StederToronto, Ontario, Canada

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& after this our exile af Ward McBurney
100 years of banking in Canada: a history of the Toronto-Dominion Bank af Joseph Schull
162 - The Almost Epic Journey of a Yankees Superfan af Steve Melia
1837 Rebellion : a tour of Toronto and nearby places af Mark Frank
The 1901 Editions of the T. Eaton Co. Limited Catalogues for Spring & Summer, Fall & Winter af T. Eaton Company
1978 af Daniel Jones
200 Years Yonge: A History af Ralph Magel
2002 Greater Toronto StreetFinder af Rand McNally
25 Chapters of My Life: The Memoirs of Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna af Olga Alexandrovna
The 30-Second Commute: A Non-Fiction Comedy About Writing and Working From Home af Stephanie Dickison
52 Activities for the Toronto Adventurer af Sue Lebrecht
74 Miles Away (Castle Street Mysteries) af J.D. Carpenter
AA Citypack Toronto af Marilyn Wood
AAA Toronto destination guide af AAA
The Absolute Sandman Volume One af Neil Gaiman
Acceleration af Graham McNamee
Accidental City: The Transformation of Toronto af Robert Fulford
Accidental Family af Kristin Gabriel
Adult Onset af Ann-Marie MacDonald
Adultery af Richard B. Wright
Advice for Italian Boys af Anne Giardini
The African Quest af Lyn Hamilton
After Helen af Paul Cavanagh
Aga Khan Museum Guide af Henry S. Kim
Aiden: Vested Interest #2 (Vested Interest Series) af Melanie Moreland
Ainsi parle la Tour CN: roman af Hédi Bouraoui
Akim Aliu: Dreamer (Original Graphic Memoir) af Akim Aliu
Alias Grace af Margaret Atwood
All About Shoes: Footwear Through the Ages af Jack Alexander McIver (Editor); Winston
All about-- capital cities : Toronto af Barb McDermott
All Our Wrong Todays af Elan Mastai
All the Broken Things af Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer
Always give a penny to a blind man : a memoir af Eric Wright
I Am My Father's Son: A Memoir of Love and Forgiveness af Dan Hill
The Amazing Absorbing Boy af Rabindranath Maharaj
Amazing Tales of St. Lawrence Neighbourhood af Bruce Bell
American Baby: A Mother, a Child, and the Shadow History of Adoption af Gabrielle Glaser
American Express Pocket Guide to Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City af Herbert B. Livesey
American Notes for General Circulation af Charles Dickens
Ancestor (Ancestry #2) af Heidi Loney
And Also Sharks af Jessica Westhead
And I Will Dwell in Their Midst: Orthodox Jews in Suburbia af Etan Diamond
And Neither Have I Wings To Fly: Labelled and Locked up in Canada's Oldest Institution af Thelma Wheatley
And to Think I Got in Free af Jim Taylor
Andy Warner's Oddball Histories: Pests and Pets af Andy Warner
The Annex: The Story of a Toronto Neighbourhood af Jack Batten
Anti Diva af Carole Pope
Any Other Way: How Toronto Got Queer af Stephanie Chambers
Architectural Record 2008-10 af McGraw-Hill
The Argo Bounce af Jay Teitel
Aristocratic Toronto : 19th century grandeur : more stories of the fascinating homes and elegant people of early Toronto af Lucy Booth Martyn
Around Toronto; a look at the city af John Richmond
Arrivals: Stories from the History of Ontario af John Bentley Mays
Art deco architecture in Toronto : a guide to the city's buildings from the roaring twenties and the depression af Tim Morawetz
Art work on Toronto: with a forward by George Baird
As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust af Alan Bradley
As Ever Booky af Bernice Thurman Hunter
As Long as the Rivers Flow af James Bartleman
As She Grows af Lesley Anne Cowan
Assassinistas af Tini Howard
At home in Canada af Nicole Eaton
At Your Door af L. N. Isynwill
Attack of the Metaplot af Alice Degan
Avant-Guide Toronto: Insiders' Guide for Urban Adventurers (Avant-Guide Series) af Dan Levine
The bad trip;: The untold story of the Spadina Expressway af David M Nowlan
Baldur's Song: A Saga af David Arnason
Baldwin Street af Alvin Rakoff
Ballerina Dad af Amy Aislin
The Banker of Cabbagetown af Eric S. Rosen
Banting: A Biography af Michael Bliss
Bao [2018 short film] af Domee Shi
Barenaked Ladies : Public Stunts, Private Stories af Paul Myers
The Barking Dog af Cordelia Strube
Barking Dogs af Terence M. Green
Barn af et cirkus af John Irving
Barnacle Love af Anthony De Sa
Barney's Version af Mordecai Richler
Barrelhouse kings: A memoir af Barry Callaghan
Bayview Village : from farmland to one of Canada's most picturesque communities af Jeanne Hopkins
The beach in pictures, 1793-1932 af Mary Campbell
The Beach: An Illustrated History from the Lake to Kingston Road af Glenn Cochrane
Beautiful Country: A Memoir af Qian Julie Wang
Becoming Canadian : memoirs of an invisible immigrant af Michiel Horn
Becoming me : as I think it happened af George E. Jardine
Becoming modern in Toronto : the Industrial Exhibition and the shaping of a late Victorian culture af Keith Walden
A Bed of Red Flowers: In Search of My Afghanistan af Nelofer Pazira
Been Hoping We Might Meet Again af Elaine Kahn
Before I Wake af Kathryn Smith
Before the Oxford Movement: The Life and Times of the Anglican Church in Toronto 1793-1839 af Carl Benn
Begins with the Oboe: A History of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra af Richard S. Warren
Believing in Books: The Story of Lillian Smith af Sydell Waxman
Bellevue Square af Michael Redhill
The Benefit of Steel: The Life and Times of Dr. Steve Foster af Michael Hoskin
Bentley: Vested Interest #1 af Melanie Moreland
Berlitz Pocket Guide Toronto af Marilyn Wood
The best of Toronto af Gault Millau
The Best of Toronto (Gault Millau) af Jim Burns
A Better Place af Alan Beaton
Between Gods af Alison Pick
Between Raid and Rebellion: The Irish in Buffalo and Toronto, 1867-1916 (McGill-Queen's Studies in Ethnic History) af William Jenkins
Beyond the Dance: A Ballerina's Life af Chan Hon Goh
Die Bibliothek af Umberto Eco
A Big City ABC af Allan Moak
Big Daddy: Frederick G. Gardiner and the building of Metropolitan Toronto af Timothy J. Colton
Billy Bishop: Canadian Hero af Dan McCaffery
Birds of Toronto (Candian City Bird Guides) af Gerald McKeating
Bitten af Kelley Armstrong
Bitten and Smitten af Michelle Rowen
Bitten: The Complete First Season af Daegan Fryklind
Black Creek Pioneer Village af Nick Mika
Black Creek Pioneer Village af Dorothy Duncan
Black creek pioneer village recipies af Toronto and Region Conservation
Black Ice: The Val James Story af Valmore James
Den blinde morder af Margaret Atwood
Blindside Hit: A Toronto Wolverines Novel af Michaela Grey
Blink & Caution af Tim Wynne-Jones
The Blood Books Volume 1: Blood Price, Blood Trail af Tanya Huff
Blood Debt af Tanya Huff
Blood Lines af Tanya Huff
Blood Pact af Tanya Huff
Blood Price af Tanya Huff
Blood Trail af Tanya Huff
Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures af Vincent Lam
The Boardwalk Album: Memories of the Beach af Barbaranne Boyer
Bobbie Rosenfeld: The Olympian Who Could Do Everything af Anne Dublin
Bodily Harm af Margaret Atwood
The Boggart af Susan Cooper
Bonnie Stern's Essentials of Home Cooking af Bonnie Stern
Book Book af Fiona Farrell
The Book of Ifs and Buts af Rabindranath Maharaj
Bora Laskin: Bringing Law to Life (Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History) af Philip Girard
The Border - Season 2 (CBC) (DVD) af CBC Television
Borderline af Allan Stratton
Boris Spremo and his camera look at Toronto af Dorothy Jane Goulding
The Boss af Melanie Moreland
The Boulevard Club : 100 years on the shore af Richard Ouzounian
A Boy at the Leafs' Camp af Scott Young
The Boy in the Moon: A Father's Search for His Disabled Son af Ian Brown
The Boy with an R in His Hand af James Reaney
Boys Like Us af Peter McGehee
Breadwinning Daughters: Young Working Women in a Depression-Era City, 1929-1939 (Studies in Gender and History) af Katrina Srigley
Break On Through af Jill Murray
Breakthrough: Banting and Best, and the Discovery of Insulin, and the Making of a Medical Miracle af Thea Cooper
Bright's Kill: A Campbell Young Mystery af J.D. Carpenter
Brother af David Chariandy
I brought the ages home af C. T. Currelly
Brown Girl In The Ring af Nalo Hopkinson
Brown of the Globe af J. M. S. Careless
Buddy: The Biography af Philip Norman
The Buffalo Job af Mike Knowles
Buffalo Jump af Howard Shrier
Butterfly Tears af Zoë S. Roy
Buying on Time af Antanas Sileika
The Buzzel About Kentuck: Settling the Promised Land af Craig Thompson Friend
En bøn for Owen Meany af John Irving
Cabbagetown af Hugh Garner
Cabbagetown Diary: A Documentary af Juan Butler
Cabbagetown Gang af Mark Thurman
Cabbagetown in pictures af Colleen Kelly
Cabbagetown Remembered af George H. Rust-D'Eye
Cabbagetown store af John Verner McAree
Cabbagetown: The Story of a Victorian Neighbourhood (Illustrated Histories) af Penina Coopersmith
Calculating God af Robert J. Sawyer
The Call of Trains: Railroad Photographs by Jim Shaughnessy af Jeff Brouws
Calling the Shots af Christine d'Abo
Canada, a modern history af John Bartlet Brebner
Capex '96 Catalogue, World Philatelic Exhibition, Toronto Canada June 8-16 Juin 1996 af Canada Post Corporation
Capital in Flames: The American Attack on York, 1813 af Robert Malcomson
Caribana : African roots and continuities : race, space and the poetics of moving af Marlene Nourbese Philip
The Caribbean Diaspora in Toronto: Learning to Live with Racism af Frances Henry
Caribbean Heat af Remmy Duchene
The Carnivore: A Novel (Misfits) af Mark Sinnett
Casa Loma : Canada's fairy-tale castle and its owner, Sir Henry Pellatt af Bill Freeman
Casa Loma : Toronto's majestic castle af Kathleen Keefe
Casa Loma and the Man Who Made It af John Denison
Cast Off (Toronto Tales Book 3) af K.C. Burn
The Cat and the Wizard af Dennis Lee
Cat's Crossing af Bill Cameron
Celebrate Our City...Toronto One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary af Barbara Amiel
A Certain Mr. Takahashi af Ann Ireland
Champions: The Illustrated History of Hockey's Greatest Dynasties af Douglas Hunter
The Change Room af Karen Connelly
Changing Heaven af Jane Urquhart
Charades af Janette Turner Hospital
CheapEats Toronto af Alexa Clark
Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada af Jack Canfield
The Chinese Knot af Lien Chao
The chocolate box: An Edna Heathcott mystery af Leslie Elizabeth Watts
Christmas Stalkings af Charlotte MacLeod
The CHUM Story af Allen Farrell
Chump Change af David Eddie
Cigar Box Banjo: Notes on Music and Life af Paul Quarrington
Cineplex Odeon the First Ten Years af David Burnett
Cities of Refuge af Michael Helm
City hall & Mrs. God : a passionate journey through a changing Toronto af Cary Fagan
A City in the Making: Progress, People and Perils in Victorian Toronto af Frederick H. Armstrong
The City Man af Howard Akler
City of Words: Toronto Through Her Authors' Eyes af Sarah Elton
City Walks: Toronto 50 Adventures on Foot af Neil Carlson
Claire's Head af Catherine Bush
Clara Callan af Richard B. Wright
Clyde Fans af Seth
Coach Houses of Toronto af Margo Salnek
Coda af Ted Staunton
Colby's Wife af Grace Green
Cold Comfort af Scott Mackay
The Collected Essex County af Jeff Lemire
College Street, Little Italy: Toronto's Renaissance Strip af Denis De Klerck
Collision af Spencer Dunmore
Come From Away: Welcome to the Rock: An Inside Look at the Hit Musical af Irene Sankoff
The Commander (Men of Hidden Justice Book 3) af Melanie Moreland
Confession af Lee Gowan
Consolation af Michael Redhill
Consumed af David Cronenberg
Cooking With Bonnie Stern af Bonnie Stern
Cop Out af K.C. Burn
Copernicus Avenue af Andrew Borkowski
Coroner af Morton Shulman
The Corpse Will Keep af Pat Capponi
Courage My Love: A Novel af Sarah Dearing
Courage of the Early Morning af William Arthur Bishop
Cover Up af K.C. Burn
Crack Coach af Steven Sandor
The Crate af Deborah Vadas Levison
Crazy Town af Robyn Doolittle
Critical Mass: Bicycling's Defiant Celebration af Chris Carlsson
Cronenberg on Cronenberg af David Cronenberg
The Cunning Man af Robertson Davies
Cut to the Chase af Joan Boswell
Cut To The Quick af Joan Boswell
Daalder : roman af Philibert Schogt
Dancing After TEN af Vivian Chong
Dark Age Ahead af Jane Jacobs
The Dark Side Of The Glass af J.M. Frey
Dateline: Toronto af Ernest Hemingway
Dates to Remember: Roads Travelled, Bridges Crossed af Mike Filey
David Foster Wallace Ruined My Suicide: And Other Stories af D. D. Miller
Dead Girls Don't af Mags Storey
Dead Light District (Sasha Jackson Mysteries) af Jill Edmondson
Dead Politician Society: A Clare Vengel Undercover Novel af Robin Spano
Dead Sea scrolls : words that changed the world (Royal Ontario Museum) af Risa Levitta-Kohn
DEADLINE af James A. Anderson
Death in the Age of Steam: A Mystery af Mel Bradshaw
Death in the Queen City: Clara Ford on Trial, 1895 af Patrick Brode
Death of a Sunday Writer af Eric Wright
The Death of the Toronto Telegram and Other Newspaper Stories af Jock Carroll
Death on the Rocks af Eric Wright
The Debba af Avner Mandelman
Defiant Spirits: The Modernist Revolution of the Group of Seven af Ross King
Defying Logic af Nicky James
Degrassi Generations: The Official 411 af Kathryn Ellis
Demanding Justice: A Story About Mary Ann Shadd Cary af Jeri Chase Ferris
The Demeter Code af Russell Brooks
Department Rivals af Nicky James
A Description of the Blazing World (Broadview Editions) af Michael Murphy
Design City Toronto af Sean Stanwick
The Devil In Me af J.D. Carpenter
The Devil Loves Me af Margaret Millar
The Devil You Know af Elisabeth De Mariaffi
Dial H af China Miéville
Diamond Dreams. 20 Years of Blue Jays Baseball af Stephen Brunt
The Diamond Queen of Singapore af Ian Hamilton
The Diary of Mrs. John Graves Simcoe af Elizabeth Simcoe
The Dictator: A Novel af David Layton
Dippers af Barbara Nichol
The Dirt Chronicles af Kristyn Dunnion
Dirty River: A Queer Femme of Color Dreaming Her Way Home af Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Dirty Sweet af John McFetridge
Discover & Explore Toronto's Waterfront (The Toronto Sketches Series) af Mike Filey
Discover Toronto: John Richmond's Illustrated Notebook af John Richmond
The Discoverer of Insulin: Dr. Frederick Banting af I. E. Levine
Dish: Memories, Recipes and Delicious Bites af Marion Kane
Disrupted Engagement af Nicky James
The Divinity Gene af Matthew J. Trafford
Djævelen i den hvide by af Erik Larson
DK Eyewitness Travel : Top 10 : Toronto af Lorraine Johnson
Doing good : the life of Toronto's General Hospital af James Thomas Hamilton Connor
Don Cherry's Hockey Stories and Stuff af Don Cherry
Doors Open Toronto: Illuminating the City's Great Spaces af John Sewell
Double Cross (Chloe and Levesque Mysteries) af Norah McClintock
Double Shot af Christine d'Abo
Double Take: Story of Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres af Hilary Russell
Double Zero af Hamish Macdonald
Down the Long Table af Earle Birney
Down to This: Squalor and Splendour in a Big-City Shantytown af Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall
Downfall af Robert Rotenberg
Dr. Stephen Wojeck; file no. 00101: Last of the lonely breed, (A Greywood paperback original, 114) af Barry Morgan
The Dragon's Egg af Alison Baird
A Dream of Death (Detective Lincoln Munroe, Book 1) af Harrison Drake
Drive-by Saviours af Chris Benjamin
Dying for a Home: Homeless Activists Speak Out af Cathy Crowe
Earliest Toronto af Robert MacIntosh
Early Toronto Newspapers, 1793-1867: A Catalogue of Newspapers Published in the Town of York and the City of Toronto from the Beginning to Confederation af Edith G. Firth
East/West: A Guide to Where People Live in Downtown Toronto af Nancy Byrtus
Eatonians : The Story of the Family Behind the Family af Patricia Phenix
The Eatons: The Rise and Fall of Canada's Royal Family af Rod McQueen
The Edge af Dick Francis
The Edible City: Toronto Food from Farm to Fork af Christina Palassio
Edward James Lennox : "builder of Toronto" af Marilyn M. Litvak
Egerton Ryerson : his life and letters af C. B. Sissons
Ego and Ink: The Inside Story of Canada's National Newspaper War af Chris Cobb
Elusive Relations af Nicky James
Emancipation Day af Wayne Grady
Emerald city : Toronto visited af John Bentley Mays
Emily Stowe: Doctor and Suffragist af Mary Beacock Fryer
Emlyn Davies: Man of God af Alfreda Hall
An enduring flame: the history of the Toronto gas workers af Jamie Swift
Enemy Alien: A True Story of Life Behind Barbed Wire af Kassandra Luciuk
The Engineer of Human Souls af Josef Škvorecký
Essex County, Volume 2: Ghost Stories af Jeff Lemire
The Estates of Old Toronto af Liz Lundell
Este encuentro (Volumen Independiente) af Corín Tellado
Etienne's Alphabet af James King
Every City is Every Other City af John McFetridge
Every Other Inch a Lady af Beatrice Lillie
Everybody Has Everything af Katrina Onstad
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere af John McFetridge
Evolution of the Heart: The University Library: The First Century 1827-1923 af Harold A. Averill
The Ex: A picture history of the Canadian National Exhibition af James Lorimer
Except the Dying af Maureen Jennings
Excessive Force: Toronto's Fight to Reform City Policing af Alok Mukherjee
Experimental Film af Gemma Files
Fables of Brunswick Avenue af Katherine Govier
The face of Toronto af Ralph Greenhill
Faces on Places: A Grotesque Tour of Toronto af Terry Murray
Factory Girl af Barbara Greenwood
Factory Summers af Guy Delisle
Fall Guy af Scott Mackay
Falling Angels af Barbara Gowdy
Falling Under af Danielle Younge-Ullman
Les falsificateurs af Antoine Bello
Fame: The Hijacking of Reality af Justine Bateman
Far from home: Canadians in the First World War af Bill Freeman
Fastmap: Toronto af H.M. Gousha Co.
Fatherland: A Family History af Nina Bunjevac
Fault Lines af Nancy Huston
Fauna af Alissa York
The Fearsome Particles af Trevor Cole
Feast of Stephen af Rosemary Aubert
The Ferryman Will Be There af Rosemary Aubert
Fifteen Dogs: An Apologue af André Alexis
Fifth Business af Robertson Davies
The Fight to Survive: A Young Girl, Diabetes, and the Discovery of Insulin af Caroline Cox
Le figuier sur le toit af Marguerite Andersen
Find Me Again af Sylvia Maultash Warsh
Finding Creatures & Other Stories af C. June Wolf
Finding Lily: A Memoir af Richard Clewes
Finding our way : family experiences in mental health recovery af Stuart Clarfield
A Fine Italian Hand af Eric Wright
The Finishing School af Joanna Goodman
Finishing School af Helen Fogwill Porter
Fire on the Water: The Red-Hot Career of Superstar Rower Ned Hanlan af Wendy Lewis
Fire Ship af Marianne Brandis
The Firebrand: William Lyon Mackenzie and the Rebellion in Upper Canada af William Kilbourn
Firefighter (WRONG ISBN) af Rebecca Hunter
The First Stone: A Faison Quay Murder Mystery af Michael James Stewart
The Five Books of Moses Lapinsky af Karen X. Tulchinsky
Five Days of the Ghost af William Bell
Flight from Famine: The Coming of the Irish to Canada af Donald MacKay
Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask af Jim Munroe
Fodor's Toronto: with Niagara Falls & the Niagara Wine Region (Full-color Travel Guide) af Fodor's Travel Guides
Fodor's Citypack Toronto af Fodor's
Fodor's Citypack Toronto's Best af Fodor's
Fodor's Gay Guide to the USA af Andrew Collins
Fodor's Toronto af Fodor's
Fodor's Toronto and nearby attractions af Fodor's
Fodor's Toronto's 25 Best af Fodor's
For Better or For Worse: The Complete Library, Vol. One—1979-1982 af Lynn Johnston
Forging a consensus : historical essays on Toronto af Victor L. Russell
Forladt af James W. Nichol
Fort York af Donald Feather
Fort York: A Short History and Guide af Carl Benn
Four Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy af Isadore Sharp
Frank Gehry in Toronto: Transforming the Art Gallery of Ontario af Robert Fulford
Free Reign af Rosemary Aubert
Free Scott Pilgrim: Free Comic Book Day 2006 af Bryan Lee O'Malley
From Front Street to Queen's Park: The story of Ontario's Parliament Buildings af Eric Ross Arthur
From Horse Power to Horsepower: Toronto: 1890-1930 af Mike Filey
From Someplace Else: A Memoir af Ralph Osborne
From the Ashes: My Story of Being Métis, Homeless, and Finding My Way af Jesse Thistle
From Vision to Legacy af Honey Fisher
Frommer's Complete Guide: Toronto af Hilary Davidson
Frommer's Comprehensive Guide: Toronto af Marilyn Wood
Frommer's Day by Day: Toronto af Jason McBride
Frommer's Toronto af Marilyn Wood
Frommer's Toronto with Kids af Jennifer Crump
Fru Orakel af Margaret Atwood
Frying Plantain af Zalika Reid-Benta
Fugitive Pieces af Anne Michaels
Funeral Songs for Dying Girls af Cherie Dimaline
Gabriel's Inferno af Sylvain Reynard
Gabriel's Rapture af Sylvain Reynard
The Game: A Thoughtful and Provocative Look at a Life in Hockey af Ken Dryden
Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light af Tanya Huff
Gatekeepers: Reshaping Immigrant Lives in Cold War Canada af Franca Iacovetta
The Gay Who Turned Kaiju af Kazuki Minamoto
The Gemini Factor af Philip Fleishman M.D.
Get Onboard: Walk in the Shoes of a Transit Operator af Richard Lee
The Ghosts of Thorwald Place af Helen Power
Giants of American Industry - Elizabeth Arden af Nancy Shuker
The Gift af Joseph Kertes
The Gift of Ford af Ivor Tossell
A gift of fortune af John SandersonToronto Arts & Letters Club
Girl Crazy af Russell Smith
Girl Fight af Faye Harnest
The Girl in the Box af Sheila Dalton
A Girl Like Sugar af Emily Pohl-Weary
The Girl Who Grew a Galaxy af Cherie Dimaline
The Girl with the Long Green Heart af Lawrence Block
Girls Fall Down af Maggie Helwig
The Girls They Left Behind af Bernice Thurman Hunter
The Glass Hotel af Emily St. John Mandel
The Glassy Sea af Marian Engel
Glenn Cochrane’s Toronto: Tales of the City af Glenn Cochrane
Glenn Gould at work : creative lying af Andrew Kazdin
Glenn Gould Variations - By Himself and His Friends af Glenn Gould
Glenn Gould: A Life and Variations af Otto Friedrich
The Glenwood Treasure af Kim Moritsugu
Go Leafs, go!: the Toronto hockey story af Stan Fischler
Going Public af Hudson Lin
The Good Fight af Justin Robinson
Good Night Toronto (Good Night Our World series) af Adam Gamble
Governor Simcoe and His Lady af Marcus Van Steen
Goya's Dog af Damian Tarnopolsky
Grave Doubts: A Quin and Morgan Mystery af John Moss
Gravity lets you down af Maggie Helwig
The Great Canadian Road: A History of Yonge Street af Jay Myers
Great Country Walks Around Toronto af Elliott Katz
A Great Game: The Forgotten Leafs & the Rise of Professional Hockey af Stephen J. Harper
The Great Toronto Bicycling Guide af Elliott Katz
Greater Toronto: Report of the GTA Task Force, January 1996 af Government of Ontario
The Greatest Goal (Hockey Heroes Series) af Mike Leonetti
The Greedy Bastard Diary: A Comic Tour of America af Eric Idle
The Greek for Love: A Memoir of Sorrow and Joy af James Chatto
GreenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto af Alana Wilcox
The Grimoire of Kensington Market af Lauren B. Davis
A Guidebook to Contemporary Architecture in Toronto af Margaret Goodfellow
The Guilty Plea: A Novel af Robert Rotenberg
Haida af William Sclater
Halfway up Parnassus: A personal account of the University of Toronto, 1932-1971 af Claude Thomas Bissell
The Hanging Valley af Peter Robinson
Harbour Thieves (The Bains Series by Bill Freeman) af Bill Freeman
Harcourt's Legacy af Michael James Stewart
Hard Core Logo af Michael Turner
Hard Sell af Hudson Lin
Haunted Toronto af John Robert Colombo
Havergal: celebrating a century, 1894-1994 af Mary Byers
Headhunter af Timothy Findley
Hearts of Flame af Katherine Govier
Heat Wave af Maureen Jennings
Hello Toronto (Hello Cities of Canada Series) af Elma Schemenauer
Helpless af Barbara Gowdy
The Hemingway caper af Eric Wright
Hemingway: The Toronto Years af William Burrill
Her Worship: Hazel McCallion and the Development of Mississauga af Tom Urbaniak
Him af Sarina Bowen
Historic Fort York, 1793-1993 af Carl Benn
Historical Atlas of Toronto af Derek Hayes
Historical Toronto: an index to a decade of Donald Jones' articles in Toronto Star, 1973-1984. af M.A. Villers
History of Maple Leaf Gardens af Lance Hornby
The History of the Toronto Blue Jays (Baseball (Mankato, Minn.).) af Michael E. Goodman
The History of the Toronto Maple Leafs af John Nichols
The History of the Toronto Raptors (Pro Basketball Today) af Aaron Frisch
History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario af Charles Pelham Mulvaney
History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario: Containing an Outline of the History of the Dominion of Canada, a History of the City of Toronto and the County of York, with the Townships, Towns, Villages, Churches, Schools, General and Local Statistics, Biographical Sketches, etc., etc., Vol. 1 af G. Mercer Adam
History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario: Containing an Outline of the History of the Dominion of Canada, a History of the City of Toronto and the County of York, with the Townships, Towns, Villages, Churches, Schools, General and Local Statistics, Biographical Sketches, etc., etc., Vol. 2 af G. Mercer Adam
Hit and Run af Norah McClintock
Hitchens vs. Blair af Christopher Hitchens
Hockey Hall of Fame Legends: The Official Book af Michael McKinley
The Hockey Sweater af Roch Carrier
HOGS AND CABBAGERS. af George Matheson
Holding Still for as Long as Possible af Zoe Whittall
Honest Ed's Story: The Crazy Rags to Riches Story of Ed Mirvish af Jack Batten
Honeymoon Sweet (Out & About Book 2) af Allison Temple
Honoured Members: Hockey Hall of Fame af Hockey Hall of Fame
Hope and Heartbreak in Toronto: Life as a Maple Leafs Fan af Peter Robinson
Hot Art: Chasing Thieves and Detectives Through the Secret World of Stolen Art af Joshua Knelman
The house on Lippincott : a novel af Bonnie Burstow
How Happy to Be af Katrina Onstad
How Rob Ford Happened af The National Post
How Should a Person Be? af Sheila Heti
How the Scots Invented Canada af Ken McGoogan
How We Did It: The Subban Plan for Success in Hockey, School and Life af Karl Subban
HTO: Toronto's Water from Lake Iroquois to Taddle Creek and Beyond af Wayne Reeves
Hurricane Hazel af Betty Kennedy
Hurricane Hazel : October 15, 1954, 50th anniversary of personal recollections af Those involved
Hurricane Hazel: Canada's Storm of the Century af Jim Gifford
Husk af Corey Redekop
I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad af Karolyn Smardz Frost
If I Die Before I Wake: The Flu Epidemic Diary of Fiona Macgregor af Jean Little
Ildens evangelium af Michel Faber
Illustrated Guide to Hockey Sites & History: Toronto af Steven Sandor
Images of Cabbagetown af James Wiley
Immigrants : a portrait of the urban experience, 1890-1930 af Robert F. Harney
In a Canadian garden af Nicole Eaton
In The Absence of Passion: A Faison Quay Mystery af Michael James Stewart
In the Courts of the Lord af James Ferry
In the fullness of time: a history of the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Toronto af David Greig
In the Land of Long Fingernails: A Gravedigger in the Age of Aquarius af Charles Wilkins
In the Middle of a Life af Richard B. Wright
In the name of the working class af Sándor Kopácsi
In the Skin of a Lion af Michael Ondaatje
In the ward : his urban poetry and paintings af Lawren Harris
In-Between Days: A Memoir About Living with Cancer af Teva Harrison
The Incident Report af Martha Baillie
The Incomparable Atuk af Mordecai Richler
Incorrigible (Life Writing) af Velma Demerson
Indian Horse af Richard Wagamese
The Indomitable Lady Doctors af Carlotta Hacker
Indtil jeg finder dig af John Irving
Inevitable Disclosure af Nicky James
Infidelity: A Novel af Stacey May Fowles
The Infinite Library af Kane Faucher
Infinity Points af Jim Munroe
Ink Me af Richard Scrimger
Inside Out Toronto af Map Group
Inside Toronto: Urban Interiors 1880s to 1920s af Sally Gibson
Insight City Guide Toronto af Insight Guides
Intimate grandeur : one hundred years at Massey Hall af William Kilbourn
Intolerable af Kamal Al-Solaylee
The Iron Gates af Margaret Millar
Island Girl af Lynda Simmons
Italians in Toronto : development of a national identity, 1875-1935 af John E. Zucchi
The Jane loop af Graham Jackson
Jane of Lantern Hill af L. M. Montgomery
Jared's Love-Child af Sandra Field
Jarvis Street: A Story of Triumph and Tragedy af Austin Seton Thompson
Jenny Greenteeth af Mary Alice Downie
The Jews of Toronto: A history to 1937 af Stephen A. Speisman
Jim Carrey: The Joker is Wild: The Trials and Triumphs of Jim Carrey af Martin Knelman
Jim Henson: The Biography af Brian Jay Jones
Jinxed af Amy McCulloch
The Joe Shuster Story: The Artist Behind Superman af Julian Voloj
Joe's Toronto: Portraiture af Mendelson Joe
John A. Macdonald: The Young Politician af Donald Creighton
John Ewart : architect for a new world : Upper Canada's first architect in York and London af Janet Ewart FitzGerald
John Graves Simcoe 1752-1806: A Biography af Mary Beacock Fryer
The Journals of Susanna Moodie af Margaret Atwood
A Journeyman to Grief af Maureen Jennings
Joyner's Dream af Sylvia Tyson
The Judas Kiss: The Undercover Life of Patrick Kelly af Michael Harris
June Almeida, Virus Detective!: The Woman Who Discovered the First Human Coronavirus af Suzanne Slade
June Callwood: A Life of Action af Anne Dublin
Just a Larger Family: Letters of Marie Williamson from the Canadian Home Front,1940–1944 (Life Writing) af Mary F. Williamson
Just Add Water and Stir af Pierre Berton
Just Being Neighborly af Kaenar Langford
Just Like Family: A Novel af Kate Hilton
Just Murder af Jan Rehner
Katteøje af Margaret Atwood
Kay's Lucky Coin Variety af Ann Y. K. Choi
Keep 'em rolling: The story of Toronto's Spadina roundhouse as seen through the camera of Harry Watson, 1923-1966 af Ron Watson
Keeper of the King af Nigel Bennett
Kensington af Jean Cochrane
Kicking the Sky af Anthony De Sa
The Kids in the Hall: One Dumb Guy af Paul Myers
Killer Christmas af Harper Lin
The Killing Circle: A Novel af Andrew Pyper
Kindred Spirit: A Biography of L. M. Montgomery, Creator of Anne of Green Gables af Catherine M. Andronik
King John of Canada af Scott Gardiner
Kiss of the Vampire af Nancy Baker
I Know Here af Laurel Croza
I Know That Name!: The People Behind Canada's Best Known Brand Names from Elizabeth Arden to Walter Zeller af Randy Ray
Lady & the Vamp af Michelle Rowen
Lake on the Mountain af Jeffrey Round
Lake Superior to the Sea : An Inland Water Voyage on the Great Lakes and Far-Famed St. Lawrence and Saguenay Rivers af Garnault Agassiz
The Last Chickenpig af Quintin Jardine
The Last Grand Duchess: Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, 1 June 1882-24 November 1960 af Ian Vorres
The Last Hand af Eric Wright
Last Stop Sunnyside af Pat Capponi
The Last Time They Met af Anita Shreve
Laughing with My Mouth Full: Tales from a Gulf Islands Kitchen af Pam Freir
Lawren Harris: An Introduction to His Life and Art af Joan Murray
Laying the Foundation: A Century of History at University of Toronto af Robert Bothwell
Lazarus and the Hurricane: The Freeing of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter af Sam Chaiton
The Leafs: An Anecdotal History of the Toronto Maple Leafs af Jack Batten
Leaside af Jane Pitfield
Leave Me by Dying af Rosemary Aubert
Leaving Earth af Helen Humphreys
Legends of Hockey: The Official Book of the Hockey Hall of Fame af Jim Coleman
Lennon Reborn af Scarlett Cole
Let Darkness Bury the Dead af Maureen Jennings
Let Loose the Dogs af Maureen Jennings
Let There be Love af Gwendoline Butler
Lethal Rage: A Mystery af Brent Pilkey
The Letter Opener af Kyo Maclear
Letters from Johnny af Wayne Ng
The Lies Have It af Jill Edmondson
The Life And Times Of William Lyon Mackenzie af Charles Lindsey
Life Before Man af Margaret Atwood
Life in the Past Lane Black Creek Pioneer Village Guide Book af Margaret Whitley
The Life of Lester Pearson, Vol. 1: Shadow of Heaven, 1897-1948 af John English
Life on Homicide af William McCormack
Life on the Ground Floor af James Maskalyk
The Lightning Field af Heather Jessup
The Lights Go on Again af Kit Pearson
Like no other in the world: The story of Torontos Skydome af Mike Filey
The Lindbergh of Canada : the Erroll Boyd story af Ross Smyth
The Listening Tree af Celia Barker Lottridge
Live Bait aka Dead Centre af Ted Wood
The liveable city : the architecture and neighbourhoods of Toronto af Leon Whiteson
Livet : noveller af Alice Munro
Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto (Utopia (Coach House)) af Dave Meslin
Locke & Key: The Golden Age af Joe Hill
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist af Adrian Tomine
Lonely Planet : Toronto af Sara Benson
Long Shots af Christine d'Abo
Look at Us Now af Mike Filey
Looking at the Moon af Kit Pearson
Looking for Jane: A Novel af Heather Marshall
Looking for X af Deborah Ellis
Lord Stanley's Cup af Andrew Podnieks
Losing Joe's Place af Gordon Korman
Lost af Joy Fielding
Lost and Found af Lexi Blake
Lost Girls af Andrew Pyper
Lost Toronto af William Dendy
Lost Toronto af Doug Taylor
The Lost Treasure of Casa Loma af Eric Wilson
The Lotterys Plus One af Emma Donoghue
Love and Cola Wars af Heidi Loney
Love Bites af Lynsay Sands
Love is Patient af Carolyne Aarsen
Love is the Punch Line af Kathleen Jones
Love Marriage af V. V. Ganeshanathan
Love the Way You Spy af Lexi Blake
Love, Unexpectedly af Susan Fox
Lucy Maud and Me af Mary Frances Coady
Lucy Maud Montgomery: A Writer's Life af Elizabeth MacLeod
Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Gift of Wings af Mary Henley Rubio
Lunarbaboon: The Daily Life of Parenthood af Christopher Grady
Lunch with Lady Eaton: Inside the Dining Rooms of a Nation af Carol Anderson
M Is for Maple Leafs: An Official Toronto Maple Leafs Alphabet Book af Michael Ulmer
Mackenzie's Own Narrative of the Late Rebellion af William Lyon Mackenzie
Madame Hemingway : roman af Paula McLain
Madame Proust and the Kosher Kitchen af Kate Taylor
Maddox: Vested Interest #3 af Melanie Moreland
A Magical mystery tour : inside the Coach House Press
A magical place : Toronto Island and its people af Bill Freeman
The Magician's Beautiful Assistant... and Other Stories af Rachel Wyatt
The Magyar Venus af Lyn Hamilton
Make Way for the Leafs: Toronto's Comeback af Stan Fischler
Making a Killing af Warren Dunford
The Maltese Goddess af Lyn Hamilton
Mama Tandoori af Ernest van der Kwast
The man in the Panama hat af Elizabeth Kimball
The Man Who Ate Toronto af James Chatto
The Man Who Forgot How to Read: A Memoir af Howard Engel
The Manticore af Robertson Davies
The Many Revenges of Kip Flynn af Sean Dixon
Maple Leaf Legends: 75 Years of Toronto's Hockey Heroes af Mike Leonetti
Marco Polo Reiseführer Kanada Ost, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec af Karl Teuschl
Margaret and Charley: Personal Story of Dr. Charles Best, Co-Discovorer of Insulin af Henry B.M. Best
Margaret Atwood: A Biography af Nathalie Cooke
Marilyn Bell: The Heart-Stopping Tale of Marilyn's Record-Breaking Swim (Amazing Stories) af Patrick Tivy
Marked af Jenika Snow
Married to the Hitman: Instalove Possessive Older Man & Younger Curvy Woman Short Romance af Fern Fraser
The Marrow Thieves af Cherie Dimaline
Martin Sloane af Michael Redhill
Mary Ann Shadd Cary: The Black Press and Protest in the Nineteenth Century af Jane Rhodes
Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks: The most popular couple the world has ever known af Booton Herndon
Mary Pickford Rediscovered af Kevin Brownlow
Mary Pickford: America's Sweetheart af Scott Eyman
The Massey Murder: A Maid, Her Master and the Trial that Shocked a Country af Charlotte Gray
The Masseys, founding family af Mollie Gillen
Master of Criminals - The Trilogy af A.J. Reyes
MATS SUNDIN af Perarne Sanglert
Maurice Richard af Charles Foran
Mayor Rob Ford: Uncontrollable af Mark Towhey
The Mealworm Diaries af Anna Kerz
Mean City af John Martins-Manteiga
Mean Streets: Confessions of a Nighttime Taxi Driver af Peter McSherry
The Medusa-Sanction af Steve Jackson
Meeting Her Match af Liz Lincoln
Memoir of the Right Reverend John Strachan ... first Bishop of Toronto af A. N. Bethune
Memoirs of an art dealer af G. Blair Laing
Memory Book: A Benny Cooperman Detective Novel (Benny Cooperman Mysteries) af Howard Engel
Men altså af John Cleese
The Mermaid of Banff af Jan Mark
Merry Cherry Christmas af Keira Andrews
I Met the Walrus: How One Day with John Lennon Changed My Life Forever af Jerry Levitan
Metropolitan Toronto and Region [map] af Unique Media Inc.
Metropolitan Toronto Pocket Atlas af MapArt
Midnight at the Dragon Café af Judy Fong Bates
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 5 af Kyle Higgins
Mike Harris Made Me Eat My Dog af Linwood Barclay
Mike. Vol. 1, 1897-1948 af Lester B. Pearson
Minerva's aviary philosophy at Toronto, 1843-2003 af John G. Slater
The Mini Rough Guide to Toronto af Rough Guides
Mob Mistress af James Dubro
The Moche Warrior af Lyn Hamilton
The Moia Murders af Lyn Hamilton
Moon Metro Toronto af Avalon Travel Publishing
The Moore collection in the Art Gallery of Ontario af Art Gallery of Ontario.,
Moose prints : [a retrospective of Toronto's outdoor art moose-eum] af Mendel Schwartz
More af Austin Clarke
More Please af Barry Humphries
More Than a Rose af Heather Robertson
More than an island: A history of the Toronto island af Sarah Duane Satterthwaite Gibson
More Toronto Sketches: The Way We Were af Mike Filey
Morrison Pavilion at the Gerstein Science Information Centre, University of Toronto Libraries, official opening January9, 2003.
Mort Ziff Is Not Dead af Cary Fagan
Mostly Happy af Pam Bustin
Mothers and Other Strangers af Gina Sorell
Mount Pleasant af Don Gillmor
Mountain Man's Muse af Fern Fraser
Muddy York mud: Scandal & scurrility in Upper Canada af Chris Raible
Muddy York: a history of Toronto until 1834 af Richard Fiennes-Clinton
The Mummy Wore Combat Boots af Elise Abram
Municipal Mind: Manifestos for the Creative City af Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
Murder at Eglinton Square: The Mounties & Toronto police solve a violent, baffling case af Robert Knuckle
Murder at Osgoode Hall: An Amicus Curiae Mystery af Jeffrey Miller
Murder at the World's Fair af MJ Lyons
Murder Has Your Number af Hugh Garner
Murther and Walking Spirits af Robertson Davies
The museum makers : the story of the Royal Ontario Museum af Lovat Dickson
My Bangin' Boss af KL Fast
My Boring Ass Life: The Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith af Kevin Smith
My Father Came from Italy af Maria Coletta McLean
My Leafs Sweater (Hockey Heroes Series) af Mike Leonetti
My Natural History: The Evolution of a Gardener af Liz Primeau
My Own Story af Emmeline Pankhurst
My Saving Grace (Vested Interest: ABC Corp Book 1) af Melanie Moreland
My Toronto af Peter C. Newman
My Word af Terry Christian
Mystical Rose af Richard Scrimger
The Nabes: Toronto's Wonderful Neighborhood Movie Houses af John Sebert
Nailed af Christine d'Abo
Narcissus' Reflection: A Faison Quay Mystery af Michael James Stewart
Natasha: And Other Stories af David Bezmozgis
National Geographic Magazine 1975 v148 #2 August af Gilbert M. Grosvenor
National Geographic Magazine 1996 v189 #6 June af William L Allen
Naughty Nooners (6-in-1) af Cian Fey
The New City : a Prejudiced View of Toronto af Pierre Berton
A New City Agenda af John Sewell
New Tales of the Yellow Sign af Robin D. Laws
New York and Toronto Novels After Postmodernism: Explorations of the Urban af Caroline Rosenthal
The Next Competitor af Keira Andrews
The Night Bell af Inger Ash Wolfe
A Night Never Forgotten af S.J.D. Peterson
Night Studies af Constance Beresford-Howe
The Night the Gods Smiled af Eric Wright
Night's Child af Maureen Jennings
No Great Mischief af Alistair MacLeod
No New Land af M. G. Vassanji
No Tears to the Gallows: The Strange Case of Frank McCullough af Mark D. Johnson
Noah (Englishmen Stories) af Ben Ryder
Norman Bethune af Adrienne Clarkson
North Toronto af Don Ritchie
Not a Nickel to Spare: The Great Depression Diary of Sally Cohen af Perry Nodelman
Not a One-Horse Town: 125 Years of Toronto and its Streetcars af Mike Filey
Not a Trace af Norah McClintock
Not paved with gold : Italian-Canadian immigrants in the 1970s af Vincenzo Pietropaolo
Notes from an Exhibition af Patrick Gale
November Rain af Maureen Jennings
Now That I'm Gone: A Faison Quay Mystery af Michael James Stewart
The Occupied Garden: A Family Memoir of War-Torn Holland af Kristen Den Hartog
Of Darkness, Light, and Fire af Tanya Huff
Of Time & Toronto af Raymond Souster
Of Toronto the good : a social study: the queen city of Canada as it is af C. S. Clark
Old City Hall af Robert Rotenberg
Old Flames af Kim Moritsugu
Old Toronto Houses af Tom Cruickshank
Old Toronto: A Selection from John Ross Robertson's Landmarks of Toronto af E.C. Kyte
Old town Toronto : images of past & present af Ont.) Enoch Turner Schoolhouse (Toronto
Old town Toronto: a heritage landscape guide af Rollo Myers
The Old Vic/Royal Alexander Toronto af John C. Lindsay
Olga Romanov: Russia's Last Grand Duchess af Patricia Phenix
On the Road in the GTA: An Eclectic Guide to the Exurban Sprawl of Greater Toronto af Randall White
One Hundred Million Hearts af Kerri Sakamoto
One Pot Italian Cooking af Massimo Capra
The Only Average Guy af John Filion
Ontario Ghost Stories af Barbara Smith
Ontario memories af Terry Boyle
Oonagh af Mary Tilberg
The open gate: Toronto Union Station af Richard Bebout
Opportunity Road: Yonge Street 1860-1939 af F. R. Berchem
De oprørske engle af Robertson Davies
Opus Murder af Alec Peche
The Origin of Waves af Austin Clarke
Orion Arm af Julian May
The Orkney Scroll af Lyn Hamilton
The Osborne collection of early children's books, 1566-1910 : a catalogue af Judith St. John
The Osborne collection of early children's books: a catalogue, 1476-1910, volume II af Judith St. John
Oscar: The Life and Music of Oscar Peterson af Reva Marin
La Ou Les Bois Cotoient L'eau: A French Version of 'Where the Woods meet the Water' af Gila Margolin
Our Glory and Our Grief: Torontonians and the Great War af Ian Hugh Maclean Miller
Out to Brunch: At Mildred Pierce Restaurant af Donna Dooher
Outage af B. W. Powe
Over 100 years : a personal history of St. Thomas' / by Evanne Reeves. af Evanne Reeves
Over the Don af Ron Fletcher
Overclocked: Stories of the Future Present af Cory Doctorow
Pack Up the Moon af Richard Teleky
The Painting af Charis Cotter
Pal Hal: An uninhibited, no-holds-barred account of the life and times of Harold Ballard af Dick Beddoes
Palaces of the Night: Canada's Grand Theatres af John C. Lindsay
Palookaville #9 af Seth
The Parabolist: A Novel af Nicholas Ruddock
Paris Letters af Janice MacLeod
Passengers must not ride on fenders: a fond look at Toronto af Mike Filey
A Passionate Pen: The Life and Times of Faith Fenton af Jill Downie
Pattern and Light: The Aga Khan Museum af Henry S. Kim
Paul and Jesus af Bruce,F. F.
Paying for It: A Comic-Strip Memoir about Being a John af Chester Brown
Peepshow: The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt af Joe Matt
The Pelican History of Canada af Kenneth McNaught
The People's Victory af Marriage Equality Usa
A Perfect Night to Go to China af David Gilmour
Perfection: A Faison Quay Murder Mystery af Michael James Stewart
Peril at Pier Nine af Penny Draper
Peril: From Jackboots To Jack Benny af Pearl Goodman
The Perseids and Other Stories af Robert Charles Wilson
Peter Gzowski: A Biography af R.B. Fleming
Phase Shift af Elise Abram
Phoenix: The Life of Norman Bethune af Roderick Stewart
Pi's liv : roman af Yann Martel
The Piano Man's Daughter af Timothy Findley
Pioneer gardens at Black Creek Pioneer Village af Eustella Langdon
Pioneer Life Programme Recipes Black Creek
Pioneering in North York: A History of the Borough af Patricia W. Hart
Player One: What Is to Become of Us (CBC Massey Lecture) af Douglas Coupland
Polenta at Midnight: Tales of Gusto and Enchantment in North York af Glenn Carley
The Political Economy of City Branding af Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko
Poor Tom Is Cold af Maureen Jennings
Portrait of Toronto City Hall: past and present af Nick Mika
Power play: The story of the Toronto Maple Leafs af Stan Fischler
Precious af Douglas Glover
The prevailing influence : Hart House and the Group of Seven, 1919-1953 = Influence majeure : Hart House et le Groupe des sept, 1919-1953 af Catherine D. Siddall
The Price of Love af Peter Robinson
Proud to Play af Erin Silver
Public Triumph, Private Tragedy af Steve Paikin
Pulled Long af Christine d'Abo
Pumpkin Eater af Jeffrey Round
Puppet af Joy Fielding
Quarrel With the Foe: A Paul Shenstone Mystery af Mel Bradshaw
The Quasimodo Trunk af Quintin Jardine
The Queen's choice : a story of Canada's capital af Wilfrid Eggleston
Queer Hauntings: True Tales of Gay & Lesbian Ghosts af Ken Summers
A Question of Guilt: The Murder of Nancy Eaton af William Scoular
A Quick Bite af Lynsay Sands
Quick Escapes Toronto, 2nd (Quick Escapes Series) af David E. Scott
Quintet af Douglas Arthur Brown
Rain Tonight: A Story of Hurricane Hazel af Steve Pitt
Raisin Wine: A Boyhood in a Different Muskoka af James Bartleman
Rand McNally City Map: Toronto af Rand McNally and Company
The Raven's Pool af Deborah Cannon
Raymond and Hannah af Stephen Marche
A Reason To Come Home af Justine Currie
Rebel Run af D. Harold Turner
A Rebel's Daughter: The 1837 Rebellion Diary of Arabelle Stevenson Toronto af Janet Lunn
Rebellion: A Novel of Upper Canada af Marianne Brandis
Rebound : sports, community, and the inclusive city af Perry King
Rebound Remedy af Christine d'Abo
Red Mass af Rosemary Aubert
Red Rock Baby Candy af Shira Spector
Reflections of Toronto Harbour : 200 years of port activity and waterfront development af Ted Wickson
Reform, Planning, and City Politics: Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto af Harold Kaplan
Regeneration, Toronto's waterfront and the sustainable city: Final report af Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
The Reichmanns: Family, Faith, Fortune, and the Empire of Olympia & York af Anthony Bianco
Relative Commotion af Nicky James
The Reluctant Virgin: Murder in 1950s Toronto af Doug Taylor
I Remember Sunnyside (The Toronto Sketches Series) af Mike Filey
Remembering the Don : a rare record of earlier times within the Don River Valley af Charles Sauriol
Remembering Tim Horton (Peter Goddard Books) af Craig MacInnis
Remembrance of Patients Past: Patient Life at the Toronto Hospital for the Insane, 1870-1940 af Geoffrey Reaume
Reproduction af Ian Williams
Restitution: A Family's Fight for Their Heritage Lost in the Holocaust af Kathy Kacer
The Return of Lieutenant Boruvka: A Reactionary Tale of Crime and Detection af Josef Škvorecký
The Revenant af Elise Abram
The Rez Sisters: A Play in Two Acts af Tomson Highway
The Rich Man af Henry Kreisel
The Right Man af Sandra Field
Rise, Canadians! af M. Bellasis
Robertson's Landmarks of Toronto (Volume 2) af J. Ross Robertson
Rochdale, the runaway college af David Sharpe
Rock Hard Boss af Fern Fraser
Rollback af Robert J. Sawyer
A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano af Katie Hafner
The Romantic af Barbara Gowdy
The Rough Guide Map of Toronto af Rough Guides
Roughing it in the Bush af Susanna Moodie
Royal Ontario Museum : the new geology galleries af Walter M. Tovell
The Rules of Engagement af Catherine Bush
Run, Run Because You Can Essays of Journey - Essays of Joy af Sarah Lillian Levis
Rural Roots: Pre-confederation Buildings of the York Region of Ontario af Mary Byers
Røverbruden af Margaret Atwood
Sacred stitches: beauty and holiness in the needlework of many faiths ; St. James Cathedral, Toronto, October 24 to November 1, 2013.
Safe As Houses af Eric Walters
Sagittarius Whorl af Julian May
The Sandman Omnibus Silver Edition af Neil Gaiman
The Sandman: A Game of You af Neil Gaiman
Sandy: Vested Interest #7 af Melanie Moreland
The Santa Claus parade story: 100 years of great parades in Toronto af Audrey Greer
Scarborough af Catherine Hernandez
Scarlet Rose af Julia Madeleine
The Scene Stealer af Warren Dunford
Scott Pilgrim & den utrolige tristesse af Bryan Lee O'Malley
Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together af Bryan Lee O'Malley
Scott Pilgrim kører stilen af Bryan Lee O'Malley
Scott Pilgrim mod verden af Bryan Lee O'Malley
Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe af Bryan Lee O'Malley
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World [2010 film] af Edgar Wright
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack af Beck
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Original Score af Nigel Godrich
Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour af Bryan Lee O'Malley
Scott Pilgrim, Full Color Odds & Ends 2008 af Bryan Lee O'Malley
The Second City af Donna McCrohan
The Second City Almanac of Improvisation af Anne Libera
Second City Television: A History and Episode Guide af Jeff Robbins
The Second City: Backstage at the World's Greatest Comedy Theater af Sheldon Patinkin
Second Star to the Right af A.F. Henley
Second-in-Command (Men of Hidden Justice Book 2) af Melanie Moreland
Secret Toronto: The Unique Guidebook to Toronto's Hidden Sites, Sounds & Tastes af Scott Mitchell
Seduction af Catherine Gildiner
Seldom Come By af Ms Sherryl Caulfield
A Sensitive Case af Eric Wright
Seven Eggs Today: The Diaries of Mary Armstrong, 1859 and 1869 (Life Writing) af Jackson Webster Armstrong
The seventh year of the manna bird af Lou Vertolli
The Shacklands af Judi Coburn
Shadow of Ashland af Terence M. Green
Shadow Puppet af Jeffrey Round
I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journey on the Road to Peace and Human Dignity af Izzeldin Abuelaish
Shane: A Degrassi Book af Susin Nielsen
Shania Twain af Robin Eggar
The Shape of the City: Toronto Struggles with Modern Planning af John Sewell
Shattered af Eric Walters
Short Days Ago af Gordon Hill Grahame
The Short Happy Walks of Max MacPherson af Harry Bruce
Short Trips: 2040 af John Binns
A Shot in the Dark af Christine d'Abo
Sidste nat i Twisted River : roman af John Irving
Sight Lines: Looking at Architecture and Design in Canada af Adele Freedman
Sigmund Samuel Library
Significant Things: A Novel af Helen McLean
Signs of Life af Michael Madsen
Silverware: Hockey Hall of Fame af Andrew Podnieks
Simon Says af L. E. Fraser
Singing Our History: Canada's Story in Song af Edith Fowke
A Single Death / The Man Who Changed His Name af Eric Wright
Single White Vampire af Lynsay Sands
Sins of the Angels af Lydia M. Hawke
Sitting in the Club Car Drinking Rum and Karma-Kola: A Manual of Etiquette for Ladies Crossing Canada by Train af Paulette Jiles
Six Metres of Pavement af Farzana Doctor
A Skating Life: My Story af Dorothy Hamill
Skeena af Fauzia Rafiq
Skim af Mariko Tamaki
The Skin We're In: A Year of Black Resistance and Power af Desmond Cole
The Sky Is Falling af Kit Pearson
Slam af E. Davies
Sleeping Naked Is Green: How an Eco-Cynic Unplugged Her Fridge, Sold Her Car, and Found Love in 366 Days af Vanessa Farquharson
The Slip af Mark Sampson
Smoke and Mirrors af Tanya Huff
Smoke Detector af Eric Wright
Snowbound (Volume 1, Number 2) af Alan Mäkinen
Snowbound (Volume 1, Number 5) af Alan Mäkinen
Snowmen af Mark Sedore
Sojourners and Settlers: The Macedonian Community in Toronto to 1940 af Lillian Petroff
Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town af Cory Doctorow
Something Remains af Hassan Ghedi Santur
Sommertræet ; Den ¤mørkeste vej / Den vandrende ild af Guy Gavriel Kay
Sommertræet af Guy Gavriel Kay
The Song Beneath the Ice af Joe Fiorito
Songquest : the journals of Great Lakes folklorist Ivan H. Walton af Ivan H Walton
Soucouyant af David Chariandy
Soul of Discretion af Susan Mac Nicol
Spadina Avenue af Rosemary Donegan
Spadina: A Story of Old Toronto af Austin Seton Thompson
Spare af Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
Special Places: The Changing Ecosystems of the Toronto Region af Betty I. Roots
The Specialist (Men of Hidden Justice Book 5) af Melanie Moreland
Spectacular Homes of Toronto: An Exclusive Showcase of the Finest Designers in Ontario af LLC Panache Partners
The Specter af Jonas Saul
Spells of Blood and Kin: A Dark Fantasy af Claire Humphrey
The Spinster and the Prophet: H.G. Wells, Florence Deeks, and the Case of the Plagiarized Text af A. B. McKillop
The Spirit of the Game: Exceptional Photography from the Hockey Hall of Fame af Dan Diamond
Den spiselige kvinde af Margaret Atwoodfeel of
Spring Cleaning af Liz Strange
Squall af Sean Costello
St. Clair West in pictures : a history of the communities of Carlton, Davenport, Earlscourt and Oakwood af Nancy Byers
St. Lawrence Market Cookbook af Anita Stewart
Stage Business af Gerry Fostaty
Staked af Kevin Hearne
Stakes & Stilettos af Michelle Rowen
The State of the Arts: Living With Culture in Toronto af Alana Wilcox
Station Eleven af Emily St. John Mandel
Staying Italian: Urban Change and Ethnic Life in Postwar Toronto and Philadelphia af Jordan Stanger-Ross
Stealing Nasreen af Farzana Doctor
The Stephen Leacock Picture Book af James A. 'Pete' McGarvey
Stephen Leacock: His Remarkable Life af Albert Moritz
Still Waters af John Moss
A store of memories af G. Allan Burton
The Store That Timothy Built af William Stephenson
The Storms Below: The Turbulent Life and Times of Hugh Garner af Paul Stuewe
Story of a Nation: Defining Moments in Our History af Margaret Atwood
The story of the Toronto Blue Jays af Shawndra Shofner
The Story of the Toronto Raptors (The NBA: a History of Hoops) af John Nichols
The story of Toronto af G. P. de T. Glazebrook
The Storyteller af Anna Porter
The Strangers Who Came Home: The First Australian Cricket Tour of England af John Lazenby
Stray Bullets af Robert Rotenberg
Street railways of Toronto, 1861-1921 (Interurbans Special 25) af Louis H. Pursley
Streets of attitude : Toronto stories af Cary Fagan
Streetwise Toronto af Streetwise Maps
Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto af Shawn Micallef
The Stubborn Season af Lauren B. Davis
Stunt af Claudia Dey
Such hardworking people : Italian immigrants in postwar Toronto af Franca Iacovetta
Such Is My Beloved af Morley Callaghan
Sun in Winter: A Toronto Wartime Journal 1942-1945 af Gunda Lambton
Sunshine and Shadow af Mary Pickford
Super Man and the Bug Out
The Super Man and the Bugout af Cory Doctorow
Susur: A Culinary Life, Books 1-2 af Susur Lee
The Swallow: A Ghost Story af Charis Cotter
The Sweet Edge af Alison Pick
Sweetheart af Peter McGehee
Sweetheart the Story of Mary Pickford af Robert Windeler
The Swing in the Garden af Hugh Hood
Synchronicity af Keira Andrews
Tales from the Toronto Blue Jays Dugout: A Collection of the Greatest Blue Jays Stories Ever Told (Tales from the Team) af Jim Prime
Tales of the Don af Charles Sauriol
Tales of the Red Panda: The Android Assassins af Gregg Taylor
Tales of The Red Panda: The Crime Cabal af Gregg Taylor
Tales of the Red Panda: The Mind Master af Gregg Taylor
Tall, Dark, and Fangsome af Michelle Rowen
Tea or Consequences af K.C. Burn
The Teacher's Daughter af Richard B. Wright
Tekenen van het universum af Emy Koopman
Temporary Partner af Nicky James
Teranesia af Greg Egan
The Terminal Experiment af Robert J. Sawyer
Test Driving the Billionaire af Cynthia Sax
Testimony: A Memoir af Robbie Robertson
The Thai Amulet af Lyn Hamilton
That Scatterbrain Booky af Bernice Thurman Hunter
That Summer In Paris: Memories of Tangled Friendships with Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Some Others af Morley Callaghan
That Time I Loved You: Stories af Carrianne Leung
Then Again af Elyse Friedman
Therafields: the rise and fall of Lea Hindley-Smith's psychoanalytic commune af Grant Goodbrand
There Are No Elders af Austin Clarke
THERE NEVER WAS A BETTER TIME: Toronto's Yesterdays af Doug Taylor
There's Music in These Walls: A History of the Royal Conservatory of Music af Ezra Schabas
This Place: 150 Years Retold af Alicia Elliott
Through Black Spruce af Joseph Boyden
Throwaway Child af Elise Abram
Ties That Tether af Jane Igharo
Tiggerpigen : fortællinger om Flo og Rose af Alice Munro
Tilly and Nuella: A Lifetime Odyssey Of Friendship af Michael James Stewart
Time Out Toronto af Time Out
A Time to Love af Jocelyn Haley
To Dance at the Palais Royale af Janet McNaughton
To Die in Spring: A Rebecca Temple Mystery af Sylvia Maultash Warsh
To Hang a Rebel af Harold P. Turner
A token for friends af Judith St. JohnToronto Public Library
Told You So af Kristen Heitzmann
Too good to be true : Toronto in the 1920s af Randall White
Toronto af Tanya Lloyd Kyi
Toronto af Rupert O. Matthews
Toronto af Emma Howard
Toronto af John De Visser
Toronto af Bruce West
Toronto af Geoffrey James
TORONTO af Grace Deutsch
Toronto af Duncan McDougall
Toronto & Area af MapArt
Toronto (Cities of the World) af Barbara Radcliffe Rogers
Toronto (Great Cities of the World) af Percy Rowe
Toronto 150: The Celebration of Friends Official Commemorative Album af Mike Filey
Toronto 1:17.500 af Berndtson & Berndtson
Toronto : a pictorial record : historical prints and illustrations of the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario, Canada, 1813-1882 af Charles P. de Volpi
Toronto : City Companion [map book, restaurant guide, city guide] af John Must
Toronto : the way we were : a collection of photos & stories about North America's greatest city af Mike Filey
Toronto : Then and Now af Mike Filey
Toronto [map] af Allmaps Canada
A Toronto album 2 : more glimpses of the city that was af Mike Filey
Toronto Album: Glimpses of the City That Was af Mike Filey
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