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2454. L(D1) .INT1702 .English Channel - Start Point to The Needles af D.W. Haslam
5500 Mariner's Routering Guide - English Channel and Southern North Sea af Rear Admiral D.W. Haslam CB. OBE. Hydrographer of
Admiralty Tidal Stream Atlas (NP250) English Channel af Hydrographer
America's Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle af David A. Adler
An Appeal To Adolf [short story] af Ian Watson
The Armada af Bryce S. Walker
The Armada af Garrett Mattingly
The Armada Campaign 1588 af John Tincey
The Armada in Ireland af Niall Fallon
Armada, 1588-1988: An International Exhibition to Commemorate the Spanish Armada af M. J. Rodriguez-Salgado
Armada: A Celebration of the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Defeat of the Spanish Armada, 1588-1988 af Peter Padfield
Armada: The Story of Thomas Hobbs, England 1587-1588 (My Story) af Jim Eldridge
The Assault Phase of the Normandy Landings af Bertram Ramsay
Battle in the English Channel af Theodore Taylor
The Battle of Britain af Marcel Julian
The Battle of the Narrow Seas af Peter Scott
The Blockade: Runners and Raiders af William C. Davis
The Bombard story af Alain Bombard
Brave Harriet: The First Woman to Fly the English Channel af Marissa Moss
Breakout af John Deane Potter
Bridging Divides: The Channel Tunnel and English Legal Identity in the New Europe af Eve Darian-Smith
Britain's Greatest Naval Battle: The Armada, Trafalgar, Jutland af Richard Freeman
The Campaign of the Spanish Armada af Peter Kemp
The Channel af Shirley Harrison
Channel Crossing af Sebastian Smith
Channel Dash af Terence Robertson
Channel Firing af Thomas Hardy
Channel harbours and anchorages af K. Adlard Coles
The Channel: England, France and the Construction of a Maritime Border in the Eighteenth Century af Renaud Morieux
The Channel: The Remarkable Men and Women Who Made It the Most Fascinating Waterway in the World af Charlie Connelly
The Chunnel: The Amazing Story of the Undersea Crossing of the English Channel af Drew Fetherston
Churchill's Channel War : 1939-45 af Robert Jackson
The Confident Hope of a Miracle: The True History of the Spanish Armada af Neil Hanson
Conquering the English Channel af George H. Pumphrey
The Crossing: The Glorious Tragedy of the First Man to Swim the English Channel af Kathy Watson
The Cuckoo Cage: New Origin Stories af Ra Page
D-Day Ships: The Allied Invasion Fleet, June 1944 af Yves Buffetaut
Discovering the Spanish Armada af Sheela Speers
Djævelens alternativ af Frederick Forsyth
Doctor Who and the Sea Devils af Malcolm Hulke
Down Channel af R. T. McMullen
Down Channel in the Vivette af E. Keble Chatterton
E-Boat Alert: Defending the Normandy Invasion Fleet af James F. Tent
E-Boat vs MTB: The English Channel 1941-45 (Duel) af Gordon Williamson
The English Channel af Nigel Calder
The English Channel af Scott Foresman
The English Channel, a history af James A. Williamson
The English Channel: A celebration of the channel's role in England's history af Hillas Smith
English Channel: Western Section
Fastnet, Force 10: The Deadliest Storm in the History of Modern Sailing af John Rousmaniere
Fighting the Current: The Rise of American Women's Swimming, 1870-1926 af Lisa Bier
The First World War. Volume 1, To Arms af Hew Strachan
Fishing Boats And Barges From The Thames To Land's End af Walter Wood
From three yachts; a cruiser's outlook af Conor O'Brien
The glorious flight : across the Channel with Louis Blériot, July 25, 1909 af Alice Provensen
En god nat at dø af Jack Higgins
Grand tour : The European adventure of a continental drifter af Tim Moore
The Great Swim af Gavin Mortimer
The Guns at Last Light: The War in Western Europe, 1944–1945 af Rick Atkinson
Haida af William Sclater
The Hardest Day: The Battle of Britain, 18 August 1940 af Alfred Price
Have You Any Rogues? af Elizabeth Boyle
Hellboy: Unnatural Selection af Tim Lebbon
A History of Piracy af Robert de La Croix
Hold the Narrow Sea: Naval Warfare in the English Channel, 1939-45 af Peter C. Smith
Hornblower and the Hotspur af C. S. Forester
Imray Chart C10: Western English Channel
Invasion: The Alternate History of the German Invasion of England, July 1940 af Kenneth Macksey
Island Britain af Peter Crookston
Justice League International, Volume Five af Keith Giffen
The King's Shadow af Elizabeth Alderas the Narrow Sea
l (d1)2669 English Channel, Channel Islands And Adjacent Coast Of France af R. O. Morris
L(D1-D5).2450. INT1703. English Channel, Anvil Point to Beachy Head ( Isle of Wight). af D.W. Haslam
Lazy Days Out Across the English Channel af Nick Rider
Lord Hornblower af C. S. Forester
Lost Patrols af Innes McCartney
Mapp and Lucia af E. F. Benson
More sailing days af K. Adlard Coles
The Mosquito Fleet af Bern Keating
Mr. Hulot at the Beach af David Merveille
The Narrow Sea: Barrier, Bridge and Gateway to the World - The History of the English Channel af Peter Unwin
National Geographic Magazine 1961 v120 #2 August af Melville Bell Grosvenor
National Geographic Magazine 1983 v163 #5 May af Wilbur E. Garrett
National Geographic Magazine 1994 v185 #5 May af William Graves
Operation Neptune af B.B. Schofield
Operation Neptune af Kenneth Edwards
Operation Neptune 1944 : D-Day's Seaborne Armada af Ken Ford
Operation Neptune: The Prelude to D-Day af David Wragg
Opération Neptune af Henri René Guieu
Our Island Story: A History of England for Boys and Girls af H. E. Marshall
The Pebbles on the Beach af Clarence Ellis
Philips' mercantile marine atlas af George Goodall.MA
Pilots Guide to the English Channel af Wilson W.Eric D.S.O.
The Pirates' Pact: The Secret Alliances Between History's Most Notorious Buccaneers and Colonial America af Douglas R. Burgess Jr.
Post Captain af Patrick O'Brian
Proud Waters af Ewart Brookes
Queen Elizabeth and the Spanish Armada (World Landmark Books, W-13) af Frances Winwar
Roving Commissions 2 af Alasdair Garrett
Run The Gauntlet - The Channel Dash 1942 (Raid) af Ken Ford
Sailing Directions (Enroute), English Channel, 14th Edition (Pub. 191) af NGA
Sea Fishes and Invertebrates of the North Sea af Lawson Wood
Seas and Shores of England af Edmund Vale
The Shell pilot to the English Channel af K. Adlard Coles
The Shell Pilot to the English Channel 2 Harbours in Northern France and the Channel Islands: Dunkerque to Brest af J.O. Coote
The Spanish Armada af Colin Martin
The Spanish Armada af Jay Williams
The Spanish Armada af Michael Lewis
The Spanish Armada: The Experience of War in 1588 af Felipe Fernández-Armesto
The Spanish Armadas af Winston Graham
Stanford's tidal atlas / Atlas des courants de maree : Central English Channel / La Manche zone centrale af Michael Reeve-Fowkes
Stanford's tidal atlas : English Channel east af Michael Reeve-Fowkes
De startede ved daggry af Nevil Shute
The story of a conquest : the Bayeux tapestry narrated to children af Gilles Pivard
The Stringbags af Garth Ennis
Swimming Home: A Novel af Mary-Rose MacColl
Take, Burn or Destroy af S. Thomas Russell
Tales from the beach: New Zealanders in Operation Neptune
La Tapisserie de Bayeux en bande dessinée (GB) af sheltonarthur
The Tenth Destroyer Flotilla in the English Channel af Captain Basil Jones
That Great Lucifer: A Portrait of Sir Walter Ralegh af Margaret Irwin
Tidal Atlas: S. North Sea & English Channel af Reeves-Fowkes Michael
Til Orlogs af Rudyard Kipling
The Track of the "Typhoon" af William Washburn Nutting
Tudors : sex, magt og intriger i Europas mest berygtede kongehus af G. J. Meyer
The tunnel under the Channel af Thomas Whiteside
Valiant [2005 film] af Gary Chapman
Valiant: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack af George Fenton
The Virgin Queen: Elizabeth I, Genius of the Golden Age af Christopher Hibbert
The Voyage Alone in the Yawl "Rob Roy" af John Macgregor
Voyage alone,: An adventurous cruise in a thirty-six-foot ketch, sailed single-handed from the English Channel to the Ca af Edward C. Allcard
The Voyage of the Armada: The Spanish Story af David Howarth
Wall Of Empire:The English Channel af Ernle Bradford
Waypoint Directory: Over 600 passages and coastal waypoints for the English Channel af Peter Cumberlidge
We Cry the Sea af Glenn Quigley
You Wouldn't Want to Sail in the Spanish Armada!: An Invasion You'd Rather Not Launch af John Malam
Young Woman and the Sea: How Trudy Ederle Conquered the English Channel and Inspired the World af Glenn Stout