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Absurdistan : roman af Gary Shteyngart
Afghanistan und seine Nachbarländer af Hermann Roskoschny
After the czars and commissars : journalism in authoritarian post-Soviet Central Asia af Eric Freedman
Along the Ancient Silk Roads : Central Asian Art from the West Berlin State Museums af Herbert Hartel
An Analysis of the Central Asian Silks Excavated by Sir Aurel Stein af Lila M. O'Neale
Ancient arts of Central Asia af Tamara Talbot Rice
Annual review of the human rights situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people in Europe and Central Asia 2020 af ILGA-Europe
An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto af Alex Callinicos
Anti-corruption reforms in Eastern Europe and Central Asia : progress and challenges, 2009-2013 af oecd publishing
Das Antlitz des Fremden: Die Münzprägung der Hunnen und Westtürken in Zentralasien und Indien af Michael Alram
Art of the Bronze Age : Southeastern Iran, Western Central Asia, and the Indus Valley af Holly Pittman
The Arts of the book in Central Asia, 14th-16th centuries af Basil Gray
Asia centrale. Kazakistan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizistan, Tagikistan, Turkmenistan, Xinjiang occidentale af John King
L'Asie Centrale à l'aune de la mondialisation: Une approche géoéconomique af Marlène Laruelle
Asie centrale, champ de guerres : Cinq républiques face à l'Islam radical af Ahmed Rashid
Asie centrale, la dérive autoritaire af Marlène Laruelle
Atlas of Southwest and Central Asia (Picture Window Books World Atlases) af Felicia Law
Beyond the Oxus : archaeology, art & architecture of Central Asia af Edgar Knobloch
Black Sea and Central Asia: Promoting Work and Well-being af Organisation for Economic Co-Operation a
The Blackthorn Orphans af O'Keefe Ceili
A Bride's Story, Volume 1 af Kaoru Mori
A Bride's Story, Volume 10 af Kaoru Mori
A Bride's Story, Volume 12 af Kaoru Mori
A Bride's Story, Volume 13 af Kaoru Mori
A Bride's Story, Volume 14 af Kaoru Mori
A Bride's Story, Volume 2 af Kaoru Mori
A Bride's Story, Volume 3 af Kaoru Mori
A Bride's Story, Volume 4 af Kaoru Mori
A Bride's Story, Volume 8 af Kaoru Mori
A Bride's Story, Volume 9 af Kaoru Mori
The Cambridge History of Inner Asia: The Chinggisid Age af Nicola Di Cosmo
The Canticle of the Birds: Illustrated Through Persian and Eastern Islamic Art af Farīd ud-Dīn ‘Attār
Catalogue of wall-paintings from ancient shrines in Central Asia and Sistan / recovered by Aurel Stein af Fred H Andrews
Central Asia (Cadogan Guides) af Giles Whittell
Central Asia Phrasebook af Justin Jon Rudelson
Central Asia's New States: Independence, Foreign Policy, and Regional Security af Martha Brill Olcott
Central Asia's Second Chance af Martha Brill Olcott
Central Asia, the crossroads of civilizations af Faces Magazine
The Central Asia-Afghanistan relationship : from Soviet intervention to the Silk Road Initiatives af Marlène Laruelle
Central Asia: Turkmenia before the Achaemenids af V. M Masson
Central Asian Republics (Nations in Transition) af Michael Kort
The Centrality of Central Asia (Comparative Asian Studies, Vol 8) af Andre Gunder Frank
The Challenge of Central Asia: A A Brief Survey of Tibet and its Borderlands, Mongolia, North-west Kansu, Chinese Turkistan, and Russian Central Asia af Mildred Cable
China Marches West: The Qing Conquest of Central Eurasia af Peter C. Perdue
The Chinese Question in Central Asia: Domestic Order, Social Change, and the Chinese Factor af Marlene Laurelle
Conflict and Social Order in Tibet and Inner Asia af Fernanda Pirie
Culture and Customs of the Central Asian Republics (Culture and Customs of Asia) af Rafis Abazov
Culture e civiltà dell'Asia Centrale af Mario Bussagli
The Devil's Garden af Ralph Peters
The dream of Lhasa : the life of Nikolay Przhevalsky (1839-88) explorer of Central Asia af Donald Rayfield
The Dust of Empire: The Race for Mastery in the Asian Heartland af Karl Ernest Meyer
Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present af Christopher I. Beckwith
Environmental crises in Central Asia : from steppes to seas, from deserts to glaciers af Eric Freedman
Extreme Continental: Blowing Hot and Cold Through Central Asia af Giles Whittell
Fighting Corruption in Eastern Europe and Central Asia The Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan: Progress and Challenges af OECD
For Prophet and Tsar af Robert D. Crews
Fortress of Solitude [and] The Devil Genghis af Kenneth Robeson
Genghis Khan & the Mongol Conquests, 1190-1400 af Stephen Turnbull
Genghis Khan : Conqueror of the World af Leo de Hartog
Genghis Khan : his conquests, his empire, his legacy af Frank McLynn
Geographic Perspectives on Soviet Central Asia af Robert Lewis
Geography toward history studies in the Mediterranean Basin, Mesopotamia and Central Asia af Ellsworth Huntington
Globalizing Central Asia : geopolitics and the challenges of economic development af Marlène Laruelle
The Golden Deer of Eurasia af Joan Aruz
The Golden Deer of Eurasia: Perspectives on the Steppe Nomads of the Ancient World af Joan Aruz
The great game : Britain and Russia in Central Asia af Sir Martin Ewans
The Great Game, 1856-1907: Russo-British Relations in Central and East Asia af Евгений Юрьевич Сергеев
The Heart of Asia: A History of Russian Turkestan and the Central Asian Khanates from the Earliest Times af Francis Henry Skrine
The Heritage of Central Asia af Richard N. Frye
The History of Ancient Iran af Richard Nelson Frye
The History of Central Asia, Volume 1: The Age of the Steppe Warriors af Christoph Baumer
The History of Central Asia, Volume 2: The Age of the Silk Roads af Christoph Baumer
The History of Central Asia, Volume 3: The Age of Islam and the Mongols af Christoph Baumer
The History of Central Asia, Volume 4: The Age of Decline and Revival af Christoph Baumer
History of civilizations of Central Asia af Ahmad Hasan Dani
The history of the Central Asian republics af Peter L. Roudik
Hundred Thousand Fools of God, The: Musical Travels in Central Asia (and Queens, New York) af Theodore Levin
Imaginary Muslims: The Uwaysi Sufis of Central Asia af Julian Baldick
Indian Explorers of the 19th Century : Account of Explorations in the Himalayas, Tibet, Mongolia and Central Asia af Indra Singh Rawat
Inside Central Asia: A Political and Cultural History of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Iran af Dilip Hiro
Insight Guides Silk Road af Insight Guides
Islam After Communism af Adeeb Khalid
An Islamic Biographical Dictionary Of The Eastern Kazakh Steppe 1770-1912 (Brill's Inner Asian Library) af Allen J. Frank
Jihad: The Rise of Militant Islam in Central Asia af Ahmed Rashid
Jitterbug Perfume af Tom Robbins
Journey to Khiva : a writer's search for Central Asia af Philip Glazebrook
Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan: Country Studies (Area Handbook Series) af Glenn E. Curtis
Kurgans on the Left Bank of the Ilek: Excavations at Pokrovka 1990-1992 af Jeannine Davis-Kimball
Kurgans, ritual sites, and settlements : Eurasian Bronze and Iron Age af Jeannine Davis-Kimball
Lonely Planet : Central Asia af Bradley Mayhew
Lost Enlightenment: Central Asia's Golden Age from the Arab Conquest to Tamerlane af S. Frederick Starr
Madame Einzige: Amor Fati af Ismael Sarepta
Making transition work for everyone : poverty and inequality in Europe and Central Asia af World Bank
Mapping central Asia Indian perceptions and strategies af Marlène Laruelle
Metalcrafts of Central Asia (Shire ethnography) af Ken Teague
Middle-East: With Central Asia and North Africa af DeLorme Maps
Migration and social upheaval as the face of globalization in Central Asia af Marlene Laruelle
Minerals Yearbook: Volume III Area Reports: International 2003 Europe and Central Asia af United States Geological Survey
The modern history of Soviet Central Asia af Geoffrey Wheeler
Monuments of Central Asia: A Guide to the Archaeology, Art and Architecture of Turkestan af Edgar Knobloch
National Geographic Magazine 2008 v213 #6 June af Chris Johns
Natural History of Central Asia - Volume 1 - The New Conquest of Central Asia af Roy Chapman Andrews
Nelles Maps : Central Asia Map af Nelles
The New Central Asia af Olivier Roy
The New Great Game: Blood and Oil in Central Asia af Lutz Kleveman
The New Woman in Uzbekistan: Islam, Modernity, and Unveiling under Communism af Marianne Kamp
Night Train to Turkistan: Modern Adventures Along China's Ancient Silk Road (Traveler) af Stuart Stevens
Nomads of the Eurasian Steppes in the Early Iron Age af Jeannine Davis-Kimball
Old Patterns, New Order: Socialist Realism in Central Asia af Marlene Laruelle
Oral Epics of Central Asia af Nora K. Chadwick
The Origin of the Indo-Iranians af Kuz'mina
Pacific strife : the great powers and their political and economic rivalries in Asia and the Western Pacific 1870-1914 af Kees Van Dijk
Painting of Central Asia af Mario Bussagli
Palgrave Concise Historical Atlas of Central Asia af Rafis Abazov
Panjab, Central Asia and the first Afghan War af Hari Ram Gupta
The peoples of Soviet Central Asia. af Geoffrey Wheeler
A Person From England af Fitzroy Maclean
The Politics of Muslim Cultural Reform af Adeeb Khalid
The pulse of Asia, a journey in Central Asia illustrating the geographic basis of history af Ellsworth Huntington
Racial Problems in Soviet Muslim Asia af Geoffrey Wheeler
Red Sands: Reportage and Recipes through Central Asia, from Hinterland to Heartland af Caroline Eden
The Resurgence of Central Asia: Islam or Nationalism? (Politics in Contemporary Asia) af Ahmed Rashid
A Ride to Khiva af Fred Burnaby
Rough Guide Music : Central Asia [sound recording] af Guide Rough
The Royal Hordes: Nomad Peoples of the Steppes af E. D. Phillips
Russian Central Asia, 1867-1917; a study in colonial rule af Richard A. Pierce
Searches for an Imaginary Kingdom: The Legend of the Kingdom of Prester John af Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev
Semi-Presidentialism in the Caucasus and Central Asia af Robert Elgie
Setting the East Ablaze : Lenin's Dream of an Empire in Asia af Peter Hopkirk
Silk Road to Ruin: Is Central Asia the New Middle East? af Ted Rall
Sketches of Central Asia; additional chapters on my travels, adventures, and on the ethnology of Central Asia af Armin Vambery
Sovietistan: Travels in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan af Erika Fatland
Soviets in Central Asia, af W. P Coates
The Spread of Buddhism af Ann Heirman
The Spy Who Disappeared: Diary of a Secret Mission to Russian Central Asia in 1918 af Reginald Teague-Jones
Spying for Empire: The Great Game in Central and South Asia, 1757-1947 af Robert Johnson
Synagogues in the Islamic World: Architecture, Design and Identity af Mohammad Gharipour
Tamerlane: Sword of Islam, Conqueror of the World af Justin Marozzi
The Tarim mummies af J. P. Mallory
Textiles of the Middle East and Central Asia: The Fabric of Life af Fahmida Suleman
Through deserts and oases of central Asia af Ella Constance Sykes
To the Back of Beyond: An Illustrated Companion to Central Asia and Mongolia af Fitzroy Maclean
To the Heart of Asia: The Life of Sven Hedin af George Kish
Tournament of Shadows: The Great Game and the Race for Empire in Central Asia af Karl E. Meyer
Traces in the Desert: Journeys of Discovery across Central Asia af Christoph Baumer
A Traveller's Companion to Central Asia af Kathleen Hopkirk
Travels in Tartary: One's company and News from Tartary / by Peter Fleming af Peter Fleming
The Travels of Marco Polo af Marco Polo
Treasures of the Great Silk Road af Edgar Knobloch
Trends in Developing Economies, Volume 1. Eastern Europe and Central Asia af World Bank
Urban Life in Post-Soviet Central Asia af Catharine Alexander
Veiled Empire: Gender and Power in Stalinist Central Asia af Douglas Northrop
Weather and Climate Services in Europe and Central Asia (A Regional Review) af World Bank
Who Was Genghis Khan? af Nico Medina
Zahir af Paulo Coelho
アイハヌム 2012―加藤九祚一人雑誌 af Kyuzo Kato