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Adventures of the Magic Monkey Along the Silk Road af Nagai Be
Adventures on the Ancient Silk Road af Priscilla Galloway
Animals Marco Polo Saw: An Adventure on the Silk Road af Sandra Markle
Aurel Stein on the Silk Road af Susan Whitfield
Aurel Stein: Pioneer of the Silk Road af Annabel Walker
Beyond the Great Wall: Recipes and Travels in the Other China af Jeffrey Alford
Blood & Silk af Bruce Baugh
A Bride's Story, Volume 1 af Kaoru Mori
A Bride's Story, Volume 2 af Kaoru Mori
A Bride's Story, Volume 9 af Kaoru Mori
Calliope: The Silk Road af Calliope magazine
Caravan to America: Living Arts of the Silk Road af John S. Major
A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven Years on the Silk Road af Christopher Alexander
Cave Temples of Dunhuang: Buddhist Art on China’s Silk Road af Neville Agnew
Cave Temples of Mogao: Art and History on the Silk Road (Conservation & Cultural Heritage) af Roderick Whitfield
Chengli and the Silk Road Caravan af Hildi Kang
China und die Seidenstraße: Kultur und Geschichte von der frühen Kaiserzeit bis zur Gegenwart (Historische Bibliothek der Gerda Henkel Stiftung) af Thomas O. Höllmann
City of Jade af L. J. LaBarthe
The Dust of Empire: The Race for Mastery in the Asian Heartland af Karl Ernest Meyer
Early Carpets and Tapestries on the Eastern Silk Road af Gloria Granz Gonick
Eastern Horizons: Hitchhiking the Silk Road af Levison Wood
Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present af Christopher I. Beckwith
Erben der Seidenstrasse: USBEKISTAN af Margareta Pavaloi
Extremes Along the Silk Road: Adventures Off the World's Oldest Superhighway af Nick Middleton
Forbidden Journey: From Peking to Kashmir af Ella Maillart
Foreign Devils on the Silk Road: The Search for the Lost Cities and Treasures of Chinese Central Asia af Peter Hopkirk
In Xanadu: A Quest af William Dalrymple
Insight Guides Silk Road af Insight Guides
Japanische Studien zur Kunst der Seidenstraße af Hans-Joachim Klimkeit
The Journey of Maps and Images on the Silk Road af Philippe Forêt
Lands of Lost Borders: A Journey on the Silk Road af Kate Harris
The Last Secrets of the Silk Road: In the Footsteps of Marco Polo by Horse and Camel af Alexandra Tolstoy
Life along the Silk Road af Susan Whitfield
Mapping the Silk Road and Beyond af Kenneth Nebenzahl
Marco Polo's Travels on Asia's Silk Road (Great Journeys Across Earth) af Cath Senker
Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu af Laurence Bergreen
Marco Polo: Marco Polo and the Silk Road to China af Michael Burgan
Marco Polo: The Journey that Changed the World af John Man
The Mummies of Ürümchi af Elizabeth Wayland Barber
News from Tartary af Peter Fleming
Night Train to Turkistan: Modern Adventures Along China's Ancient Silk Road (Traveler) af Stuart Stevens
On ancient Central-Asian tracks;: Brief narrative of three expeditions in innermost Asia and northwestern China, af Sir Aurel Stein
On The Trail of Marco Polo: Along the Silk Road By Bicycle af Brady Fotheringham
Painted Buddhas of Xinjiang: Hidden Treasures from the Silk Road af Jacques Giès
Religions of the Silk Road: Overland Trade and Cultural Exchange from Antiquity to the Fifteenth Century af Richard C. Foltz
The Renaissance: A Very Short Introduction af Jerry Brotton
Rumi's Tales from the Silk Road: Pilgrimage to Paradise af Kamla K. Kapur
The Secret History of the Mongol Queens: How the Daughters of Genghis Khan Rescued His Empire af Jack Weatherford
Setting the East Ablaze : Lenin's Dream of an Empire in Asia af Peter Hopkirk
Shadow of the Silk Road af Colin Thubron
The Silk Road af Judy Bonavia
The Silk Road af John Keay
The Silk Road af Sven Hedin
The Silk Road (Top Readers: Stage 4) af Robert Coupe
Silk Road Cooking: A Vegetarian Journey af Najmieh Batmanglij
The Silk Road Journey With Xuanzang af Sally Hovey Wriggins
The Silk Road Saga af Jean-Pierre Drège
The Silk Road: A New History af Valerie Hansen
The Silk Road: Art and History af Jonathan Tucker
Silk Road: Monks, Warriors & Merchants af Luce Boulnois
The Silk Road: Two Thousand Years in the Heart of Asia af Frances Wood
The Silk Roads: A New History of the World af Peter Frankopan
Silk Roads: Peoples, Cultures, Landscapes af Susan Whitfield
The Silk Route: 7,000 Miles of History af John S. Major
A Single Pebble: A Story of the Silk Road af Bonnie Christensen
Sir Aurel Stein: Archaeological Explorer af Jeannette Mirsky
Southern Silk Road: In the Footsteps of Sir Aurel Stein and Sven Hedin af Christoph Baumer
Testaments of time; the search for lost manuscripts and records af Leo Deuel
Travels in Tartary: One's company and News from Tartary / by Peter Fleming af Peter Fleming
The Travels of Marco Polo af Marco Polo
Treasures of the Great Silk Road af Edgar Knobloch
Uzbekistan: Heirs to the Silk Road af Johannes Kalter
We're Riding on a Caravan af Laurie Krebs
Women of the Gobi: Journeys on the Silk Road af Kate James