SerierStudies in Welsh History

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The monastic order in south Wales, 1066-1349 by F.G. Cowley 4 eksemplarer1
Literature, religion and society in Wales, 1660-1730 by Geraint H. Jenkins 2 eksemplarer2
Cardiff and the marquesses of Bute by John Davies 4 eksemplarer3
The north Wales quarrymen, 1874–1922 by R. Merfyn Jones 4 eksemplarer4
The governance of Gwynedd by David Stephenson 5 eksemplarer5
'Organise! Organise! Organise!' : a study of reform agitations in Wales, 1840-1886 by Ryland Wallace 1 eksemplar6
'The labyrinth of flames' : work and social conflict in early industrial Merthyr Tydfil by Chris Evans 1 eksemplar7
Learning, law and religion : higher education and Welsh society, c.1540-1640 by W. P. Griffith 1 eksemplar10
Law, order and government in Caernarfonshire, 1558-1640 : justices of the peace and the gentry by J. Gwynfor Jones 1 eksemplar12
Building Jerusalem : nonconformity, labour and the social question in Wales, 1906-1939 by Robert Pope 4 eksemplarer13
Aftermath : remembering the Great War in Wales by Angela Gaffney 1 eksemplar14
Schools, Politics, and Society : Elementary Education in Wales, 1870–1902 by Robert Smith 2 eksemplarer15
Immigration and integration : the Irish in Wales, 1798-1922 by Paul O'Leary 3 eksemplarer16
Soccer and society : south Wales, 1900-1939 by Martin Johnes 2 eksemplarer20
Welsh military institutions, 633-1283 by Sean Davies 4 eksemplarer21
A glorious work in the world : Welsh Methodism and the international evangelical revival, 1735-1750 by David Ceri Jones 4 eksemplarer22
The politics of the principality : Wales, c.1603-1642 by Lloyd Bowen 0 eksemplarer27
Urban assimilation in post-conquest Wales : ethnicity, gender and economy in Ruthin, 1282-1348 by Matthew Frank Stevens 4 eksemplarer29
Labour's Crisis: Plaid Cymru, the Conservatives, and the Decline of the Labour Party in North-West Wales, 1960-74 by Andrew Edwards 3 eksemplarer32
Wales and the Crusades, c.1095-1291 by Kathryn Hurlock 4 eksemplarer33
The south Wales miners : 1964-1985 by Ben Curtis 1 eksemplar34
Wales and socialism : political culture and national identity before the Great War by Martin Wright 5 eksemplarer35
Leaders and teachers : adult education and the challenge of labour in South Wales, 1906-1940 by Richard Lewis 1 eksemplar1993
Wales in America : Scranton and the Welsh, 1860-1920 by William Jones 3 eksemplarer1993
Devolution in Wales : claims and responses, 1937-1979 by John Gilbert Evans 2 eksemplarer2006
Intelligent town : an urban history of Swansea, 1760-1855 by Louise Miskell 3 eksemplarer2006
Unemployment, poverty and health by Steven Thompson 1 eksemplar2006
Law and disorder in early modern Wales : crime and authority in the Denbighshire courts, c.1660-1730 by Sharon Howard 1 eksemplar2008
Cardiganshire and the Cardi, c.1760-c.2000 by Mike Benbough-Jackson 1 eksemplar2011
Exodus from Cardiganshire : rural-urban migration in Victorian Britain by Kathryn J. Cooper 2 eksemplarer2011
The Communist Party of Great Britain and the National Question in Wales, 1920-1991 (Studies in Welsh History) by Douglas Jones 2 eksemplarer2018
The gentry of north Wales in the later middle ages by A. D. Carr 2 eksemplarer2018
The Opposition to the Great War in Wales 1914-1918 by Aled Eirug 2 eksemplarer2018
The women's suffrage movement in Wales, 1866-1928 by Ryland Wallace 2 eksemplarer2018