Værker (643)

1001 Days: Memoirs of an Empress af Empress Farah Pahlavi
2: Sviluppo interno e attori esterni af Cesare Merlini
426 dagar i Iran : berättelsen om de fängslade svenska byggnadsarbetarna af Jesper Bengtsson
44 Days: Iran and the Remaking of the World (National Geographic) af David Burnett
7000 Jahre Kunst in Iran af Roman Ghirshman
Abdul-Baha in America af Robert H. Stockman
Access Controlled: The Shaping of Power, Rights, and Rule in Cyberspace (Information Revolution and Global Politics) af Ronald Deibert
Access Denied: The Practice and Policy of Global Internet Filtering (Information Revolution and Global Politics) af Ronald Deibert
I Accuse: Jimmy Carter and the Rise of Militant Islam af Philip Pilevsky
Adept's Gambit [short story] af Fritz Leiber
Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip af Jim Rogers
Adventure Divas: Iran: Behind Closed Cha-Dors [2001 film] af PBS
The Age of Orphans af Laleh Khadivi
Al-Ghazali af Demi
Al-Ghazali the alchemist of happiness [video recording] af Al Ghazali
Alexander the Great : Man of Action, Man of Spirit af Pierre Briant
Alexander's Tomb: The Two-Thousand Year Obsession to Find the Lost Conquerer af Nicholas J. Saunders
All Fall Down: America's Tragic Encounter With Iran af Gary Sick
All the Queen's Men af Linda Howard
All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror af Stephen Kinzer
Among the Believers: An Islamic Journey af V. S. Naipaul
Ancient Iran af Massoume Priceas Persia
Ancient Iran: Cosmology, Mythology, History af Iraj Bashiri
Ancient Persia af Josef Wiesehöfer
An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto af Alex Callinicos
Arabist onder Arabieren ontmoetingen in het Midden-Oosten af Leo Kwarten
Architects of Intervention: The United States, the Third World, and the Cold War, 1946-1962 af Zachary Karabell
Architectural Dynamics in Pre-Revolutionary Iran - The Dialogue between Tradition and Modernity (Critical Studies in Architecture of the Middle East) af Mohammad Gharipour
Armageddon im Orient: Wie die Saudi-Connection den Iran ins Visier nimmt (Beck Paperback 6320) af Michael Lüders
The Art of Ancient Iran: From Its Origins to the Time of Alexander the Great af Roman Ghirshman
Art of Islam : language and meaning af Titus Burkhardt
The Art of Persian Cooking (Hippocrene International Cookbook Classics) af Forough-Es-Saltaneh Hekmat
At home in Iran af Mary Catherine Bateson
At læse Lolita i Teheran : erindringer om en læsekreds af Azar Nafisi
Atalaya Cinderella Magazine, Winter 2000-2001, Vol. 26, No. 1 (Whole no. 52) af Christer Brunström
Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians af Jerome R. Corsi
Een avond in Isfahan : reisverhalen uit Perzië, Gambia, Duitsland, Japan, Engeland, Madeira, en Maleisië af Cees Nooteboom
The Ayatollah Begs to Differ: The Paradox of Modern Iran af Hooman Majd
Ayatollah Khomeini af Matthew Gordon
The Ayatollahs' Democracy: An Iranian Challenge af Hooman Majd
Azerbeidjaan, Iran, Oezbekistan [dvd] af UNESCO
The Babi and Baha'i Religions, 1844-1944 : Some Contemporary Western Accounts af Moojan Momen
Baharlu af Rohani Teppiche (Graz)
Barzhawʹnad - View Point : Children live in the same manner they are taught. Anyway haw [sic] does your child grow up? af Raḥmānī Nāsīḥ
A Beginner's Guide To Acting English af Shaparak Khorsandi
Bestower of light : a portrait of Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh, master of the Nimatullahi Sufi order af Jeffrey Rothschild
Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in Iran af Roxana Saberi
Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions Among the Converted Peoples af V. S. Naipaul
Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies af Barbara Slavin
A Bitter Veil af Libby Fischer Hellmann
Black Wave: Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Forty-Year Rivalry That Unraveled Culture, Religion, and Collective Memory in the Middle East af Kim Ghattas
Blind White Fish in Persia (Penguin Travel Library) af Anthony Smith
Briefe aus Persien af Jakob Eduard Polak
Brothers in Arms af Camille Tawil
A Brutal Friendship: The West and The Arab Elite af Said K. Aburish
Calligraphic Ceramics from Eastern Iran: Early Islamic Poetry from the Collection of Ulfert Wilke af University of Iowa Museum of Art
Carbon Democracy: Political Power in the Age of Oil af Timothy Mitchell
The Carpet Wars: From Kabul to Baghdad: A Ten-Year Journey Along Ancient Trade Routes af Christopher Kremmer
A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order af F. William Engdahl
Chain of Command: the Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib af Seymour M. Hersh
Children of Paradise: The Struggle for the Soul of Iran af Laura Secor
A Choice of Enemies: America Confronts the Middle East af Lawrence Freedman
The Chronicles of Sapta Sindhu af Kala Aporva
Close Up af Hamid Dabashi
The Cold War and the Middle East af Yazīd Ṣāyigh
The Combination af Andrew York
Comparative Politics Today: A World View af Gabriel A. Almond
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Iran af Joseph Tragert
The Complete Persepolis af Marjane Satrapi
I Confess: Revelations in Exile af Kooshyar Karimi
The Conflict of tribe and state in Iran and Afghanistan af Richard Tapper
Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power af David E. Sanger
Confronting Iran: The Failure of American Foreign Policy and the Next Great Crisis in the Middle East af Ali Ansari
Containing Arab Nationalism: The Eisenhower Doctrine and the Middle East af Salim Yaqub
Conversion to Islam af Nehemia Levtzion
Count-Down: Israel, Iran and Armageddon af Mike Evans
Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon af Kim Zetter
Crisis: The Last Year of the Carter Presidency af Hamilton Jordan
The Crisis: The President, the Prophet, and the Shah-1979 and the Coming of Militant Islam af David Harris
The Cruel Way af Ella Maillart
Cultural Traditions in Iran af Lynn Peppas
Culture and Customs of Iran (Culture and Customs of the Middle East) af Elton L. Daniel
The Culture of Terrorism af Noam Chomsky
Culture Shock! Iran af Maria O'Shea
Danziger's Travels: Beyond Forbidden Frontiers af Nick Danziger
Darius in the Shadow of Alexander af Pierre Briant- 550-330 av. J.-C. ; Achéménides
Dark Rising af Greig Beck
Daughter of Persia af Sattareh Farman Farmaian
Days of God: The Revolution in Iran and Its Consequences af James Buchan
Debacle, the American failure in Iran af Michael Arthur Ledeen
A Deniable Death af Gerald Seymour
Die Derwische : Heilige und Ketzer des Islam af Gerhard Schweizer
Desert Journey af George Rodger
The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower af Robert Baer
Differentiated containment : U.S. policy toward Iran and Iraq, report of an independent task force sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations af Zbigniew Brzezinski
Digte (Rubaiyat) af Omar Khayyám
Directory of world cinema. Iran af Parviz. Jahed
The Disciple af Stephen Coonts
Disoriental af Négar Djavadi
Does God Hate Women? af Ophelia Benson
Drinking Arak Off an Ayatollah's Beard: A Journey Through the Inside-Out Worlds of Iran and Afghanistan af Nicholas Jubber
DuMont Kunst-Reisefuehrer - Iran af Klaus Gallas
The Dust of Empire: The Race for Mastery in the Asian Heartland af Karl Ernest Meyer
Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan af Edmund Morris
The Eagle and the Lion: The Tragedy of American-Iranian Relations af James A. Bill
Earliest Civilizations of the Near East af James Mellaart
Early Mesopotamia and Iran af M. E. L. Mallowan
The Earth Shook: A Persian Tale af Donna Jo Napoli
East and West of Zagros : Travel, War and Politics in Persia and Iraq, 1913-1921 af C. J. Edmonds
Education and the making of modern Iran af David Menashri
Embroideries af Marjane Satrapi
Empires and Anarchies: A History of Oil in the Middle East af Michael Quentin Morton
Empires of the Plain: Henry Rawlinson and the Lost Languages of Babylon af Lesley Adkins
The Ends of the Earth: From Togo to Turkmenistan, from Iran to Cambodia, a Journey to the Frontiers of Anarchy af Robert D. Kaplan
An Enduring Love: My Life with the Shah: A Memoir af Farah Pahlavi
Engaging Iran: Building Peace in the Persian Gulf Region (Triangle Papers) af Volker Perthes
The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree af Shokoofeh Azar
Equal of the Sun af Anita Amirrezvani
Even After All This Time: A Story of Love, Revolution, and Leaving Iran af Afschineh Latifi
Everyday Iran: A Provincial Portrait of the Islamic Republic (International Library of Iranian Studies) af Clarissa De Waal
Everything Sad Is Untrue: (a true story) af Daniel Nayeri
Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism af Mike Davis
Exiled for Love: The Journey of an Iranian Queer Activist af Arsham Parsi
Exiles in America af Christopher Bram
Expats: Travels in Arabia, from Tripoli to Teheran af Christopher Dickey
F-14 Tomcat in Action - Aircraft No. 105 af Al Adcock
Faces in a Mirror: Memoirs from Exile af Ashraf Pahlavi
The Fall of Heaven: The Pahlavis and the Final Days of Imperial Iran af Andrew Scott Cooper
The Fall of the Peacock Throne: The Story of Iran af William H. Forbis
Farsi (Persian) Phrasebook af Yavar Dehghani
The Fascination of Persia: The Persian-European Dialogue in Seventeenth-Century Art and Contemporary Art of Teheran af Axel Langer
Fine books, manuscripts, atlases & historical photographs, Wednesday 18 March 2015 af Bonhamsas Persia
Fire, snow & honey : voices from Kurdistan af Gina Lennox
Flames Over Persepolis: Turning Point in History af Mortimer Wheeler
Focus Iran Contemporary Photography and Video af Craft and Folk Art Museum
Fodor's Islamic Asia: Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan af Eugene Fodor
Fodors Iran 1977/8 af Fodor's
Food of Life: Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking and Ceremonies af Najmieh Batmanglij
Forces of Fortune: The Rise of the New Muslim Middle Class and What It Will Mean for Our World af Vali Nasr
Forty Fortunes: A Tale of Iran af Aaron Shepard
Fossil Hunter af John B. Olson
Foucault and the Iranian Revolution: Gender and the Seductions of Islamism af Janet Afary
Freya Stark in Persia af Malise Ruthven
From a Persian Tea House: Travels in Old Iran af Michael Carroll
From Cyrus to Alexander: A History of the Persian Empire af Pierre Briant
From Miniskirt to Hijab: A Girl in Revolutionary Iran af Jacqueline Saper
From Oxus to Euphrates: The World of Late Antique Iran af Touraj Daryaee
From Samarkhand to Sardis: A New Approach to the Seleucid Empire (Hellenistic Culture and Society) af Susan Sherwin-White
From the Arab Invasion to the Saljuqs af Richard Nelson Frye
From the Shahs to Los Angeles: Three Generations of Iranian Jewish Women between Religion and Culture af Saba Soomekh
Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America af Firoozeh Dumas
Géopolitique de l'Iran af Mohammad-Reza Djalili
Gabbeh. Extrafeine Qualität af Rohani Teppiche (Graz)
Garden of the Brave in War: Recollections of Iran af Terence O'Donnell
The Ghaznavids: Their Empire in Afghanistan and Eastern Iran, 994-1040 af Clifford E. Bosworth
Ghosts of revolution : rekindled memories of imprisonment in Iran af Shahla Talebi
The Gilded Chamber af Rebecca Kohn
The Girl with a Brave Heart: A Story from Tehran af Rita Jahanforuz
Glaciers of the Middle East and Africa af Ajun Kurter
God has Ninety-nine Names af Judith Miller
The Golden Cage: Three Brothers, Three Choices, One Destiny af Shirin Ebadi
Good Night, Commander af Ahmad Akbarpour
The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East af Robert Fisk
Greater Iran: A 20th-century Odyssey af Richard N. Frye
Die große Unruhe : Afghanistan und seine Nachbarn af Sven Hansen
Guardians of the Revolution: Iran and the World in the Age of the Ayatollahs af Ray Takeyh
Guests of the Ayatollah: The Iran Hostage Crisis: The First Battle in America's War with Militant Islam af Mark Bowden
Guide Bleu du Moyen-Orient : Liban, Syrie, Jordanie, Iraq et Iran af Robert Boulanger
A guide to Iranian area study af L. P. Elwell-Sutton
Les Guides Bleus: Moyen-Orient . Liban, Syrie, Jordanie, Irak, Iran af Robert Boulanger
The gulf military balance. Volume 2, The missile and nuclear dimensions af Anthony H. Cordesman
The Guts to Try: The Untold Story of the Iran Hostage Rescue Mission by the On-Scene Desert Commander af James H. Kyle
Haldol and Hyacinths: A Bipolar Life af Melody Moezzi
Harem af Dora Levy Mossanen
Have a Nice Doomsday: Why Millions of Americans Are Looking Forward to the End of the World af Nicholas Guyatt
Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms: Journeys Into the Disappearing Religions of the Middle East af Gerard Russell
Hellblazer #185 af Mike Carey
The Hellenistic Settlements in the East from Armenia and Mesopotamia to Bactria and India af Getzel M. Cohen
Hidden Iran: Paradox and Power in the Islamic Republic af Ray Takeyh
Histoire de l'Iran et des Iraniens : Des origines à nos jours af Jean-Paul Roux
The History of Ancient Iran af Richard Nelson Frye
History of early Iran af George G. Cameron
The History of Iran (The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations) af Elton L. Daniel
A History of Iran: Empire of the Mind af Michael Axworthy
The History of Persia, Volume II af Sir John Malcolm
The History of the British Bank of the Middle East: Vol. 2, Banking and Oil af Geoffrey Jones
History of the Persian Empire af A. T. Olmstead
Home Is Beyond the Mountains af Celia Barker Lottridge
Honeymoon in Purdah: An Iranian Journey af Alison Wearing
Honeymoon in Tehran: Two Years of Love and Danger in Iran af Azadeh Moaveni
Den hundredårige der kravlede ud ad vinduet og forsvandt af Jonas Jonasson
Huset ved moskeen : roman af Kader Abdolah
Hypogene Karst Regions and Caves of the World af Alexander Klimchouk
Hérodote : Regards géopolitiques sur l'Iran af Revue Hérodote
If You Could Be Mine af Sara Farizan
Im düstern Wald werden unsre Leiber hängen af Ava Farmehri
The Impact of Egypt on Ancient Iran af Iraj Bashiri
In Search of Zarathustra: The First Prophet and the Ideas That Changed the World af Paul Kriwaczek
In the Name of God: The Khomeini Decade af Robin B. Wright
In the Rose Garden of the Martyrs: A Memoir of Iran af Christopher de Bellaigue
In the Walled Gardens af Anahita Firouz
Indian Mythology and Iranian Mythology af Arthur Berriedale KeithPersia
Inside Central Asia: A Political and Cultural History of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Iran af Dilip Hiro
Inside Iran: Life Under Khomeini's Regime af John Simpson
An Interactive History of Iran af Charles River Editors
De Iraanse kookkunst af Ahad Farhadi
Iran af Elma Schemenauer
Iran af Vincent Monteil
Iran af Simon Richmond
Iran af Yahya Armajani
Iran af Richard N. Frye
Iran af Donald Richmond Barton
Iran af Eugene Fodor
Iran af World Trade Press
Iran af Hervé Beaumont
Iran af Maria O'Shea
Iran af Walter M. Weiss
Iran af Walter Simmons
Iran (Changing World) af Richard Dargie
Iran (Checkerboard Geography Library: Countries) af Bob Italia
Iran (Countries Around the World) af Richard Spilsbury
Iran (Countries of the World) af Karen Latchana Kenney
Iran (Country Explorers) af Madeline Donaldson
Iran (Creation of the Modern Middle East) af Heather Lehr Wagner
Iran (Cultures of the World) af Vijeya Rajendra
Iran (Current Controversies) af Debra A. Miller
Iran (Discovering Cultures) af Wil Mara
Iran (Enchantment of the World, Second Series) af Miriam Greenblatt
Iran (Enchantment of the World. Second Series) af Mary Virginia Fox
Iran (Enchantment of the World. Second Series) af Barbara A. Somervill
Iran (Enchantment of the World: Second Series) af JoAnn Milivojevic
Iran (Explore the Countries) af Julie Murray
Iran (First Reports: Countries) af Robin S. Doak
Iran (Les albums des Guides bleus) af Robert Boulanger
Iran (Major Muslim Nations) af Mark W. Habeeb
Iran (Major Nations of the Modern Middle East) af William Mark Habeeb
Iran (Major World Nations) af Garry Lyle
Iran (Modern Middle East Nations and Their Strategic Place in the World) af William Mark Habeeb
Iran (Modern Nations of the World) af Cherese Cartlidge
Iran (Modern World Nations) af Masoud Kheirabadi
Iran (My First Look at: Countries) af Adele Richardson
Iran (Nations in the News) af Charles Piddock
Iran (Places and Peoples of the World) af Renfield Sanders
Iran - Culture Smart!: the essential guide to customs & culture af Stuart Williams
Iran - Eine politische Herausforderung af Volker Perthes
Iran - Global Hospots af David Downing
IRAN Pictures af Jon A. Teta
Iran : a country study af Helen Chapin Metz
Iran : från forntid till nutid af Kent Eklind
Iran : La priere des poetes af Jean-Pierre Perrin
Iran : La Révolution (Iran: La Révolution) (French Edition) af Michel Setboun
Iran : Land der Rosen und des Schleiers af Walter M. Weiss
Iran : Le retour de la Perse af Ardavan Amir-Aslani
Iran : sanctions, energy, arms control, and regime change af Anthony H. Cordesman
Iran : The Cradle of Civilization = Iran : Wiege der Zivilisation af Mohsen Dashti
Iran And Iraq At War af Shahram Chubin
Iran And Iraq: The Threat From The Northern Gulf af Anthony H. Cordesman
Iran and Nuclear Weapons (Understanding Iran) af Tamra B. Orr
Iran and the Bomb: The Abdication of International Responsibility af Thérèse Delpech
Iran and the Cold War: The Azerbaijan Crisis of 1946 (Cambridge Middle East Library) af Louise L'Estrange Fawcett
Iran and the Rise of the Reza Shah: From Qajar Collapse to Pahlavi Power af Cyrus Ghani
Iran and The United States: An Insider's View on the Failed Past and the Road to Peace af Seyed Hossein Mousavian
Iran and the West (Our World Divided) af Philip Steele
Iran Between Two Revolutions af Ervand Abrahamian
IRAN in Pictures (web-enhanced) af Stacy Taus-Bolstad
Iran in the 21st Century: Politics, Economics & Conflict (Iranian Studies) af Homa Katouzian
Iran Map (International Travel Maps) af ITMB
Iran Media, Internet and Telecommunications Complete Profile af World Trade Press
Iran Money and Banking af World Trade Press
Iran och den islamiska revolutionen af John King
Iran on the Brink: Rising Workers and Threats of War af Andreas Malm
Iran Reframed: Anxieties of Power in the Islamic Republic (Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies and Cultures) af Narges Bajoghli
Iran Today af Dilip Hiro
Iran Under the Ayatollahs af Dilip Hiro
Iran Women In Culture, Business and Travel af World Trade Press
Iran's military forces and warfighting capabilities : the threat in the Northern Gulf af Anthony H. Cordesman
Iran's Military Forces in Transition: Conventional Threats and Weapons of Mass Destruction af Anthony H. Cordesman
Iran's Developing Military Capabilities af Anthony H. Cordesman
Iran's Economic Morass: Mismanagement and Decline Under the Islamic Republic (Policy Papers (Washington Institute for Near East Policy)) af Eliyahu Kanovsky
Iran's Naval Forces. From guerilla warfare to a modern naval strategy. af Office of Naval Intelligence
IRAN'S NUCLEAR OPTION: Tehran's Quest for the Atom Bomb af Al Venter
Iran's rocket and missile forces and strategic options af Anthony H. Cordesman
Iran's Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Real and Potential Threat af Anthony H. Cordesman
Iran, a People Interrupted af Hamid Dabashi
Iran, Islam and Democracy: The Politics of Managing Change af Ali M. Ansari
Iran, monarchy, bureaucracy, & reform under the Qajars, 1858-1896 af Shaul Bakhash
Iran, past and present af Donald Newton Wilber
Iran, The Green Movement and the USA: The Fox and the Paradox af Hamid Dabashi
Iran-Contra Affair: Report of the Congressional Committees af Daniel K. Inouye
The Iran-Contra Connection: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in Reagan Era af Jonathan Marshall
The Iran-Contra Scandal: The Declassified History af Peter Kornbluh
The Iran-Iraq War af Pierre Razoux
The Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988 af Efraim Karsh
The Iran-Iraq war and Western security 1984-87 af Anthony H. Cordesman
Iran. Kunst - Reiseführer. af Mahmoud Rashad
Iran: A Beginner's Guide (Beginner's Guides) af Homa Katouzian
Iran: A Country Study (Area Handbook Series) af Glenn E. Curtis
Iran: A First Book af Emil Lengyel
Iran: A Question and Answer Book (Fact Finders: Countries) af Brandy Bauer
Iran: Architecture For Changing Societies : An international seminar co-sponsored by the Tehran Museum of Contemporary A af Philip Jodidio
Iran: Dictatorship and Development af Fred Halliday
Iran: Land of the Peacock Throne (Exploring Cultures of the World) af William Spencer
Iran: Persian miniatures-Imperial Library af UNESCO
Iran: Politics, History and Literature (Iranian Studies) af Homa Katouzian
Iran: The Culture af Joanne Richter
Iran: The Land af April Fast
Iran: The Next War (Cover Story) af John Pilger
Iran: The People af April Fast
Iran: Time for a New Approach af Zbigniew Brzezinski
Iranian Cities: Formation and Development (Contemporary Issues in the Middle East) af Masoud Kheirabadi
The Iranian Constitutional Revolution, 1906-1911 af Janet Afary
The Iranian Green Movement (Current Controversies) af Debra A. Miller
Iranian History and Politics: The Dialectic of State and Society (Routledge/BIPS Persian Studies Series) af Homa Katouzian
The Iranian Metaphysicals: Explorations in Science, Islam, and the Uncanny af Alireza Doostdar
The Iranian Mojahedin af Ervand Abrahamian
The Iranian Revolution (Milestones in Modern World History) af Heather Lehr Wagner
The Iranian Revolution: The Islamic Revolution That Reshaped the Middle East af Charles River Editors
The Iranian Sea-Air-Missile Threat to Gulf Shipping (CSIS Reports) af Anthony H. Cordesman
Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Birth of a Regional Nuclear Arms Race? (Praeger Security International) af Anthony H. Cordesman
The Iranians: Persia, Islam and the Soul of a Nation af Sandra Mackey
Iranische Reise; eine Forschungsfahrt durch das heutige Persien af Walther Hinz
Iranophobia: The Logic of an Israeli Obsession (Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and I) af Haggai Ram
Irans skarpe sværd Ahmadinejad - Vestens udfordrer af Kasra Naji
Iranske erindringer af Shirin Ebadi
Islamic Republic of Iran af International Monetary Fund
Islamic Republic of Iran : Statistical Appendix af International Monetary Fund
Islamic Revolution in Iran af Michael Bland
It's Cool to Learn about Countries: Iran (Social Studies Explorer) af G. S. Prentzas
Jewels of Allah: The Untold Story of Women in Iran af Nina Ansary
The Jews of Iran in the Nineteenth Century (Paperback): Aspects of History, Community, and Culture af David Yeroushalmi
John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 16: The Wild Card af Mike Carey
Journal of Mormon History - Vol. 32, No. 3, Fall 2006 af Lavina Fielding Anderson
Journey to Heading 270 Degrees af Aḥmad Dihqān
Kader Abdolah : geschreven portret af Just Enschedé
Kafkanistan af Lukas Birk
Kald det, hvad fanden du vil af Marjaneh Bakhtiari
Kaspisk regn af Gina B. Nahai
Khomeini: Life of the Ayatollah af Baqer Moin
Khomeinism: Essays on the Islamic Republic af Ervand Abrahamian
King of the Seven Climes: A History of the Ancient Iranian World (3000 BCE - 651 CE) af Touraj Daryaee
Know Your Place af Golriz Ghahraman
Kochen mit Hamed Hummus und Fatima Falafel: Geschichten und Lieblingsrezepte von Kindern aus Syrien, Afghanistan, Irak und Iran af Christine Grabner
Kulturens kilder af Stuart Piggott
The Kurdish question in Iraq (Contemporary issues in the Middle East) af Edmund Ghareeb
L' Iran médiéval af Eve Feuillebois
The Land and People of Iran af Helen Hinckley Jones
Land and revolution in Iran, 1960-1980 af Eric J. Hooglund
The Land of Iran af William Bayne Fisher
Lands and Peoples Volume 3: the Near and the Middle East af Grolier Society
The Last Great Revolution: Turmoil and Transformation in Iran af Robin B. Wright
The Last Illusion af Porochista Khakpour
The Last Migration af Vincent Cronin
The Last Refuge af Ben Coes
The later Ghaznavids : splendour and decay : the dynasty in Afghanistan and northern India, 1040-1186 af Clifford E. Bosworth
The Legendary Cuisine of Persia af Margaret Shaida
Leila's secret af Kooshyar Karimi
Leopard's Daughter af Stephen J. Tillman
The Lessons Of Modern War, Volume II: The Iran-Iraq War af Anthony H. Cordesman
Let the Swords Encircle Me: Iran--A Journey Behind the Headlines af Scott Peterson
Let's Visit Iran af Garry Lyle
Letters to My Torturer: Love, Revolution, and Imprisonment in Iran af Houshang Asadi
Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong {revised & updated} af James W. Loewen
The Life and Times of the Shah af Gholam Reza Afkhami
Lifting the Veil: Life in Revolutionary Iran af John Simpson
Light and shadows : the story of Iranian Jews af David Yeroushalmi
The Limits of Whiteness: Iranian Americans and the Everyday Politics of Race af Neda Maghbouleh
Lipstick Jihad: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America and American in Iran af Azadeh Moaveni
A Literary History of Persia af Edward G. BrownePersia
A Literary History of Persia. Volume I: From the Earliest Times until Firdawsi af Edward G. BrownePersia
A Literary History of Persia. Volume II: From Firdawsi to Sa'di af Edward G. BrownePersia
A Literary History of Persia. Volume IV: Modern Times af Edward G. BrownePersia
A Literary History of Persia: Volume Three: Tartar Dominion 1265-1502 (Classics of Persian Literature) af Edward G. BrownePersia
Literature from the "Axis of Evil": Writing from Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Other Enemy Nations af Alane Mason
The Little Black Fish af Samad Behrangi
Living traditions: Contemporary art from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan af Tourqoise Mountain Foundation
Lockerbie: The Truth af Douglas Boyd
Lonely Planet : Iran af Andrew Burke
Lonely Planet Iran (Country Guide) (Country Travel Guide) af Mark Elliott
Lonely Planet Istanbul to Kathmandu: A Classic Overland Routes af Paul Harding
The Lonely War: One Woman’s Account of the Struggle for Modern Iran af Nazila Fathi
The Longest War: The Iran-Iraq Military Conflict af Dilip Hiro
Looking at Iran (Looking at Countries) af Kathleen Pohl
Looking at Iran (Looking at Other Countries) af Janine Wiedel
Magic Bus: On the Hippie Trail from Istanbul to India af Rory MacLean
Making an Exit: From the Magnificent to the Macabre---How We Dignify the Dead af Sarah Murray
The Mandaeans of Iraq and Iran: Their Cults, Customs, Magic Legends, and Folklore af E. S. Drower
Marco Polo in Persien af Alfons Gabriel
Masters & Masterpieces of Iranian Cinema af Hamid Dabashi
McSweeney's Issue 26: Where to Invade Next (Part Three of Three, Mcsweeney's Quarterly Concern) af Stephen Elliott
La menace af Pierre Péan
MERIP reports, No. 86: The Left Forces in Iran af Middle East Research & Information Project.
MERIP reports, No. 87: Iran's Revolution: The Rural Dimension af Middle East Research & Information Project.
MERIP reports, No. 88: Iran's Revolution: The First Year af Middle East Research & Information Project.
Mevrouw Kookboek uit Iran af Ali Soleimani
MiG-21 Fishbed in Action - Aircraft No. 131 af Don Linn
The Mirror of My Heart: A Thousand Years of Persian Poetry by Women af Dick Davis
Mirrors of the Unseen: Journeys in Iran af Jason Elliot
Mirzai Khamsehbaf af Rohani Teppiche (Graz)
Mirzai-Teppiche af Rohani Teppiche (Graz)
Misunderestimated & Overunderappreciated: The George W. Bush Administration as Seen Through the Eyes of the Tribune's Syndicate af Mark Crispin Miller
Modern Iran since 1921: The Pahlavis and After af Ali Ansari
Modern Iran: Roots and Results of Revolution af Nikki R. Keddie
Modern Iranian Art: Selections from the Abby Weed Grey Collection at NYU September 9-December 7, 2013 af Lynn Gumpert
MOHAMMAD REZA GHANEEI : modern architecture in Iran af Negar Hakim
The monetary history of Iran : from the Safavids to the Qajars af Rudi Matthee
Moon Brow af Shahriar Mandanipour
Der Morgen der Trunkenheit af Fattaneh Haj Seyed Javadi
Musaddiq and the Struggle For Power in Iran af Homa Katouzian
My Life as a Traitor: An Iranian Memoir af Zarah Ghahramani
Mythologies of the Ancient World af Samuel Noah Kramer
Måneskin på Troens Boulevard af Gina B. Nahai
Mijn leven in Iran : de bazaar van Isfahan af Ana M. Briongos
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