SerierThe Sir John Rhŷs Memorial Lecture

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Sir John Rhŷs by John Morris Jones 1 eksemplar1925
La position linguistique du Celtique by Joseph Vendryes 2 eksemplarer1937
Literary creation and Irish historical tradition by Brian Ó Cuív 3 eksemplarer1963
Linguistic evidence and archaeological and ethnological facts by John Fraser 1 eksemplar1926
Edward I's castle-building in Wales by J GORONWY EDWARDS 1 eksemplar1944
Imagery in early Celtic art by Paul Jacobsthal 1 eksemplar1941
The boundary line of Cymru by Cyril Fox 1 eksemplar1940
The native Irish grammarian by Osborn Bergin 4 eksemplarer1938
The Welsh metrical treatise attributed to Einion Offeiriad by Thomas Parry 1 eksemplar1961
A survey of research on an early phase of Celtic culture by J.M. De Navarro 1 eksemplar1936
Bretons et Anglais aux Ve et VIe siècles by Ferdinand Lot 1 eksemplar1930
The Goidels and their predecessors by Thomas F. O'Rahilly 2 eksemplarer1935
Wales and archaeology by Mortimer Wheeler 2 eksemplarer1929
The Welsh chronicles by John Edward Lloyd 2 eksemplarer1928
Ireland and medieval Europe by Robin Flower 1 eksemplar1927
The poems of Llywarch Hên by Ifor Williams 2 eksemplarer1932 (1932)
Aspects of Celtic mythology by A.G. van Hamel 4 eksemplarer1934 (1934)
The colonization of Brittany from Celtic Britain by Nora Kershaw Chadwick 4 eksemplarer1965 (1965)
The Black Book of Carmarthen 'Stanzas of the graves' by Thomas Jones 5 eksemplarer1967 (1967)
The study of Manx Gaelic by R. L. Thomson 3 eksemplarer1969 (1969)
The archaism of Irish tradition by Myles Dillon 3 eksemplarer1947 (1969)
The court poet in medieval Ireland by J. E. Caerwyn Williams 3 eksemplarer1971 (1971)
The Welsh Latin chronicles : Annales Cambriae and related texts by Kathleen Hughes 4 eksemplarer1973 (1973)
The labyrinth of continental celtic by D. Ellis Evans 2 eksemplarer1977 (1977)
Regnum and Sacerdotium : notes on Irish tradition by Proinsias Mac Cana 3 eksemplarer1979 (1979)
The dating of Middle Irish texts by Gearóid Mac Eoin 1 eksemplar1981 (1981)
Religion and Welsh literature in the age of the reformation by Glanmor Williams 1 eksemplar1983 (1983)
Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin, the Black Book of Carmarthen by A. O. H. Jarman 1 eksemplar1985 (1985)
Celtic art : expressiveness and communication through 2500 years by E. M. Jope 1 eksemplar1987 (1987)
The Welsh and the Irish before the Normans - contact or impact by D. Simon Evans 1 eksemplar1989 (1989)
The Folk and the Gwerin : the myth and reality of popular culture in 19th century Scotland and Wales by Christopher Harvie 1 eksemplar1991 (1992)
The genetics of celtic populations by Walter F. Bodmer 1 eksemplar1992 (1993)
Wales's second grammarian : Dafydd Ddu of Hiraddug by R. Geraint Gruffydd 1 eksemplar1995 (1996)
Scottish Gaelic traditional songs from the 16th to the 18th century by Derick S. Thomson 2 eksemplarer1999 (2000)
The linguistic and historical value of the Irish law tracts by Daniel A. Binchy 3 eksemplarer1943 (2013)


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