SerierSUNY Series in Social and Political Thought

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Against Nature: The Concept of Nature in Critical Theory by Steven Vogel 12 eksemplarer
Autonomy and community : readings in contemporary Kantian social philosophy by Jane Kneller 3 eksemplarer
The Culture of Citizenship: Inventing Postmodern Civic Culture by Thomas Bridges 3 eksemplarer
Democracy, Real and Ideal: Discourse Ethics and Radical Politics (S U N Y Series in Social and Political Thought) by Ricardo Blaug 2 eksemplarer
Discourse and Democracy: Essays on Habermas's Between Facts and Norms by Rene Von Schomberg 5 eksemplarer
The Disenchantment of Reason: The Problem of Socrates in Modernity by Paul R. Harrison 8 eksemplarer
The Fragmented World of the Social: Essays in Social and Political Philosophy by Axel Honneth 19 eksemplarer
Freud, Psychoanalysis, Social Theory: The Unfulfilled Promise (S U N Y Series in Social and Political Thought) by Fred Weinstein 3 eksemplarer
Hegel and Feminist Social Criticism: Justice, Recognition, and the Feminine by Jeffrey A. Gauthier 6 eksemplarer
Impartiality in context : grounding justice in a pluralist world by Shane O'Neill 6 eksemplarer
The just family by Richard Dien Winfield 1 eksemplar
Mass Enlightenment: Critical Studies in Rousseau and Diderot by Julia Simon 3 eksemplarer
Modernity and Authenticity: A Study in the Social and Ethical Thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (S U N Y Series in Social and Political Thought) by Alessandro Ferrara 4 eksemplarer
The New Insecurity: The End of the Standard Job and Family (S U N Y Series in Social and Political Thought) by Jerald Wallulis 3 eksemplarer
Reason, History, and Politics: The Communitarian Grounds of Legitimization in the Modern Age by David Ingram 3 eksemplarer
Rethinking the Communicative Turn: Adorno, Habermas, and the Problem of Communicative Freedom by Martin Morris 8 eksemplarer
Rousseau's Counter-Enlightenment: A Republican Critique of the Philosophes by Graeme Garrard 4 eksemplarer
The Sense of Appropriateness: Application Discourses in Morality and Law (S U N Y Series in Social and Political Thought by Klaus Gunther 1 eksemplar
The Tragedy of Liberalism: An Alternative Defense of a Political Tradition by Bert van den Brink 4 eksemplarer
Wrongness, Wisdom, and Wilderness: Toward a Libertarian Theory of Ethics and the Environment by Tal Scriven 3 eksemplarer


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