiser
Et amerikansk dødstrip : roman af James Ellroy
Amerikas krig mod Asien af Noam Chomsky
Anatomy of a War: Vietnam, the United States, and the Modern Historical Experience af Gabriel Kolko
Ancient Vietnam: History and Archaeology af Anne-Valérie Schweyer
The Angel from Vietnam: A memoir of growing up, the Vietnam War, a daughter, and healing af J. I. M. Stewart
Angola to Vietnam af Christopher Williams
Annam af Christophe Bataille
Another Man's Moccasins af Craig Johnson
Another Vietnam: Pictures of the War from the Other Side af Tim Page
Apokalypse Vietnam. af Wolfgang Schneider
Apollo af Matt Fitch
The Apprentices af Maile Meloy
The Approaching Storm : Conflict in Asia, 1945-1965 af Edward J. Marolda
Az arany teknősbéka földjén af György Csapó
Arizona Moon: A Novel of Vietnam af J. M. Graham
Armies of the Vietnam War 1962-75 af Philip Katcher
Armor in Vietnam, A Pictorial History - Specials series (6033) af Jim Mesko
Armour of the Vietnam Wars (Vanguard) af Simon Dunstan
Army Gunships in Vietnam (Warbirds Illustrated, No 47) af Bob Chenoweth
Army of the Republic of Vietnam 1955-75 af Gordon L. Rottman
The Art of East Asia af Gabriele Fahr-Becker
The art of Indochina, including Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia af Bernard-Philippe Groslier
The Art of Southeast Asia af Philip S. Rawson
The Art of Vietnam af Josef Hejzlar
Arts du Vietnam : La Fleur du pêcher et l'Oiseau d'azur af Catherine Noppe
Arts of Ancient Viet Nam: From River Plain to Open Sea (Museum of Fine Arts) af Nancy Tingley
Ashes of Vietnam : Australian voices af Stuart Rintoul
Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific af Robert D. Kaplan
Assuming the Burden: Europe and the American Commitment to War in Vietnam af Mark Atwood Lawrence
At All Costs af Matt Proietti
Atlantis af Stephen King
The Australian Army and the Vietnam War, 1962-1972 : the 2002 Chief of Army's Military History Conference af Peter Dennis
Australian higher command in the Vietnam War (Canberra Paper No. 40) af D. M. Horner
Australian soldiers in South Africa and Vietnam : words from the battlefield af Effie Karageorgos
Avengers: Celestial Madonna af Steve Englehart
The Aviators af W. E. B. Griffin
Background to Viet-Nam af Bernard Newman
Baedeker Reiseführer Vietnam: mit GROSSER REISEKARTE af Martina Miethig
Baedeker SMART Reiseführer Vietnam af Martina Miethig
Baraka af John Ralston Saul
Batman & Superman: Generations, #2 af John Byrne
Batman: Streets of Gotham: Hush Money af Paul Dini
Battle for Hue: Tet 1968 af Keith Nolan
The Battle for Saigon: Tet 1968 af Keith William Nolan
Battle Lines: Report of the Twentieth Century Fund Task Force on the Military and the Media af Peter Braestrup
The Battle of Dienbienphu af Jules Roy
Battles And Campaigns In Vietnam af Rh Value Publishing
Bean Camp to Briar Patch-Life in the POW Camps of Korea and Vietnam af John N. Powers
The Beauty of Humanity Movement af Camilla Gibb
Before Watchmen: Comedian/Rorschach af Brian Azzarello
The Beginning af Karen Kingsbury
A Bend In the River af Libby Fischer Hellmann
Bernard Fall: Memories of a Soldier-Scholar af Dorothy Fall
The Best and the Brightest af David Halberstam
The Best of Vietnamese & Thai Cooking: Favorite Recipes from Lemon Grass Restaurant and Cafes af Mai Pham
The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir af Thi Bui
The Bestiary af Nicholas Christopher
A Better War: The Unexamined Victories and Final Tragedy of America's Last Years in Vietnam af Lewis Sorley
Between Two Tigers: Testimonies of Vietnamese Christians af Tom White
Beyond Vietnam: The United States and Asia af Edwin O. Reischauer
Big story : how the American press and television reported and interpreted the crisis of Tet 1968 in Vietnam and Washington af Peter Braestrup
Bingo Love Volume 1: Jackpot Edition af Tee Franklin
Black Cat 2-1: The True Story of a Vietnam Helicopter Pilot and His Crew af Bob Ford
Black Virgin Mountain: A Return to Vietnam af Larry Heinemann
Blackjack-33: Fourteen Deadly Days with the Mobile Guerrilla Force in Vietnam af James C. Donahue
Blackjack-34 af James C. Donahue
Blazing Combat af Archie Goodwin
Blood in the Hills: The Story of Khe Sanh, the Most Savage Fight of the Vietnam War af Robert Maras
The Blood Road: The Ho Chi Minh Trail and the Vietnam War af John Prados
The Boat af Nam Le
Boat people vietnamiens: entre mémoire et diaspora af Barbara Vaillant
A Boat to Nowhere af Maureen Crane Wartski
Bob Hope: A Life In Comedy af William Robert Faith
Bombingham af Anthony Grooms
The Book of Salt af Monique Truong
Born on the Fourth of July af Ron Kovic
The Boy Who Picked the Bullets Up af Charles Nelson
The Boys of '67: Charlie Company's War in Vietnam (General Military) af Andrew Wiest
The Bride Test af Helen Hoang
A brief chronology of Vietnam's history af Anh Thư Hà
A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam af Neil Sheehan
Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America af Kathleen Belew
Bringing God to Men: American Military Chaplains and the Vietnam War af Jacqueline E. Whitt
British in Vietnam af George Rosie
Brothers in Valor: Battlefield Stories of the 89 African Americans Awarded the Medal of Honor af Robert F. Jefferson, Jr.
The Brothers K af David James Duncan
Brownwater af Samuel C. Crawford
Buddhism and Politics in Twentieth Century Asia af Ian Harris
The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia af Donald K. Swearer
Build Your House Around My Body af Violet Kupersmith
But This War Had Such Promise af Garry Trudeau
Butterfly Yellow af Thanhhà Lại
By Duty Bound: Survival and Redemption in a Time of War af Jr. (CA. Ret.) Ware, Brig. Gen. Ezell
Ca Dao Vietnam: Vietnamese Folk Poetry af John Balaban
Cafe Vietnam (Conran Octopus "Cafe" Cookbook Series) af Annabel Jackson
Le café au Viêtnam : de la colonisation à l'essor d'un grand producteur mondial af Frédéric Fortunel
Call Me When You Find America: A Doonesbury Book af Garry Trudeau
Calley af Arthur Everett
Can we win in Vietnam? af Frank E. Armbruster
Canada and Viet Nam : 'growing old – a dignified autumn' af Matthew Tye
Captain Bullen's War - The Vietnam War Diary of Captain John Bullen af Paul Ham
Carnets de missions au Vietnam: 1967-1987: des maquis au socialisme de marché af Jean-Michel Krivine
Casualties of War af Daniel Lang
Catfish and Mandala: A Two-Wheeled Voyage Through the Landscape and Memory of Vietnam af Andrew X. Pham
Catholic Vietnam: A Church from Empire to Nation af Charles Keith
Causes and consequences of the Vietnam War af David K. Wright
La Cavalerie Américaine au Vietnam (La First Cav) af Jacques-François de Chaunac
Ceramics of seduction : glazed wares from Southeast Asia af Dawn F. Rooney
The Certain Trumpet: Maxwell Taylor and the American Experience in Vietnam (Association of the United States Army) af Douglas Kinnard
CEUX DU NORD af Patrick Chauvel
Cham sculpture and Indian mythology af Thị Được Huỳnh
Charlie Company : what Vietnam did to us af Peter Goldman
Charlie Rangers af Don Ericson
Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture af Ellen Ruppel Shell
Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul af Jack Canfield
Chickenhawk af Robert Mason
Child of God af Lolita Files
China Beach: The Complete First Season af Mimi Leder
China Beach: The Complete Fourth Season af William Broyles
China Beach: The Complete Second Season af William Broyles
China Beach: The Complete Third Season af John Sacret Young
China, Cambodia, Vietnam Triangle af Wilfred G. Burchett
Chrononauts, Vol. 2: Futureshock af Mark Millar
Chămpa ancient towers : reality & legend af Văn Doanh Ngô
CIA and the Vietnam policymakers : three episodes 1962-1968 af Harold P. Ford
CJKV Information Processing: Chinese, Japanese, Korean & Vietnamese Computing af Ken Lunde
Close Quarters af Larry Heinemann
The Colonial Bastille: A History of Imprisonment in Vietnam, 1862-1940 af Peter Zinoman
Coming Home: Reflections of Vietnam af John Wilson
Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage af Elizabeth Gilbert
Le communisme vietnamien (1919-1991) : Construction d'un Etat-nation entre Moscou et Pékin af Céline Marangé
The Communist Road To Power In Vietnam: Second Edition (Nations of the Modern World : Asia) af William J. Duiker
A Companion to the Vietnam War af Marilyn B. Young
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Vietnam War (The Complete Idiot's Guide) af Ph.D. Timothy P. Maga
Connect: Kunstszene Vietnam af Barbara Barsch
Contest for the South China Sea af Marwyn S. Samuels
Conversations with Americans af Mark Lane
A cook's tour : jagten på det perfekte måltid af Anthony Bourdain
The Coroner's Lunch af Colin Cotterill
Country social analysis : ethnicity and development in Vietnam af World Bank
The court-martial of Lt. Calley af Richard Hammer
Cracker!: The Best Dog in Vietnam af Cynthia Kadohata
Cracks in the empire : state politics in the Vietnam War af Paul Joseph
Crash Site af Nathan Cowdry
Crises and Commitments: The Politics and Diplomacy of Australia's Involvement in Southeast Asian Conflicts 1948-1965 (The Official History of Austra) af P. G. Edwards
Crisis: The Anatomy of Two Major Foreign Policy Crises af Henry Kissinger
The Crystal Heart: A Vietnamese Legend af Aaron Shepard
The Cuisines of Southeast Asia: A Culinary Journey Through Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines af Gwenda L. Hyman
Cultural traditions in Vietnam af Julia Labrie
Culture Shock! Vietnam af Claire Ellis
Dai Viêt, indépendance et révolution au Viêt-Nam : l'échec de la troisième voie, 1938-1955 af François Guillemot
A Dangerous Country: An American Elegy af Ron Kovic
A Dangerous Friend af Ward Just
Darkroom af Joshua Graham
David's Story: A Casualty of Vietnam af Victor Westphall
DAYS OF VALOR: An Inside Account of the Bloodiest Six Months of the Vietnam War af Robert Tonsetic
Deadline af Randy Alcorn
The Deadly Bet: LBJ, Vietnam, and the 1968 Election (Vietnam. America in the War Years) af Walter LaFeber
Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA af Ralph W. McGehee
Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam af Bernard Edelman
Death Valley: The Summer Offensive, I Corps, August 1969 af Keith Nolan
The Debate over Vietnam (The American Moment) af David W. Levy
Decent Interval: An Insider's Account of Saigon's Indecent End af Frank Snepp
The Deer Hunter af E. M. Corder
Democracy af Joan Didion
Derailed in Uncle Ho's Victory Garden af Tim Page
De derde Indochinese oorlog : de konflikten tussen China, Vietnam, Laos en Cambodja af Jaap van Ginneken
Descending the Dragon: My Journey Down the Coast of Vietnam af Jon Bowermaster
Developments, What Kick-started Vietnam? af Developments
Devil in the Details af L. J. Hayward
Did Anything Good Come Out of the Vietnam War? (Innovation Through Adversity) af Philip Steele
Dien Bien Phu af John Keegan
A Different Kind of Sentinel af Sir E. J. Drury II
A Different Pond af Bao Phi
The discipline of power; essentials of a modern world structure af George W. Ball
Discover Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos (Footprint Travel Guide S.) (Backpacker) af Andrew Spooner
Dispatches af Michael Herr
DK Eyewitness Travel Guides: Vietnam & Angkor Wat af Richard Sterling
Doctor Andromeda and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows af Jeff Lemire
Doctor Hero af Madison Faye
I Documenti del Pentagono : La storia segreta della guerra nel Vietnam vol. 1 af Nell Sheeham
Dog Tags #2: Strays af C. Alexander London
Don McCullin af Don McCullin
Down South: Vietnam, November 20, 1967-December 12, 1968 af Ronald L. Taylor
A Dragon Apparent: Travels in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam af Norman Lewis
Dragon Ascending: Vietnam and the Vietnamese af Henry Kamm
Dragons and Lotus Blossoms: Vietnamese Ceramics from the Birmingham Museum of Art af John A. Stevenson
DuMont Kunst-Reisefuehrer - Vietnam af Annaliese Wulf
Dust Off : Army Aeromedical Evacuation in Vietnam af Peter Dorland
Dynamic, diverse Vietnam af Faces Magazine
East Asia: Tradition and Transformation af John King Fairbank
East of Siam: Ramblings in the five divisions of French Indo-China af Harry Alverson Franck
The Eaves of Heaven: A Life in Three Wars af Andrew X. Pham
Economies in Transition: A Guide to China, Cuba, Mongolia, North Korea and Vietnam at the turn of the 21st Century (Routledge Studies in Development Economics) af Ian Jeffries
Ecrire le Vietnam contemporain. Guerre, corps, littérature af Câm̀ Thi Đoàn
Elskeren af Marguerite Duras
Em af Kim Thúy
Embers of War: The Fall of an Empire and the Making of America's Vietnam af Fredrik Logevall
Enchanting Vietnam (Enchanting Asia) af David Bowden
Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War af Stanley I. Kutler
Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War : A Political, Social and Military History Volume 1 af Spencer C. Tucker
Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War : A Political, Social and Military History Volume 2 af Spencer C. Tucker
Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War : A Political, Social and Military History: Volume 3 af Spencer C. Tucker
Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War: A Political, Social, and Military History af Spencer C. Tucker
Enduring Vietnam: An American Generation and Its War af James Wright
Engaged Buddhism: Buddhist Liberation Movements in Asia af Christopher S. Queen
Eravamo giovani in Vietnam af Harold G. Moore
Escape from Saigon: How a Vietnam War Orphan Became an American Boy af Andrea Warren
Escritos políticos af Peter Weiss
Lo esencial de Vietnam af Blanca Berlín
L'Esprit de la renarde : Une enquête du mandarin Tân af Thanh-Van Tran-Nhut
Essential Avengers, Volume 6 af Steve Englehart
Essential Matters : A History of the Cryptographic Branch of the People's Army of Viet-Nam, 1945-1975 with a supplement on Cryptography in the Border Guard {formerly the Armed Public Security Forces}, 1959-1989 af David W. Gaddy
Les Etats-Unis et la guerre du Vietnam af Jacques Portes
The Eternal Mercenary af Barry Sadler
The Experience of the War (Nam: the Vietnam War) af Tim Cooke
Explorer Vietnam af Fiona Dunlop
Exploring Vietnam af Fodor's
The Eyewitness History of the Vietnam War, 1961-1975 af George Esper
F-4 Phantom II vs MiG-21: USAF & VPAF in the Vietnam War (Duel) af Peter E. Davies
F-8 Crusader Units of the Vietnam War af Peter Mersky
F-8 Crusader vs MiG-17: Vietnam 1965-72 (Duel) af Peter Mersky
F.N.G. af Donald Bodey
Faces of the Enemy: Reflections of the Hostile Imagination af Sam Keen
Facing the Phoenix: The CIA and the Political Defeat of the United States in Vietnam af Zalin Grant
Fallen Angels af Walter Dean Myers
A Family from Vietnam (Families Around the World) af Simon Scoones
A Family from Vietnam (Families Around the World) af Julia Waterlow
Family Stories from Villages Around the World (Volume 2): Honduras, Tanzania, California, Vietnam af Mennonite Central Committee
I Faraos hær af Tobias Wolff
Faszination Vietnam : Götter, Helden, Ahnen ; Ausstellungskatag ; Kunsthalle Leoben, 3. April - 1. November 2004 af Miriam Lambrecht
The Father of All Things: A Marine, His Son, and the Legacy of Vietnam (Vintage Departures) af Tom Bissell
The Feng Shui Detective af Nury Vittachi
The Field Guide to Birds: Explore Southern Asia and Oceania (Field Guides) af Nancy Honovich
The Fightin' Preacher af Logan E. Weston
Fighting Ships of the Far East 1: China and Southeast Asia 202 BC-AD 1419 af Stephen Turnbull
La fin de la guerre du Vietnam (1968-1975): Washington, Hanoi, Saigon, Paris af Jacques Portes
Finding Moon af Tony Hillerman
Finding Papa af Angela Pham Krans
Finding the Dragon Lady: The Mystery of Vietnam's Madame Nhu af Monique Brinson Demery
Fire in the Lake: The Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam af Frances FitzGerald
Fire Road: The Napalm Girl’s Journey through the Horrors of War to Faith, Forgiveness, and Peace af Kim Phúc
First Blood af David Morrell
The Five Fingers af Gayle Rivers
The Five O'Clock Follies: What's a Woman Doing Here, Anyway? af Theasa Tuohy
Five women I love; Bob Hope's Vietnam story af Bob Hope
Flashbacks: Twenty-Five Years of Doonesbury af Garry Trudeau
Floristic composition and growth dynamics of riparian forests in North-East Vietnam af Thi Que Anh Vu
Fodor's See It Vietnam af Fodor's
Fodor's Vietnam af Fodor's
Following Ho Chi Minh: The Memoirs of a North Vietnamese Colonel af Bui Tin
The Food and Cooking of Vietnam and Cambodia: Discover the deliciously fragrant cuisines of Indo-China, with over 150 step-by-step authentic recipes and over 700 photographs af Ghillie Basan
Food of Asia: Featuring authentic recipes from master chefs in Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam af Kong Foong Ling
The Food of Vietnam af Luke Nguyen
Footprint Vietnam (Footprint Vietnam Handbook) af John Colet
Footprints of War: Militarized Landscapes in Vietnam af David Andrew Biggs
Forensic Detective: How I Cracked the World's Toughest Cases af Robert Mann
Forests Are Gold: Trees, People, and Environmental Rule in Vietnam af Pamela D. McElwee
The Forging of the American Empire: From the Revolution to Vietnam: A History of Ameri (Human Security) af Sidney Lens
Forrest Gump af Winston Groom
Four Hours in My Lai af Michael Bilton
Four-Fisted Tales: Animals in Combat (Dead Reckoning) af Ben Towle
Fox Two: The Story of America's First Ace in Vietnam af Randy Cunningham
France's Vietnam Policy: A Study in French-American Relations (Contributions in Political Science) by Marianna P. Sullivan (1978-08-25) af Marianna P. Sullivan
The Frangipani Hotel: Fiction af Violet Kupersmith
Frank's Bloody Books af Mack Green
The French Navy in Indochina: Riverine and Coastal Forces, 1945-54 af Charles W. Koburger
From Nuremberg to My Lai (College) af Jay W. Baird
From Padi States to Commercial States: Reflections on Identity and the Social Construction Space in the Borderlands of Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar (Global Asia) af Frédéric Bourdier
From The Grand Canyon To The Great Wall: Travelers' Best, Worst And Most Ridiculous Stories From The Road af David Slenk
From the Gulag to the Killing Fields: Personal Accounts of Political Violence and Repression in Communist States af Paul Hollander
Frommer's Vietnam: with Angkor Wat (Frommer's Complete Guides) af Ron Emmons
Frommer's Complete Guide: Vietnam af Sherisse Pham
Full Metal Jacket [1987 film] af Stanley Kubrick
The furtive war; the United States in Vietnam and Laos af Wilfred G. Burchett
Générations post-réfugiées: Les descendants de réfugiés d'Asie du Sud-Est en France af Khatharya Um
Galapagos af Kurt Vonnegut
De Gaulle et le Vietnam: 1945-1969, la réconciliation af Pierre Journoud
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf af Norman Schwarzkopf
The Generals: American Military Command from World War II to Today af Thomas E. Ricks
Gensyn med Vietnam af Nelson DeMille
Ghost Train to the Eastern Star: On the Tracks of the Great Railway Bazaar af Paul Theroux
The Girl in the White Ship: A True Story of Escape, Faith & Survival af Peter Townsend
The Given World: A Novel af Marian Palaia
The Gods Drink Whiskey: Stumbling Toward Enlightenment in the Land of the Tattered Buddha (Plus) af Stephen T. Asma
Going After Cacciato af Tim O'Brien
The Golden Ones af Frank G. Slaughter
Good Morning Hanoi: A Year on the Airwaves in the New Vietnam af Iain Finlay
A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain: Stories af Robert Olen Butler
Goodnight Saigon af Charles Henderson
Le grand guide du Vietnam af Bibliothèque du Voyageur
Grasshoppers & Elephants: Why Vietnam Fell af Wilfred Burchett
Green Beret in Vietnam af Gordon Rottman
Green Berets at War: U.S. Army Special Forces in Southeast Asia 1956-1975 af Shelby L. Stanton
Groupthink: Psychological Studies of Policy Decisions and Fiascoes af Irving L. Janis
Grunts: Inside the American Infantry Combat Experience, World War II Through Iraq af John C. McManus
La guerre civile au Viêt Nam, 1956-1975 af Gérard Epain
Guerre du peuple contre guerre aéronavale U.S. af Nguyên Giáp Võ
La guerre du Vietnam af Douglas Welsh
La guerre du Vietnam et l'opinion publique américaine, 1961-1973 af Jean Cazemajou
La guerre du Vietnam et l'Europe, 1963-1973 [Actes du colloque international, Paris, École militaire, 24-25 janvier 2003] / [organisé par le Centre d'histoire de l'Europe du XXe siècle ; l'Association Diplomatie et stratégie] af Christopher E. Goscha
La guerre du Vietnam et la société américaine af Bernadette Rigal-Cellard
Guide du Routard Vietnam 2016 af Guide du Routard
Guide du Routard Vietnam 2017 (Le Routard (13)) (French Edition) af Guide du Routard
Guide du Routard Vietnam 2018 (Le Routard) (French Edition) af Guide du Routard
Guide du Routard Vietnam 2022/23 af Guide du Routard
Guidelines af Eric Helm
The Gun af C. J. Chivers
Gun Trucks - Vietnam Studies Group series (6071) af Timothy J. Kutta
Hô Chi Minh, le Vietnam, l'Asie . Textes rassemblés et mis au point par Annie Nguyen Nguyet Hô af Paul Mus
Hamfist Over The Trail: The Air Combat Adventures of Hamilton "Hamfist" Hancock (Volume 1) af G E Nolly
Handbook for U.S. Forces in Vietnam: DoD Gen - 25 af Collective
Hanoi & Northern Vietnam (Footprint Focus) af Claire Boobbyer
Hanoi Stories af Pam Scott
The Happiest Refugee af Anh Do
The Heart of the Matter / Stamboul Train / A Burnt-Out Case / The Third Man / The Quiet American / Loser Takes All / The Power and the Glory af Graham Greene
Hearts Of Fire: Eight Women In The Underground Church And Their Stories Of Costly Faith af Steve Cleary
Hell In A Very Small Place: The Siege Of Dien Bien Phu af Bernard B. Fall
Hell's Brigade af Charles Goodman
Hello The Unknown: A girl's journey around the world to find her true self af Sandrine Marlier-Riquier
Hero Mama: A Daughter Remembers the Father She Lost in Vietnam--and the Mother Who Held Her Family Together af Karen Spears Zacharias
The Hidden History of the Vietnam War af John Prados
Highways to a War af Christopher J. Koch
Hinterindien: Länder und Völker af Hans Manndorff
Une histoire économique du Viet Nam: 1850-2007: la palanche et le camion af Pierre Brocheux
Histoire des guerres du Viêt-nam af William C. Westmoreland
Histoire du Viêt Nam contemporain: la nation résiliente af Pierre Brocheux
The History of Traffic Analysis: World War I-Vietnam af Donald A. Brrmann
The History of Vietnam (The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations) af Justin Corfield
Hitchhiking Vietnam af Karin Muller
Ho Chi Minh af William J. Duiker
Ho Chi Minh af Pierre Brocheux
Ho Chi Minh (Leading Lives) af Philip Steele
Ho Chi Minh : fra revolutionær til ikon af Pierre Brocheux
Home Before Morning: The Story of an Army Nurse in Vietnam af Lynda VanDevanter
The home of the dragon : a Tonquinese idyll af Anna Catharina
House of Sticks: A Memoir af Ly Tran
How Democracies Lose Small Wars: State, Society, and the Failures of France in Algeria, Israel in Lebanon, and the United States in Vietnam af Gil Merom
How the United States Got Involved in Vietnam af Robert Scheer
A Hundred Miles of Bad Road: An Armored Cavalryman in Vietnam 1967-68 af Dwight Birdwell
A Hundred Suns af Karin Tanabe
Hòn Đất : ein südvietnames. Dorf im Befreiungskampf af Anh Đức
Hô Chi Minh : De l'Indochine au Vietnam af Daniel Hémery
If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me Up and Ship Me Home af Tim O'Brien
An Illustrated Guide to the Air War over Vietnam af Bernard Nalty
The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War af Chris McNab
Imaginary cities af Darran Anderson
Imagining Vietnam and America: The Making of Postcolonial Vietnam, 1919-1950 af Mark Philip Bradley
The Immortal Seeds: Life goes on for a Khmer family af Sambath Meas
In Country af Bobbie Ann Mason
In der Hölle der Fremdenlegion : Tatsachenbericht af Walter Widmer
In het land van een ander af Carolijn Visser
In Love and War af James B. Stockdale
In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam af Robert S. McNamara
In Search of Enemies: A CIA Story af John Stockwell
In the lands of the Spill af Aliette de Bodard
In the Line of Duty: Army Art, 1965-2014 af Center of Military History
In the line of fire : real stories of Australians at war, from Gallipoli to Vietnam af Rex Sadler
In The Presence of Mine Enemies/Life More Abundant af Howard E. Rutledge
Incident on Hill 192 af Daniel Lang
The Indochina Chronicles: Travels in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam af Phil Karber
Indochine af Christie Dickason
Indochine et Vietnam : Trente-cinq années de guerre : 1940-1975 af Dennis Wainstock
The Indochinese Experience of the French and the Americans: Nationalism and Communism in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam af Arthur J. Dommen
An Infantry Lieutenant's Vietnam: January 1967 to March 1968 with the 4th Infantry Division af Ivan N. Pierce
Inherited Risk: Errol Flynn and Sean Flynn in Hollywood and Vietnam af Jeffrey Meyers
Insight Guides Vietnam af Insight Guides
Insignia: Southeast Asian Fantasy af Joyce Chng
Instinct af Jeremy Robinson
Insurgency and Terrorism: From Revolution to Apocalypse, Second Edition, Revised af Bard E. O'Neill
The International Bank of Bob: Connecting Our Worlds One $25 Kiva Loan at a Time af Bob Harris
Into the Quagmire: Lyndon Johnson and the Escalation of the Vietnam War af Brian VanDeMark
Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors af Andrea Nguyen
Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam: Or, How Not to Learn from the Past af Lloyd C. Gardner
ITMB Vietnam Laos Cambodia Map af ITMB Publishing Ltd
J'étais photographe de guerre au Viêtnam af Horst Faas
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Ru af Kim Thúy
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Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack af Firaxis Games
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Street Without Joy af Bernard B. Fall
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Summer of '69 af Elin Hilderbrand
Sunday Menu: Selected short stories af Pham Thi Hoai
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The Tunnels of Cu-Chi af Tom Mangold
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TỪ ĐIỂN VIỆT-ANH/Vietnamese-English Dictionary
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US Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam af Gordon Rottman
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Vietnam will win! Why the people of South Vietnam have already defeated U.S. imperialism--and how they have done it--by the internationally famous Western correspondent whose first-hand dispatches from Vietnam have become a part of the history of our times, Wilfred G. Burchett af Wilfred G. Burchett
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Vietnam, Kambodscha und Laos : Tempel, Klöster und Pagoden in den Ländern am Mekong af Martin H. Petrich
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War and Aftermath in Vietnam af T. Louise Brown
The War and U.S. Society (Nam: The Vietnam War) af Tim Cooke
War Comes to Long An: Revolutionary Conflict in a Vietnamese Province af Jeffrey Race
War in the Shallows: U.S. Navy Coastal and Riverine Warfare in Vietnam, 1965-1968 af John Darrell Sherwood
The War That Would Not End: U.S. Marines in Vietnam 1971-73 af Charles D. Melson
War Year af Joe Haldeman
The Wars We Took to Vietnam: Cultural Conflict and Storytelling af Milton J. Bates
Water Buffalo Days: Growing Up in Vietnam af Quang Nhuong Huynh
We Were Soldiers Once... and Young: Ia Drang--The Battle That Changed the War in Vietnam af Harold G. Moore
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Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories: Our Veterans Remember af Sarah Larsen
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Yesterday's Tomorrow af Catherine West
Yesterday. mini-autobiography with cameras af David Douglas Duncan
You can take the boy out of Vietnam, but you can't take Vietnam out of the boy = Anh có thể mang niôt [i.e. một] cậu trai ra khỏi Việtnam, nhưng anh không thể lấy Việtnam ra khỏi cậu trai af Bruce Weber
Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors: Inside One of the Most Highly Decorated Battalions of Vietnam af Robert H. Sholly
Zero Hour in Phnom Penh af Christopher G. Moore
แปรูรปัวฒนธรรม : ิจตรกรรม่รวมสัมยเีวยดนาม = Cultural representation in transition, new Vietnamese painting af Siam Society