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Værker (2,496)

"Dear fatherland, rest quietly"; a report on the collapse of Hitler's "Thousand years." af Margaret Bourke-White
The "Goldhagen Effect": History, Memory, Nazism--Facing the German Past (Social History, Popular Culture, and Politics in Germany) af Geoff Eley
"Non-Germans" under the Third Reich: The Nazi Judicial and Administrative System in Germany and Occupied Eastern Europe, with Special Regard to ... (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) af Diemut Majer
"Wir sind da!" Juden in Deutschland nach 1945. (5 CDs) af Richard Ch. Schneider
Études Économiques de L'Ocde Allemagne 2010 af OECD Publishing
The 12-Year Reich; A Social History of Nazi Germany, 1933-1945. af Richard Grunberger
1633 af Eric Flint
1636: The Saxon Uprising af Eric Flint
19.Illustrierte Geschichte des Dritten Reiches Band 2 af Kurt Zentner
1918: The German Offensives (The Military History of World War I, Volume 7) af Trevor N. Dupuy
1938 : NS-Herrschaft in Österreich : Texte und Bilder aus der gleichnamigen Ausstellung af Brigitte Bailer
1938: Hitler's Gamble af Giles MacDonogh
1945, de Yalta à Potsdam, des illusions à la guerre froide af Arthur Funk
2 To 22 Days/Germ/Aust/93 af Rick Steves
22 Days in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (Jmp Travel) af Rick Steves
2666 af Roberto Bolaño
28 June: Sarajevo 1914 - Versailles 1919: The War and Peace That Made the Modern World (The Makers of the Modern World) af Alan Sharp
42 Ways to Kill Hitler [2008 video] af Jon Taylor
48 Hours of Kristallnacht: Night of Destruction/Dawn of the Holocaust af Mitchell G. Bard
60 Minutes: Slave Labor af Lesley Stahl
AA Key Guide Germany (AA Key Guides Series)
AAA Germany, Austria & Switzerland Including Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic, Liechtenstein Road Map af American A... Association
AAA Germany, Poland, Czech & Slovak Republics: Including Berlin, Frankfurt Am Main, Munich, Prague, af AAA
AAA Travel Snapshots - Germany af AAA
Ab ins Wochenende!: Die 25 schönsten Ziele in Norddeutschland af Elke Frey
Die Abdankung: Wie Deutschlands gekrönte Häupter aus der Geschichte fielen af Lothar Machtan
Abenteuer und Frauengeschichten af Karen-Susan Fessel
Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire et du droit publique d'Allemagne... Par M. P. S.D.A.D. S. M. L.R.D.P. E.D.S. [M. Pfeffel, secrétaire d'Ambassade de S. M. le roi de Pologne, éclecteur de Saxe] af Christian-Friedrich Pfeffel von Kriegelstein
Absolute Destruction af Isabel V. Hull
Access Controlled: The Shaping of Power, Rights, and Rule in Cyberspace (Information Revolution and Global Politics) af Ronald Deibert
The Accomplice: A Novel af Joseph Kanon
Aces of the Reich af Gordon Williamson
Across the German Sea: Early Modern Scottish Connections with the Wider Elbe-Weser Region (Northern World) af Kathrin Zickermann
ADAC Campingführer Deutschland und Nordeuropa af ADAC
ADAC MaxiAtlas : Deutschland : (1:150,000) af ADAC
Adenauer's Germany and the Nazi Past: The Politics of Amnesty and Integration af Norbert Frei
Adolf Bastian and the Psychic Unity of Man: The Foundations of Anthropology in Nineteenth Century Germany af Klaus-Peter Kopping
Adolf Hitler (Heinemann Profiles) af Richard Tames
Adolf Hitler (Leading Lives) af David Taylor
Adolf Hitler (Usborne Young Reading) af Katie Daynes
Adolf Hitler (World War II Leaders) af Bob Italia
Adolf Hitler And Nazi Germany (World Leaders) af Earle Rice
Adolf Hitler vs. Winston Churchill: Foes of World War II (History's Greatest Rivals) af Ellis Roxburgh
Adolf Hitler: Dictator of Nazi Germany (Signature Lives: Modern World) af Brenda Haugen
Adolf Hitler: faces of a dictator af Jochen von Lang
Adolf Hitler: From Failed Artist to Fascist Dictator (Twentieth-Century History Makers) af Liz Gogerly
Adoption and amendment of constitutions in Europe and America af Charles Borgeaud
Adorno: A Guide for the Perplexed af A. J. P. Thomson
Adressaten ubekendt af Kathrine Kressmann Taylor
The Adventurer af Barbara Cartland
The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang af Hans Jürgen Press
Afghanistan : afghanisch-deutsche Zusammenarbeit gestern, heute, morgen? af Hermann J. Wald
Afrikakorps 1941-43 af Gordon Williamson
After af Morris Gleitzman
After Hitler: Report from a West German City af Jurgen Neven-Du Mont
After the Holocaust: Jewish Survivors in Germany after 1945 af Eva Kolinsky
After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation af Giles MacDonogh
After the War af Frederic Raphael
After the War : Nation-Building from FDR to George W. Bush af James Dobbins
AFV Weapons Profile No. 22: PanzerKampfwagen 38(t) and 35(t) af John Milsom
The Age of the grand tour: containing sketches of the manners, society and customs of France, Flanders, the United Provinces, Germany, Switzerland and Italy in the Letters, journals and writings of the most celebrated voyagers between the years 1720 and 1820, with descriptions of the most illustrious antiquities and curiosities in these countries, together with the story of such traffic af Anthony Burgess
Agent extraordinary: the story of Michel Hollard, D.S.O, Croix de Guerre af George Martelli
Agricola and Germania af P. Cornelius Tacitus
Ahead of Time: My Early Years as a Foreign Correspondent af Ruth Gruber
Air Power and Maneuver Warfare af Martin Van Creveld
Air War: Its Technical and Social Aspects af Watson O'Dell Pierce
The AK-47 and AK74 Kalashnikov Rifles and Their Variations af Joe Poyer
Aldrig mere krig : loyalitet og modstand 1914-1918 af Adam Hochschild
Alemania af Gabriel Calvo
Alene i Berlin : roman af Hans Fallada
Alison Goes For The Gold (Magic Attic Club) af Catherine Connor
All Aboard for Freedom! af Marie McSwigan
All for Nothing af Walter Kempowski
All Quiet on the Western Front af Wayne Vansant
All That Man Is af David Szalay
All Things Are Lights af Robert Shea
Allianz and the German Insurance Business, 1933-1945 af Gerald D. FeldmanNazi
Alpine Elite: German Mountain Troops of World War II af James Lucas
Alternatives to appeasement Neville Chamberlain and Hitler's Germany af Andrew David Stedman
Always Remember Me: How One Family Survived World War II af Marisabina Russo
I Am Anastasia: The Autobiography of the Grand-Duchess of Russia af Roland Krug von Nidda
I am David af Anne Holm
I Am Dynamite!: A Life of Nietzsche af Sue Prideaux
Amanda in Germany af Geoffrey Bocca
Amazing Stories Vol. 20, No. 3 [June 1946] af Raymond A. Palmer
Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists: A Graphic History of Women's Fight for Their Rights af Mikki Kendall
Amelia Earhart's Daughters: The Wild and Glorious Story of American Women Aviators from World War II to the Dawn of the Space Age af Leslie Haynsworth
America : sovereign defender or cowboy nation? af Vladimir Shlapentokh
America and the Shaping of German Society, 1945-1955 af Michael Ermarth
America's First Dynasty : The Adamses, 1735-1918 af Richard Brookhiser
An American Family in Germany af J. Ross Browne
American forces in Berlin : Cold War outpost, 1945-1994 af Robert P. Grathwol
American Military Government in Occupied Germany, 1918-1920: Report of the Officer in Charge of Civil Affairs af I. L. Hunt
American Representation in Occupied Germany, 1920-1921 (in 2 volumes) af Philip Haxall Ragby
American Representation in Occupied Germany, 1922-1923 af Henry Hossfeld
Americans as proconsuls : United States military government in Germany and Japan, 1944-1952 af Robert Wolfe
Amon: min bedstefar ville have skudt mig af Jennifer Teege
Among the Dead Cities: The History and Moral Legacy of the WWII Bombing of Civilians in Germany and Japan af A. C. Grayling
Anastasia retrouvée af Tatiana Evgeniyevna Botkina
Anastasia: The Riddle of Anna Anderson af Peter Kurth
Anatomy of the SS State af Helmut Krausnick
And After the Fire af Lauren Belfer
And We Go On: A Memoir of the Great War (Carleton Library Series) af Will R. Bird
Angel in Jeopardy af Christopher Nicole
Angel of Doom af Christopher Nicole
Angel Rising af Christopher Nicole
Angela Merkel: A Chancellorship Forged in Crisis af Alan Crawford
Angels, Worms, and Bogeys: The Christian Ethic of Pietism (Cascade Companions) af Michelle A. Clifton-Soderstrom
Die Angestellten in der deutschen Geschichte : 1850 - 1980 ; vom Privatbeamten zum angestellten Arbeitnehmer af Jürgen Kocka
Anna's Courage af Kristin Noel Fischer
Anne Frank af Ruud van der Rol
Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation af Anne Frank
Anne of Geierstein, or The Maiden of the Mist af Sir Walter Scott
Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories af Kim Newman
Antarctic policymaking & science in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (1957-1990) af Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Subfaculteit Scheikunde
An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto af Alex Callinicos
Anti-Semitism: From Its European Roots to the Holocaust af Roberto Finzi
The Antifa Comic Book: 100 Years of Fascism and Antifa Movements around the World af Gord Hill
Antitrust in Germany and Japan : the first fifty years, 1947-1998 af John Owen Haley
Appeasing Hitler The diplomacy of Sir Nevile Henderson, 1937-39 af Peter Neville
Archiv der Gegenwart, Deutschland 1949 bis 1999, 10 Bde. af unbekannt
The Ark af Margot Benary-Isbert
Armageddon Ost: The German Defeat on the Eastern Front 1944-5 af Nik Cornish
Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, 1944-1945 af Max Hastings
Armchair Journey: Springtime for Germany [article] af Bruce Elder
Armies of Bismarck's Wars : The Army of Prussia-History, Uniforms and Equipment, 1860-1867 af Bruce Basset Powell
Arming the Luftwaffe: The German Aviation Industry in World War II af Daniel Uziel
Arms and Uniforms: The Age of Chivalry, Part 1 af Liliane Funcken
The Army Air Forces in World War II, Volume Three : Europe: Argument to V-E Day, January 1944 to May 1945 af Wesley Frank Craven
The Army Air Forces in World War II, Volume Two : Europe: Torch to Pointblank, August 1942 to December 1943 af Wesley Frank Craven
Army Boys on German Soil; or, Our Doughboys Quelling the Mobs af Homer Randall
The Army of the German Empire 1870-1888 af Albert Seaton
Art & Politics in the Weimer Period: The New Sobriety, 1917-1933 af John Willett
The Art of the Goldsmith in Late Fifteenth-Century Germany af Jeffrey Chipps Smith
Art of Two Germanys/Cold War Cultures af Stephanie Barron
Artemis Fowl - Opals hævn af Eoin Colfer
Artus ohne Tafelrunde: Herrscher des Mittelalters - Legenden und Wahrheit af Kay Peter Jankrift
The Aryan Jesus: Christian Theologians and the Bible in Nazi Germany af Susannah Heschel
The Ashgate research companion to imperial Germany af Matthew Jefferies
L'Assiette au Beurre af Grandjouan
Asterix og goterne af René Goscinny
At Break of Day af Elizabeth Speller
At Hitler's Side: The Memoirs of Hitler's Luftwaffe Adjutant af Nicolaus von Below
At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances af Alexander McCall Smith
Atalaya Cinderella Magazine, Summer 2003, Vol. 28, No. 2 (Whole no. 57) af Christer Brunström
Athanasius Kircher's Theatre of the World: The Life and Work of the Last Man to Search for Universal Knowledge af Joscelyn Godwin
Athanasius Kircher: the Last Man Who Knew Everything af Paula Findlen
Atlante mondiale dei mezzi corazzati: 2 - Italia e Germania nella Seconda Guerra Mondiale af Nicola Pignato
Atlas des Deutschen Reichs af Ludwig Ravenstein
Attila's Treasure af Stephan Grundy
Auf Bertolt Brechts Spuren (Eine Bildreise) (German Edition) af Birgit Lahann
Auf den Spuren deutscher Dichter : ein literarischer Reiseführer af Ernst Müller
Aufstieg aus dem Nichts : Deutschland von 1945 bis 1953; eine Soziographie in zwei Bänden 1 [...] af Kurt Zentner
Aufstieg aus dem Nichts. 1 af Kurt Zentner
Aufstieg Aus Dem Nichts: Deutschland Von 1945 Bis 1953, Volume Ii. af Kurt Zentner
Augenzeuge. 1933 - 1945 af Hanns Hubmann
Aunt Charlotte's Stories of German History For the Little Ones af Charlotte M. Yonge
Aus Guter Alter Zeit (1911) af Georg Hermann
Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account af Miklós NyiszliNazi Germany
Austerlitz af W. G. Sebald
Austria, Germany, and the Cold War: From the Anschluss to the State Treaty, 1938-1955 af Rolf Steininger
Austria, Prussia and Germany, 1806-1871 af John Breuilly
Austro-German Diplomatic Relations, 1908-1914 af oswald henry wedel
The Aviators: Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh, and the Epic Age of Flight af Winston Groom
Een avond in Isfahan : reisverhalen uit Perzië, Gambia, Duitsland, Japan, Engeland, Madeira, en Maleisië af Cees Nooteboom
Awaiting the Moon af Donna Lea Simpson
Bach's Big Adventure af Sallie Ketcham
Backing Hitler. Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany af Robert Gellately
Backward Look: Germans Remember af Daniel Lang
Bad Karma af David Safier
Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks af Ben Goldacre
Badges and Insignia of the Third Reich 1933-1945 af Brian Leigh Davis
Baedeker's Autofuhrer Deutsches Reich, Band I af Karl Baedeker
Baedeker's Deutschland : handbook for travellers af Karl Baedeker
Baedeker's Germany af Jarrold Baedeker
Baedeker's Map of Germany af Jarrold Baedeker
Baedeker's Mittel und Nord-Deutschland af K. Baedeker
Baedeker's Nordost-Deutschland af Karl Baedeker
Baedeker's Northern Germany : handbook for travellers af Karl Baedeker
Baedeker's Northern Germany: As Far As the Bavarian and Austrian Frontiers af Karl Baedeker
Baedeker's Southern Germany: handbook for travellers af Karl Baedeker
Baedeker's The Rhine from the Dutch to the Alsatian frontier : handbook for travellers af Karl Baedeker
Baedekers Sttefrer Deutschland : Bundesrepublik mit Berlin (West) ; 92 Stte af Wilhelm Voss-Gerling
Banners of Gold af Pamela Kaufman
Barock und Klassik : Kunstzentren des 18. Jahrhunderts in der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik : 5. Mai-14. Oktober af Gerd Spitzer
Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany af Deutschland
Batman: Death and the Maidens af Greg Rucka
Battle Group!: German Kampfgruppen Action of World War Two af James Lucas
The Battle of Britain af Marcel Julian
Battleground Prussia: The Assault on Germany's Eastern Front 1944-45 (General Military) af Prit Buttar
Battles Lost and Won : Great Campaigns of World War II af Hanson W. Baldwin
Be Gay, Do Comics af Matt Bors
Be Not Afraid af Christopher Nicole
The Bearskinner: A Tale of the Brothers Grimm af Laura Amy Schlitz
Beautiful Loot: The Soviet Plunder of Europe's Art Treasures af Konstantin Akinsha
Beers of the World af Gilbert Delos
Beethoven (Master Musicians) af Barry Cooper
Before France and Germany: The Creation and Transformation of the Merovingian World af Patrick J. Geary
Behind Barbed Wire: Midwest POWs in Nazi Germany af Michael Luick-Thrams
Behind the Bedroom Wall af Laura E. Williams
Die Belgier, ihre Könige und die Deutschen. Geschichte zweier Nachbarn seit 1830 af Karlheinz Diedrich
Benno and the Night of Broken Glass af Meg Wiviott
Berkeley Guides Germany af Fodor's
Berkeley Guides Germany and Austria af Fodor's
Berli y Alemania 2004 af Michael Ivory
Berlin af Antony Beevor
Berlin and the American Military: A Cold War Chronicle af Robert P. Grathwol
Berlin dagbog : en udenrigskorrespomdents optegnelser 1934-1941 af William L. Shirer
Berlin Girls af Morgana Blackrose
Berlin Underground, 1938-1945 af Ruth Andreas-Friedrich
The Berlin-Baghdad Express: The Ottoman Empire and Germany's Bid for World Power af Sean McMeekin
Berlioz the Bear af Jan Brett
Berlitz Blueprint Germany (Blueprint Guides) af Jack Altman
The Bernward Gospels: Art, Memory, and the Episcopate in Medieval Germany af Jennifer P. Kingsley
Bertolt Brecht : The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui [programme] af Donmar Warehouse
Berøm̜melse af Daniel Kehlmann
The Best of Enemies: England v. Germany af David Downing
The best of Germany af Gault Millau
Best of Germany - Berlin | Munich | Hamburg | Frankfurt | Stuttgart | Cologne | Leipzig | Nuremberg | Hanover | Dortmund | Gelsenkirchen | Kaiserslautern af Jeff Trounce
Best of Germany VIP Edition
The Best of Scandinavian Cooking & German Cooking - two books in one af Henrietta Hilton
The Best Tales of Hoffmann af E. T. A. Hoffmann
Best-Kept Secrets of Berlin af Chris McNab
The Betrayer's Fortune af Dave Jackson
Between Dignity and Despair : Jewish Life in Nazi Germany af Marion A. Kaplan
Between Fear and Hope: Jewish Youth and the Third Reich af Werner T. Angress
Between reform and revolution : German socialism and communism from 1840 to 1990 af Eric D. Weitz
Between the Lines: My Story Uncut af Jason Donovan
Between Yesterday and Tomorrow: German Visions of Europe, 1926-1950 af Christian Bailey
Beyond Justice: The Auschwitz Trial af Rebecca Wittmann
Beyond the Rhine: A Screaming Eagle in Germany af Donald R. Burgett
Die Beziehungen zwischen den beiden Staaten in Deutschland af Joachim Nawrocki
Bibliographie zur Deutschlandpolitik 1941-1974 af Marie-Luise Goldbach
Big Ideas That Changed the World: Machines That Think! af Don Brown
Big Ideas that Changed the World: Rocket to the Moon! af Don Brown
The Big Red One: novel af Samuel Fuller
Bildatlas Deutschland. Ein Bildband von den Alpen bis zur Nordsee af Hermann Gutmann
Bilder von ihr af Karen-Susan Fessel
Binding Up the Wounds: An American Soldier in Occupied Germany 1945-1946 af Leon C. Standifer
Biographisches Lexikon zur deutschen Geschichte af Udo Sautter
The biography of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel af Ward Rutherford
The Birth of a Stereotype : Polish Rulers and their Country in German Writings, c. 1000 A.D. af Andrzej Pleszczyński
Birthright af Sydney Addae
Bis ich sie finde af Karen-Susan Fessel
Bishop Burnet's travels through France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland af Gilbert Burnet
Bismarck af Ian F.D. Morrow
Bismarck af Alan Warwick Palmer
Bismarck and Germany 1862-1890 af D. G. Williamson
Bismarck and the Development of Germany, Vol. 1: The Period of Unification, 1815-1871 af Otto Pflanze
Bismarck and the Development of Germany: The Period of Consolidation, 1871-1880 (Bismark & the Development of Germany) af Otto Pflanze
Bismarck and the Development of Germany: The Period of Fortification, 1880-1898 (Bismark & the Development of Germany) af Otto Pflanze
Bismarck and the Foundation of the German Empire af James Wycliffe Headlam
Bismarck and the German Empire af Erich Eyck
Bismarck and the German Empire 1871-1918 (Lancaster Pamphlets) af Lynn Abrams
Bismarck and the the Development of Germany af Otto Pflanze
The Bitter Taste of Victory: Life, Love and Art in the Ruins of the Reich af Lara Feigel
The Black Chalice af Marie Jakober
Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning af Timothy Snyder
Black Jack, the Life and Times of Brigadier Sir Frederick Galleghan af S. F. Arneil
Black Widow: The Name of the Rose af Marjorie M. Liu
Der blaurote Methusalem af Karl May
Bliktrommen af Günter Grass
Blitzkrig : fra Hitlers magtovertagelse til Dunkerques fald af Len Deighton
The Blond Knight of Germany af Raymond F. Toliver
Blood and Honor af Reinhold Kerstan
Blood and Sable af Carol J. Kane
The blood of Israel: The massacre of the Israeli athletes, the Olympics, 1972 af Serge Groussard
The Bloody Red Baron af Kim Newman
Blue Guide Berlin and Eastern Germany af Anne Massey
Blue Guide Germany af James Bentley
Blue Guide Western Germany af James Bentley
Blue Mystery af Margot Benary-Isbert
Blue River, Black Sea af Andrew Eames
Blue Yonder af Alan Savage
BMW Hotelführer Deutschland 1995/96 : Hier sind Sie besonders willkommen af BMW
Bodies and Ruins: Imagining the Bombing of Germany, 1945 to the Present (Social History, Popular Culture, And Politics In Germany) af David F. Crew
Bogtyven af Markus Zusak
The Bombers: Royal Air Force Air Offensive Against Germany, 1939-45 af Norman Longmate
The book collector, vol. 27, no. 4, Winter 1978 af Nicolas Barkerbook art, 1750-1850
The Book of Madness and Cures af Regina O'Melveny
The Book Thief [2013 film] af Brian Percival
Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World af Michael Lewis
The Borrowed House af Hilda Van Stockum
Borrower of the Night af Elizabeth Peters
Boswell on the grand tour: Germany and Switzerland, 1764 af James Boswell
The Bourgeois Epoch: Marx and Engels on Britain, France, and Germany af Richard F. Hamilton
The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics af Daniel James Brown
Bread and Swans af Donna Barr
Brecht's Lover af Jacques-Pierre Amette
Brest-Litovsk : The Forgotten Peace, March 1918 af John W. Wheeler-Bennett
A Brief History of France af Cecil Jenkins
Brief History of the Third Reich: The Rise and Fall of the Nazis (Brief Histories) af Martyn J. Whittock
Die Briefmarke : Geschichte, Geschichten & Wissenswertes.
Britain Invaded: Hitler's Plans for Britain : A Documentary Reconstruction af Adrian Gilbert
Britain's case against Germany;: An examination of the historical background of the German action in 1914, af Ramsay Muir
British & German Tanks of World War 1 (Illustrated Histories of Twentieth Century arms) af Peter Chamberlain
The British Abroad: The Grand Tour in the Eighteenth Century af Jeremy Black
The British in interwar Germany : the reluctant occupiers af D. G. Williamson
British Policy and the Weimar Republic, 1918-1919 af Douglas Newton
Brothers Like Friends af Klaus Kordon
Das Buch der deutschen Heimat af Hermann Goern
The Bundesbank: The Bank That Rules Europe af David Marsh
Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Polyglott Städteführer. 92 Städte. af Polyglott
The Butcher's Tale: Murder and Anti-Semitism in a German Town af Helmut Walser Smith
C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy af Jeff Sharlet
Cabaret: The Illustrated Book and Lyrics af Joe Masteroff
The Cambridge Companion to Modern German Culture af Eva Kolinsky
Can Germany Be Saved? The Malaise of the World's First Welfare State af Hans-Werner Sinn
Capital Cities at War: Paris, London, Berlin 1914-1919 (Studies in the Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare) af Jay Winter
Captain America, Nick Fury: Blood truce af Howard Chaykin
Capturing the German Eye: American Visual Propaganda in Occupied Germany af Cora Sol Goldstein
Carnage: The German Front in World War One- Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Images of War) af Alistair Smith
Cassell's history of the war between France and Germany, 1870-1871 af Edmund Ollier
Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents af Isabel Wilkerson
Castle (Eyewitness Books) af Christopher Gravett
Cataclysm: The First World War as Political Tragedy af David Stevenson
Catching Cancer: The Quest for its Viral and Bacterial Causes af Claudia Cornwall
The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany af Guenter Lewy
The Centurions af Damion Hunter
The Changing Face of Germany af Sonja Schanz
Chaos and Classicism: Art in France, Italy, and Germany, 1918-1936 af Emily Braun
Charlottenburg Palace: Royal Prussia in Berlin (Large-format Guides) af Rudolf G. Scharmann
A Charming Mass Suicide af Arto Paasilinna
Chekhov, Scenes from a Life af Rosamund Bartlett
A Child of Hitler af Alfons Heck
Child of the Light af Janet Berliner
Christian Dior and Germany 1947-1957 af Adelheid Rasche
Christian singers of Germany af Catherine Winkworth
Christiane F. My second life af Christiane F.
Christine af Alice Cholmondeley
Christmas in Germany af Peter Andrews
Christmas in Today's Germany af World Book editors
The Christmas Note af Donna VanLiere
The Christmas Rose af Sepp Bauer
Christmas Trees Lit The Sky: Growing Up in World War II Germany af Anneliese Heider Tisdale
Chronicle of a downfall Germany 1929-1939 af Leopold Schwarzschild
Chronology of Jewish Persecution 1932-1945 In Germany and German Occupied Territories af Hans R. Weinmann
The Church in History af B. K. Kuiper
Church Robbers and Reformers in Germany, 1525-1547 af Christopher Ocker
Cities, Sin, and Social Reform in Imperial Germany (Social History, Popular Culture, and Politics in Germany) by Andrew Lees Dr (2002-06-18) af Andrew Lees
Citizenship and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Germany af Geoff Eley
City of Shadows af Ariana Franklin
Civil Society and Dictatorship in Modern German History (The Menahem Stern Jerusalem Lectures) af Jürgen Kocka
Classic Miniature Vehicles: Made in Germany af Edward Force
Clean Break: The Story of Germany's Energy Transformation and What Americans Can Learn from It af Osha Gray Davidson
Cobweb Christmas: The Tradition of Tinsel af Shirley Climo
Cold War Correspondent (Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales #11): A Korean War Tale af Nathan Hale
The collapse of the Weimar Republic : political economy and crisis af David Abraham
Collins German Dictionary af Peter Terrell
Come, Holy Spirit af Karl Barth
Coming Close af Anna Sansom
The Coming of the Third Reich af Richard J. Evans
The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance af Laurie Garrett
Command Decision af William Wister Hainesskies over
Communities and Regions in Germany af Goethe-Institut
A Companion to World War I af John Horne
Comparative Politics Today: A World View af Gabriel A. Almond
Comparing Policy Networks: Labor Politics in the U.S., Germany, and Japan af David Knoke
Complete Idiot's Guide to Nazi Germany af Robert Smith Thompson
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Reformation and Protestantism af James S. Bell
Der Computer - Mein Lebenswerk af Konrad Zuse
A Concise History of Germany af Mary Fulbrook
Conquerors' Road: An Eyewitness Report of Germany 1945 af Osmar White
The Conquerors: Roosevelt, Truman and the Destruction of Hitler's Germany, 1941-1945 af Michael R. Beschloss
Consequences of Unification: German Society and Politics in a Changing International Framework af Jurgen Kocka
Considération sur la guerre d’Allemagne. Écrit anglois traduit sur la 5-e éd. af Israël Mauduit
Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke af Anne Blankman
Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews -- A History af James Carroll
Consuming Germany in the Cold War af David F. Crew
Contesting the German Empire 1871 - 1918 (Contesting the Past) af Matthew Jefferies
The Cooking of Germany af Nika Standen Hazelton
Coordinates of Yes af Janee J. Baugher
Cornwall is for Lovers af H.P. Medina
Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in Germany af Mark Denny
The Corps of Engineers : the war against Germany af Alfred M. Beck
The Cost of Discipleship af Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Count Kostia af Victor Cherbuliez
Count Your Way Through Germany af James Haskins
Courage to Care: Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust af Carol Rittner
The Course of German History: A Survey of the Development of German History since 1815 af A. J. P. Taylor
The Courtier and the Heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza, and the Fate of God in the Modern World af Matthew Stewart
Courtly Culture: Literature and Society in the High Middle Ages af Joachim Bumke
Creating German Communism, 1890-1990 af Eric D. Weitz
Creative Germany af Daab Books
The Crimes of Women in Early Modern Germany af Ulinka Rublack
The crisis of German ideology : intellectual origins of the Third Reich af George L. Mosse
La Croada dels nens af Bertolt Brecht
Crossing Hitler: The Man Who Put the Nazis on the Witness Stand af Benjamin Carter Hett
The Cruise of the Sea Eagle af Blaine Pardoe
Crutches af Peter Härtling
Cryptologic Aspects of German Intelligence Activities in South America during World War II af David P. Mowry
The Cube and the Cathedral: Europe, America, and Politics Without God af George Weigel
Culinaria Germany af Christine Metzger
Cultural relations as an instrument of U.S. foreign policy : the educational exchange program between the United States and Germany, 1945-1954 af Henry J. Kellermann
Cultural Traditions in Germany (Cultural Traditions in My World) af Lynn Peppas
Culture and Customs of Germany (Culture and Customs of Europe) af Eckhard Bernstein
Culture in Nazi Germany af Michael H. Kater
Culture Shock! Germany af Richard Lord
Cultures of communication from Reformation to Enlightenment : constructing publics in the early modern German lands af James Van Horn Melton
CultureShock! Succeed in Business Germany: Success Secrets to Maximize Business af Richard Lord
Czech-German Relations and the Politics of Central Europe: From Bohemia to the EU af Jurgen Tampke
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Gedenktage des mitteldeutschen Raumes : ein deutsches Kalendarium für 1975 af Mitteldeutscher Kulturrat
Gemeinschaft erleben : Jugendherbergen ... auf einen Blick af Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk
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Gender Relations in German History: Power, Agency, and Experience from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century af Lynn Abrams
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Genealogical Research in German-Speaking Lands: A Symposium af Milton Rubincam
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Heimatkunde mit Einführung in das Verständnis der für die Heimatkunde wichtigsten Begriffe der allgemeinen Erdkunde, Landeskunde von Süddeutschland mit besonderer Hervorhebung Bayerns af Friedrich Lex
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Hitler af Emil Lengyel
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Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow af Susan Campbell Bartoletti
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Hitler's interpreter af Paul Schmidt
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Hitler's Beneficiaries: Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State af Götz Aly
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Hitler's Enforcers: Leaders of the German War Machine 1939-1945 af James Lucas
Hitler's Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields af Wendy Lower
Hitler's Generals af Correlli Barnett
Hitler's Home Front: The Nazis In The German Countryside af Jill Stephenson
Hitler's Home Guard: Volkssturmman af David Yelton
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Holbein af Helen Langdon
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Holy Skirts af Rene Steinke
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Home-life in Germany af Charles Loring Brace
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Hotel of the Saints af Ursula Hegi
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A House in St John's Wood: In Search of My Parents af Matthew Spender
The House of Green Turf af Ellis Peters
The house that Hitler built af Stephen H. Roberts
How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone af Saša Stanišić
How to be a Kraut: Leitfaden für ein wunderliches Land af Roger Boyes
Die Hundeblume / Nachts schlafen die Ratten doch. af Wolfgang Borchert
Hunted af Kevin Hearne
Hypogene Karst Regions and Caves of the World af Alexander Klimchouk
I, Will McBride af Will McBride
The Ice Queen af Nele Neuhaus
Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam af David G. Dalin
If I Should Die Before I Wake af Han Nolan
If You Were Me and Lived in... Germany: A Child's Introduction to Culture Around the World af Carole P. Roman
Ikarien: Roman af Uwe Timm
Ikke jeg : erindringer fra en barndom og ungdom af Joachim Fest
Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard von Bingen af Mary Sharratt
Illuminatus! Part III: Leviathan af Robert Shea
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Illustrierte Geschichte des Widerstandes in Deutschland und Europa 1933 - 1945 af Kurt Zentner
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My War af Andy Rooney
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The Priory Church of St. Bartholemew the Great : "Stille Nacht" : Friday 20th December 2019 at 18:30 : Order of service af Great St Bartholomew
The Priory Church of St. Bartholomew the Great : "Stille Nacht" : A carol service based on the German Christmas music tradition : 22 December 2016 at 6:00 p.m. af Great St Bartholomew
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Rick Steves' German Phrase Book and Dictionary af Rick Steves
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Royal Pains af Magnolia Robbins
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Running af Jean Echenoz
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The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane af Robert E. Howard
Schädel Ikone, Mythos, Kult af Meinrad Maria Grewenig
Schleiermacher: A Guide for the Perplexed af Theodore Vial
Schlump af Hans Herbert Grimm
Schools of forestry in Germany, with addenda relative to a desiderated British national school of forestry af John Croumbie Brown
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The Secret Lovers af Charles McCarry
Secrets of German Espionage af Bernard Newman
Secrets She Kept af Cathy Gohlke
A Seduction in Silk af Constance Munday
Der Seekrieg: The German Navy's Story 1939-1945 af Friedrich Ruge
Selling Sex in the Reich. Prostitutes in German Society, 1914–1945 af Victoria Harris
Semi-Tracked Vehicles Of The German Army 1939-45 Part 1 Prime Movers And Self Propelled Carraiges af Peter Chamberlain
Semi-Tracked Vehicles Of The German Army 1939-45 Part 2 Light Armoured Personel Carriers af Peter Chamberlain
Semi-Tracked Vehicles Of The German Army 1939-45 Part 3 M. Schuetzenpanzerwagen Sd kfz 251 af Peter Chamberlain
Sensuous Worship: Jesuits and the Art of the Early Catholic Reformation in Germany af Jeffrey Chipps Smith
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Serenade to the Big Bird af Bert Stiles
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The Seventh Gate af Richard Zimler
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The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men af Katherine Chloe Cahoon
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The Sleepwalkers af Hermann Broch
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So You're Going to Germany and Austria! af Clara Elizabeth Laughlin
Social security for migrant workers: FR of Germany
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Soloalbum af Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre
Solving the Enigma : History of the Cryptanalytic Bombe af Jennifer Wilcox
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The Song Before It is Sung af Justin Cartwright
Die Sonnenposition: Roman af Marion Poschmann
Sons of Cain: A History of Serial Killers from the Stone Age to the Present af Peter Vronsky
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The Sovereign State and Its Competitors: An Analysis of Systems Change af Hendrik Spruyt
Spaniards and Nazi Germany: Collaboration in the New Order af Wayne H. Bowen
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The Speech of Angels af Sharon Maas
Speer, En biografi af Joachim Fest
Speer: Hitler's Architect af Martin Kitchen
Spejlkrigen af John le Carré
Spies af Marcel Beyer
Spilleren af Fyodor Dostoevsky
Spionen der kom ind fra kulden af John le Carré
Spiralling Down af Alan Savage
Spit Three Times af Davide Reviati
Spoonfuls of Germany : culinary delights of the German region in 170 recipes af Nadia Hassani
Spoonfuls of Germany: German Regional Cuisine: Expanded Edition af Nadia Hassani
Springtime for Germany af Ben Donald
Spuren des Unrechts: Sandbostel, Torgau, Peenemünde und der Umgang mit Vergangenheit/Band 235 af Robert Allertz
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Ss: The Bloodsoaked Soil af Gordon Williamson
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The Waffen-SS 3 : 11. to 23. Divisions af Gordon Williamson
The Waffen-SS 4 : 24. to 38. Divisions, & Volunteer Legions af Gordon Williamson
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War Girl Ursula af Marion Kummerow
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Die weiße Feder: Fremd im eigenen Körper af Nadia Brönimann
Welcome to Germany af Carole Chester
The Wellborn Science: Eugenics in Germany, France, Brazil, and Russia (Monographs on the History and Philosophy of Biology) af Mark B. Adams
Wels and Other Lutherans: Lutheran Church Bodies in the USA af John F. Brug
Die Welt fragt nach made in Germany: A hallmark in world trade (German Edition) af Alfred Lau
Wespe - Heuschrecke af Joachim Engelmann
West German Industry and the Challenge of the Nazi Past, 1945-1955 af S. Jonathan Wiesen
West German Narrow Gauge af John Organ
West German secondary school education on the Holocaust af Martin Eric Vann
West Germany af MaryLee Knowlton
Westdeutscher Rundfunk and the Arbeiterfilm: Fassbinder, Ziewer and Others (Television monograph) af Richard Collins
What Great Infidels Have Done to Advance Civilization af Robert G. Ingersoll
When Biology Became Destiny: Women in Weimar and Nazi Germany af Renate Bridenthal
When Fathers Ruled: Family Life in Reformation Europe af Steven Ozment
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit af Judith KerrNazi
When Money Dies af Adam Fergusson
Where are we going? af David Lloyd George
While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within af Bruce Bawer
The Whirlwind af Alan Savage
Who Can Speak and Who Is Heard/Hurt?: Facing Problems of “Race,” Racism, and Ethnic Diversity in the Humanities in Germany (Culture and Social Practice) af Katharina Motyl
Who Voted for Hitler? af Richard F. Hamilton
A Whole Life af Robert Seethaler
Whos Who in Nazi Germany af Robert S. Wistrich
Why Did the Rise of the Nazis Happen? (Moments in History) af Charles Freeman
Why the Germans Do it Better af John Kampfner
Why the Germans Lose at War : The Myth of German Military Superiority af Kenneth Macksey
A Wicked Pack of Cards: The Origins of the Occult Tarot af Ronald Decker
Widerfahrnis af Bodo Kirchhoff
Wie es war af Michail Gorbatschow
Wie konnte es dazu kommen? Hintergründe der nationalsozialistischen Machtergreifung z15 af Otto Bernhard Roegele
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The Wild Girl af Kate Forsyth
Wildes Deutschland af Norbert Rosing
Wilhelminism & Its Legacies: German Modernities, Imperialism, And The Meanings Of Reform, 1890-1930 af James N. Retallack
I Will Bear Witness: A Diary of the Nazi Years 1933-1941 af Victor Klemperer
The William L. Lewis Collection of Germany & Related Areas Postage Stamps af Shreves Philatelic Galleries
Willy Brandt 1913-1992: Visionär und Realist af Peter Merseburger
The Wind Power Story : A Century of Innovation that Reshaped the Global Energy Landscape af Brandon N. Owens
The Winds of War af Herman Wouk
Wine and War: The French, the Nazis, and the Battle for France's Greatest Treasure af Donald Kladstrup
The wines of Germany af Cyril Ray
The Wines Of Germany (Classic Wine Library) af Stephen Brook
Wings for words; the story of Johann Gutenberg and his invention of printing af Douglas C. McMurtrie
Wings of Courage: Tales from America's Elite Fighter Groups of World War II af Tony Holmes
Winnie and Wolf af A. N. Wilson
Winter : en berlinerfamilies saga fra 1899 til 1945 af Len Deighton
Wirtschaftsgeschichte Deutschlands im 20. Jahrhundert af Karl Hardach
The Wish Child af Catherine Chidgey
Witch Craze: Terror and Fantasy in Baroque Germany af Lyndal Roper
Witch Hunting in Southwestern Germany, 1562-1684 af H. C. Erik Midelfort
The Witch's Trinity af Erika Mailman
Withstanding Hitler af Michael Balfour
Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II af George Weigel
Witnesses of War: Children's Lives Under the Nazis af Nicholas Stargardt
Wo Deutschland am schönsten ist. Merian live! af unbekannt
Wodehouse: A Life af Robert McCrum
Wolf Pack: The Story of the U-Boat in World War II (General Military) af Gordon Williamson
The Wolf's Lair: Inside Hitler's Germany af Roger Moorhouse
Wolfram von Richthofen: Master of the German Air War af James S. Corum
Wolfram: The Boy Who Went to War af Giles Milton
Woman to Woman: An Anthology of Women's Spiritualities af Phyllis Zagano
The woman who rose again af Gleb Botkin
Women and the new German cinema af Julia Knight
Women Heroes of World War II: 26 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Resistance, and Rescue af Kathryn J. Atwood
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Women in Nazi Germany af Jill Stephenson
Wonderful Blood: Theology and Practice in Late Medieval Northern Germany and Beyond af Caroline Walker Bynum
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The Work of Memory: New Directions in the Study of German Society and Culture af Alon Confino
Workers' culture in imperial Germany leisure and recreation in the Rhineland and Westphalia af Lynn Abrams
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World War II German Police Units af Gordon Williamson
World War II German Women's Auxiliary Services (Men-at-Arms) af Gordon Williamson
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The Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times, and Ideas of the Great Economic Thinkers af Robert L. Heilbroner
Wotan, My Enemy af Leo Abse
Writers and politics in modern Germany (1918-1945) af Cedric Ellis Williams
Wrought Iron in Architecture. Wrought Iron Craftmanship. Hisotrical Notes and Illustrations of Wrought Iron in Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, England, Germany, America. Modern Wrought Iron. Lighting Fixtures and Knockers. Specifications af Gerald K. Geerlings
Württemberg anno dazumal. Streifzüge in die Vergangenheit. af Peter Lahnstein
Württemberg. Malerische Ansichten aus alter Zeit. af Max Schefold
Xenophobe's Guide to the Germans af Stefan Zeidenitz
Yearbook of Muslims in Europe af Jorgen S. Nielsen
The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945 af Saul FriedländerNazi
The Years of Persecution: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1933-1939 af Saul Friedländer
You Are Beautiful and You Are Alone: The Biography of Nico af Jennifer Otter Bickerdike
You Wouldn't Want to be a Secret Agent During World War II!: A Perilous Mission Behind Enemy Lines af John Malam
You Wouldn't Want to be a World War II Pilot!: Air Battles You Might Not Survive af Ian Graham
You Wouldn't Want to Live in a Medieval Castle!: A Home You’d Rather Not Inhabit af Jacqueline Morley
Young Folks' History Of Germany af Charlotte Mary Yonge
Your Eyes in Stars af M. E. Kerr
Youth hosteller's guide to Europe, Germany af Youth Hostels Association (England and Wales)
Youth hosteller's guide to Europe : Germany af Ronald Morgan Stuttard
Zeppelin : 15. Sonderheft der „Woche"
Zeppelin!: Germany and the Airship, 1900-1939 af Guillaume P. S. de Syon
The Zion Covenant: Vienna Prelude/Prague Counterpoint/Munich Signature/Jerusalem Interlude/Danzig Passage/Warsaw Requiem af Bodie Thoene
Zodiac and swastika;: How astrology guided Hitler's Germany af Wilhelm Wulff
De zoon van de verhalenverteller af Pierre Jarawan
Zuid-Duitsland af Ad van Bentum
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Die ||Banater Autorengruppe : Selbstdarstellung und Rezeption in Rumänien und Deutschland af Diana Schuster
»Träume recht süß von mir« : eine deutsche Freundschaft in Briefen 1940-1943 af Ulrike Meyer-Timpe
Études économiques de l'OCDE. Allemagne af Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop
Études économiques de l'OCDE. Allemagne af Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop
Übermensch! af Kim Newman
গ্রিমভাইদের রূপকথা af Brothers Grimm

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