SerierUniversity of California Publications in Linguistics

28 Værker Popularitet 59,525 (42 Medlemmer) 97 Bøger 0 Anmeldelser
The dialect of the Sierra de Mariveles Negritos by Douglas Chrétien 2 eksemplarer4, 2
Kolami, a Dravidian language by M. B. Emeneau 5 eksemplarer12
Time, tense, and the verb; a study in theoretical and applied linguistics, with particular attention to Spanish by William Emerson Bull 5 eksemplarer19
Dravidian borrowings from Indo-Aryan, by M.B. Emeneau and T. Burrow by M. B. Emeneau 2 eksemplarer26
Brahui and Dravidian comparative grammar by M. B. Emeneau 3 eksemplarer27
Studies in Californian linguistics by William Bright 5 eksemplarer34
Acoma grammar and texts by Wick R. Miller 7 eksemplarer40
The Piro (Arawakan) language by Esther Matteson 2 eksemplarer42
Uto-Aztecan cognate sets by Wick R. Miller 0 eksemplarer48
The phonology and morphology of the Navaho language by Edward Sapir 3 eksemplarer50
A Luiseño dictionary (University of California publications in linguistics, v. 51) by William Bright 2 eksemplarer51
Pronominal reference in Thai, Burmese, and Vietnamese by Joseph R. Cooke 1 eksemplar52
American Indian Languages by Jesse Sawyer 4 eksemplarer65
A Grammar of Diegueño: The Mesa Grande Dialect by Margaret Langdon 2 eksemplarer66
Tiruray-English lexicon by Stuart A. Schlegel 3 eksemplarer67
The grammar of Lahu by James A. Matisoff 5 eksemplarer75
Yaqui Syntax (University of California publications in linguistics, v. 76) by Jacqueline Lindenfeld 2 eksemplarer76
The Slavic element in the Old Prussian Elbing vocabulary by Jules F. Levin 4 eksemplarer77
Quichean linguistic prehistory by Lyle Campbell 3 eksemplarer81
Tonal Grammar of Etsako (University of California publications in linguistics ; v. 87) by Baruch Elimelech 7 eksemplarer87
Relative clauses in Spanish without overt antecedents and related constructions by Susan Plann 2 eksemplarer93
A grammar of upriver Halkomelem by Brent Douglas Galloway 2 eksemplarer96
A Dictionary of Ngizim (University of California Publications in Linguistics) by Russell G. Schuh 4 eksemplarer99
Maricopa morphology and syntax by Lynn Gordon 2 eksemplarer108
The dictionary of Lahu by James A. Matisoff 4 eksemplarer111
Studies in American Indian Languages: Description and Theory (UC Publications in Linguistics) by Leanne Hinton 5 eksemplarer131
Nuuchahnulth (Nootka) morphosyntax by Toshihide Nakayama 7 eksemplarer134
A Grammar of Cupeño (University of California Publications in Linguistics) by Jane H. Hill 4 eksemplarer136


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