SerierSyntax and Semantics

40 Værker Popularitet 51,267 (65 Medlemmer) 182 Bøger 2 Anmeldelser
Syntax and Semantics Volume 1 by John P. Kimball 8 eksemplarer1
Syntax and Semantics: v. 2 by John P. Kimball 2 eksemplarer2
Syntax and Semantics, Volume 3: Speech Acts by Peter Cole 16 eksemplarer3
Syntax and semantics: Vol. 4 by John Kimbal, P. 2 eksemplarer4
Syntax and Semantics: Vol 5 Japanese generative grammar by Masayoshi Shibatani 1 eksemplar5
Syntax and Semantics: Vol. 6 The Grammar of causative constructions by Masayoshi Shibatani 1 eksemplar6
Syntax and semantics volume 7: notes from the linguistic underground by James D. McCawley 5 eksemplarer7
Syntax and Semantics, Volume 8: Grammatical Relations by Peter Cole 4 eksemplarer8
Syntax and Semantics, vol. 9: Pragmatics by Peter Cole 6 eksemplarer9
Syntax and Semantics: Vol. 10 Selections from the third Groningen Round Table by Frank Heny 1 eksemplar10
Syntax and Semantics: Vol. 11 Presupposition by Choon-Kyu Oh 3 eksemplarer11
Discourse and Syntax (Syntax and Semantics Volume 12) by Talmy Givón 7 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse12
Syntax and Semantics: Vol. 13 Current approaches to syntax by Edith A. Moravcsik 4 eksemplarer13
Syntax and Semantics, Volume 14: Tense and Aspect by Annie Zaenen 3 eksemplarer14
Syntax and Semantics: Vol. 15 Studies in transitivity by Paul J. Hopper 3 eksemplarer15
The Syntax of native American languages by Alan Cook 2 eksemplarer16
Syntax and Semantics: Vol.17 Composite predicates in English by N. R. Cattell 1 eksemplar17
Syntax and Semantics: Vol. 18 Diachronic syntax : the Kartvelian case by Alice C. Harris 3 eksemplarer18
Syntax and Semantics: Vol. 19 The syntax of pronominal clitics by Hagit Borer 2 eksemplarer19
Discontinous Constituency (Syntax and Semantics, Vol. 20) by Geoffrey J. Huck 6 eksemplarer20
Syntax and Semantics: Vol. 21 Thematic relations by Wendy Wilkins 4 eksemplarer21
Structure and Case Marking in Japanese, Volume 22 (Syntax and Semantics) by Shigeru Miyagawa 5 eksemplarer22
Syntax and semantics. Vol.23, Syntax of the modern Celtic languages by Randall Hendrick 4 eksemplarer23
Modern Icelandic Syntax, Volume 24 (Syntax and Semantics) (Syntax and Semantics) (Syntax & Semantics) by Joan Maling 4 eksemplarer24
Syntax and Semantics: Vol. 25 Perspectives on phrase structure: heads and licensing by Susan D. (ed.) Rothstein 5 eksemplarer25
Syntax and semantics. Vol.26, Syntax and the lexicon by Tim Stowell 5 eksemplarer26
The Syntactic Structure of Hungarian, Volume 27 (Syntax and Semantics) (Syntax and Semantics) by Ferenc Kiefer 3 eksemplarer27
Syntax and Semantics: Vol. 28 Small clauses by Anna Cardinaletti 2 eksemplarer28
Syntax and Semantics: Vol. 29 The limits of syntax by Peter W. Culicover 1 eksemplar29
Complex Predicates in Nonderivational Syntax, Volume 30 (Syntax and Semantics) by Erhard Hinrichs 1 eksemplar30
Syntax and Semantics, Volume 31: A Cross-Linguistic Perspective: Sentence Processing (Syntax and Semantics) by Carl Pollard 6 eksemplarer31
The Nature and Function of Syntactic Categories (Syntax and Semantics, Vol 32) (Syntax and Semantics) by Robert D. Borsley 6 eksemplarer32
Long Distance Reflexives, Volume 33 (Syntax and Semantics) by Peter Cole 7 eksemplarer33
Lexical-Functional Grammar (Syntax and Semantics, Volume 34) (Syntax and Semantics) by Mary Dalrymple 10 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse34
The Dynamics of Language, Volume 35: An Introduction (Syntax and Semantics) by Ronnie Cann 5 eksemplarer35
Mictovariations in Syntactic Doubling (Syntax and Semantics) by Barbiers 3 eksemplarer36
Experiments at the interfaces by Jeffrey T. Runner 4 eksemplarer37
The end of argument structure? by Maria Cristina Cuervo 3 eksemplarer38
Crosslinguistic studies on noun phrase structure and reference by Patricia Cabredo Hofherr 3 eksemplarer39
Approaches to Complex Predicates (Syntax and Semantics) by Léa Nash 5 eksemplarer41


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