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Oil supply in Australia's defence strategy (Canberra Paper No. 1) by Alex Hunter 1 eksemplar1
The strategic situation in the 1980's; an exercise in forecasting (Canberra Paper No. 2) by Geoffrey Jukes 1 eksemplar2
Australia and the non-proliferation treaty (Canberra Paper No. 3) by James L. Richardson 2 eksemplarer3
An Australian nuclear force : some economic considerations (Canberra Paper No. 4) by Ian Bellany 1 eksemplar4
The strategy of General Giap since 1964 (Canberra Paper No. 6) by Robert J. O'Neill 1 eksemplar6
Japan and nuclear China; Japanese reactions to China's nuclear weapons (Canberra Paper No. 9) by John Welfield 1 eksemplar9
Conscription and Australian military capability (Canberra Paper No. 11) by Darcy McGaurr 2 eksemplarer11
The strategy of total withholding (Canberra Paper No. 12) by Geoffrey Peter King 1 eksemplar12
Chinese strategic thinking under Mao Tse-tung (Canberra Paper No. 13) by W. A. C. Adie 1 eksemplar13
The development of Soviet strategic thinking since 1945 (Canberra Paper No. 14) by Geoffrey Jukes 1 eksemplar14
The Moscow agreements and strategic arms limitation (Canberra Paper No. 15) by Hedley Bull 1 eksemplar15
Arms limitation in south-east Asia : a proposal (Canberra Paper No. 16) by R. H. (Ronald Herman) Huisken 1 eksemplar16
The development of Australian Army officers for the 1980's (Canberra Paper No. 17) by Ross Babbage 2 eksemplarer17
The horn of Africa : regional conflict and super power involvement (Canberra Paper No. 18) by Mohammed Ayoob 2 eksemplarer18
Strategic factors in interstate relations in south Asia (Canberra Paper No. 19) by S. E. Kodikara 2 eksemplarer19
The cruise missile and arms control (Canberra Paper No. 20) by R. H. (Ronald Herman) Huisken 2 eksemplarer20
The Persian Gulf : arms and arms control (Canberra Paper No. 21) by K. R. Singh 1 eksemplar21
Arms build-up and development : linkages in the Third World (Canberra Paper No. 22) by S. D. Muni 1 eksemplar22
Conflict and cooperation in the Indian Ocean : Pakistan's interests and choices (Canberra Paper No. 23) by Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema 1 eksemplar23
Nuclear weapons spread and Australian policy (Canberra Paper No. 24) by John J. Weltman 1 eksemplar24
The security of small states in the Third World (Canberra Paper No. 25) by Talukder Maniruzzaman 1 eksemplar25
Nuclear proliferation in South Asia : security in the 1980's (Canberra Paper No. 26) by Ram Rajan Subramanian 1 eksemplar26
The problem of command in the Australian defence force environment (Canberra Paper No. 27) by Geoffrey Hartnell 1 eksemplar27
The Chinese People's Liberation Army, 1980-82 : modernisation, strategy and politics (Canberra Paper No. 28) by Ngok Lee 2 eksemplarer28
The Soviet Union in Southeast Asia (Canberra Paper No. 29) by F. A. Mediansky 1 eksemplar29
ASEAN-Indochina relations since 1975 : the politics of accommodation (Canberra Paper No. 30) by Kannan K. Nair 1 eksemplar30
Japanese defence policy since 1976 : latest trends (Canberra Paper No. 31) by K. V Kesavan 2 eksemplarer31
Limited world war? (Canberra Paper No. 32) by Neville Brown 3 eksemplarer32
The strategic implications for Australia and the new law of the sea (Canberra papers on strategy and defence) by D. B. Nichols 2 eksemplarer33
Low level conflict contingencies and Australian defence policy (Canberra Paper No. 34) by Tony Godfrey-Smith 3 eksemplarer34
The terrorist threat to diplomacy: An Australian perspective by Andrew Selth 2 eksemplarer35
Problems in Australian defence planning (Canberra Paper No. 36) by Ray Sunderland 1 eksemplar36
Nuclear pre-emption and crisis stability, 1985-1990 (Canberra papers on strategy and defence) by Robert D Glasser 3 eksemplarer37
Australian higher command in the Vietnam War (Canberra Paper No. 40) by D. M. Horner 2 eksemplarer40
Command structure of the Australian Defence Force (Canberra Paper No. 41) by F. W. Speed 1 eksemplar41
The Afghanistan conflict : Gorbachev's options by Amin Saikal 3 eksemplarer42
Australia's secret space programs (Canberra Paper No. 43) by Desmond Ball 2 eksemplarer43
U.S. Bases in the Philippines: Issues and Implications. by Desmond Ball 3 eksemplarer46
Soviet signals intelligence (SIGINT) (Canberra papers on strategy and defence) by Desmond Ball 4 eksemplarer47
Australia and the global strategic balance (Canberra Paper No. 49) by Desmond Ball 1 eksemplar49
Organising an army: The Australian experience 1957-1965 by J. C. Blaxland 3 eksemplarer50
Defending the northern gateway (Canberra Paper No. 52) by P. F. Donovan 3 eksemplarer52
China's crisis : the international implications (Canberra Paper No. 57) by Gary Klintworth 1 eksemplar57
Index to parliamentary questions on defence 1989 by Gary Brown 2 eksemplarer58
Controlling civil maritime activities in a defence contingency (Canberra Paper No. 59) by W. A. G Dovers 2 eksemplarer59
The strategic significance of Torres Strait (Canberra Paper No. 61) by Ross Babbage 1 eksemplar61
Vietnam's withdraw from Cambodia : regional issues and realignments (Canberra Paper No. 64) by Gary Klintworth 1 eksemplar64
Prospects for crisis prediction : a South Pacific case study (Canberra Paper No. 65) by Ken Ross 2 eksemplarer65
Bougainville, perspectives on a crisis (Canberra Paper No. 66) by Peter Polomka 1 eksemplar66
The Security of Oceania in the 1990s, Volume 2: Managing Change (Canberra Paper No. 68) by David Hegarty 2 eksemplarer68
Australia and the world: Prologue and prospects by Desmond Ball 2 eksemplarer69
Singapore's defence industries (Canberra Paper No. 70 by Bilveer Singh 1 eksemplar70
RAAF Air Power Doctrine: A Collection of Contemporary Essays by Gary Waters 3 eksemplarer71
South Pacific security : issues and perspectives (Canberra Paper No. 72) by Desmond Ball 2 eksemplarer72
The Northern Territory in the defence of Australia: Strategic and operational considerations by Desmond Ball 4 eksemplarer73
The architect of victory: air campaigns for Australia by Gary Waters 2 eksemplarer74
Modern Taiwan in the 1990s (Canberra Paper No. 75) by Gary Klintworth 1 eksemplar75
New technology : implications for regional and Australian security (Canberra Paper No. 76) by Desmond Ball 1 eksemplar76
Reshaping the Australian Army: challenges for the 1990s by D. M. Horner 2 eksemplarer77
The intelligence war in the Gulf (Canberra Paper No. 78) by Desmond Ball 1 eksemplar78
Soviet SIGINT : Hawaii operation (Canberra Paper No. 80) by Desmond Ball 1 eksemplar80
Chasing gravity's rainbow : Kwajalein and US ballistic missile testing (Canberra Paper No. 81) by Owen Wilkes 1 eksemplar81
Australia's threat perceptions : a search for security (Canberra Paper No. 82) by Alan Dupont 2 eksemplarer82
Australia's security interests in northeast Asia by Alan Dupont 2 eksemplarer84
Finance and financial policy in defence contingencies (Canberra Paper No. 85) by Paul Lee 2 eksemplarer85
Mine warfare in Australia's first line of defence (Canberra Paper No. 86) by Alan Hinge 1 eksemplar86
Hong Kong's future as a regional transport hub (Canberra Paper No. 87) by P. J. Rimmer 1 eksemplar87
The Gulf War : Australia's role and Asian-Pacific responses by J. Mohan Malik 3 eksemplarer90
Defence aspects of Australia's space activities by Desmond Ball 3 eksemplarer91
The origins of Australian diplomatic intelligence in Asia, 1933-1941 (Canberra Paper No. 96) by Wayne Gobert 2 eksemplarer96
Japan as peacekeeper : Samurai state, or new civilian power? by Peter Polomka 2 eksemplarer97
Indonesian defence policy and the Indonesian armed forces (Canberra Paper No. 99) by Bob Lowry 1 eksemplar99
Regional security in the South Pacific : the quarter-century 1970-95 (Canberra Paper No. 100) by Ken Ross 1 eksemplar100
The United Nations and crisis management : six studies (Canberra Paper No. 104) by Coral Bell 1 eksemplar104
Vanuatu's 1980 Santo rebellion : international responses to a microstate security crisis (Canberra Paper No. 107) by Matthew Gubb 1 eksemplar107
The development of Australian Army doctrine, 1945-1964 (Canberra Paper No. 108) by M. C. J. Welburn 1 eksemplar108
The Navy and national security : the peacetime dimension (Canberra Paper No. 109) by R. J. Sherwood 1 eksemplar109
Signals intelligence (SIGINT) in South Korea (Canberra Paper No. 110) by Desmond Ball 2 eksemplarer110
India looks east : an emerging power and its Asia-Pacific neighbours (Canberra Paper No. 111) by Sandy Gordon 1 eksemplar111
Transforming the Tatmadaw : the Burmese armed forces since 1988 (Canberra Paper No. 113) by Andrew Selth 1 eksemplar113
Security and security building in the Indian Ocean region (Canberra Paper No. 116) by Sandy Gordon 2 eksemplarer116
Australian defence planning : five views from policy makers (Canberra Paper No. 120) by Denny Roy 1 eksemplar120
Missile diplomacy and Taiwan's future : innovations in politics and military power (Canberra Paper No. 122) by Greg Austin 3 eksemplarer122
Regional maritime management and security by W. S. G. Bateman 4 eksemplarer124
The environment and security: What are the linkages? by Alan Dupont 3 eksemplarer125
'Educating an army' : Australian army doctrinal development and the operational experience in South Vietnam, 1965-72 (Canberra Paper No. 126) by R. N. Bushby 1 eksemplar126
South Africa and security building in the Indian Ocean Rim by Greg Mills 2 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse127
Shipping and regional security by Sam Bateman 3 eksemplarer129
Maintaining the strategic edge : the defence of Australia in 2015 (Canberra Paper No. 133) by Desmond Ball 2 eksemplarer133
Armed rebellion in the ASEAN states : persistence and implications (Canberra Paper No. 135) by Andrew T.H. Tan 1 eksemplar135
Burma's secret military partners by Andrew Selth 3 eksemplarer136
The Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP) : it's record and its prospects (Canberra Paper No. 139) by Desmond Ball 3 eksemplarer139
The real C-cubed : culture, careers and climate and how they affect military capability (Canberra Paper No. 143) by Nick Jans 2 eksemplarer143
The human face of security : Asia-Pacific perspectives (Canberra Paper No. 144) by David Dickens 1 eksemplar144
Small arms production and transfers in Southeast Asia (Canberra Paper No. 146) by David H. Capie 2 eksemplarer146
Countering terror : new directions post '911' (Canberra Paper No. 147) by Clive Williams 1 eksemplar147
The road to war on Iraq by Ronald Huisken 2 eksemplarer148
Burma's muslims: terrorists or terrorised? (Canberra Paper No. 150) by Andrew Selth 2 eksemplarer150
Ballistic missile defence for Australia : policies, requirements and options (Canberra Paper No. 151) by Stephan Frühling 2 eksemplarer151
ASEAN, Australia and the management of the Jemaah Islamiyah threat (Canberra Paper No. 152) by Bilveer Singh 2 eksemplarer152
Arming the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) : trends and implications (Canberra Paper No. 153) by Bilveer Singh 1 eksemplar153
Burma's North Korean gambit : a challenge to regional security? by Andrew Selth 3 eksemplarer154
Disease security in Northeast Asia : biological weapons and natural plagues (Canberra Paper No. 156) by Christian Enemark 1 eksemplar156
Transforming the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for information superiority (Canberra Paper No. 159) by Gary Waters 1 eksemplar159
Forewarned forearmed : Australian specialist intelligence support in South Vietnam, 1966-1971 (Canberra Paper No. 160) by Blair Tidey 1 eksemplar160
Essays on Australian defence (Canberra Paper No. 161) by Paul Dibb 2 eksemplarer161
New depths in Australia-US relations: The Collins Class Submarine project by Maryanne Kelton 2 eksemplarer162
Ethics of war in a time of terror (Canberra Paper No. 163) by Christian Enemark 3 eksemplarer163
Track 2 diplomacy in Asia: Australian and New Zealand engagement by Brendan Taylor 3 eksemplarer164
Australia and Cyber-warfare by Gary Waters 6 eksemplarer168
Defence Policy-Making A Close-Up View, 1950-1980: A Personal Memoir by Arthur Tange 4 eksemplarer169
Remembering Hedley by Meredith Thatcher 6 eksemplarer170
Howard's long march : the strategic depiction of China in Howard government policy, 1996-2006 (Canberra Paper No. 172) by Roy Campbell McDowall 3 eksemplarer172
The architecture of security in the Asia-Pacific (Canberra Paper No. 174) by Ronald Huisken 3 eksemplarer174


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