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the failure of democratic politics in fiji af Stephanie Lawson
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Handbook for ranger guiders for use in British Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Fiji, Gilbert and Ellice Islands, New Hebrides, Tonga and Western Samoa af Mary A. Hopkirk
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Let's Visit the South Pacific af John C. Caldwell
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Made in Oceania Tapa - Kunst und Lebenswelten af Oliver Lueb
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Maori cookbook
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Moon Handbooks South Pacific af David Stanley
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Rules of an Engagement af Suzanne Enoch
Russophobia in New Zealand, 1838-1908 af Glynn Barratt
The Sailmaker's Daughter: A Novel af Stephanie Johnson
Salute to the Hudswells : The Story of the Colonial Sugar Refining Compny's Hudswell Clarke Locomotives in Queensland and Fiji af Ian Stocks
Say 'I Do' af Carrie Lomax
Say It In Fijian: An entertaining introduction to the language of Fiji af A.J. Schutz
Sevens Heaven: The Beautiful Chaos of Fiji's Olympic Dream af Ben Ryan
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Under the ivi tree : society and economic growth in rural Fiji af Cyril S Belshaw
Vaka i taukei: The Fijian way of life af Asesela Raruva
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Windjamming To Fiji af Viola Irene Cooper