SerierLecture Notes in Statistics

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R.A. Fisher: An Appreciation by Stephen E. Fienberg 6 eksemplarer1
Statistical Analysis of Weather Modification Experiments by Edward J. Wegman 2 eksemplarer
Stochastic monotonicity and queueing applications of birth-death processes by Erik van Doorn 2 eksemplarer4
Stationary random processes associated with point processes by Tomasz Rolski 4 eksemplarer5
Differential-Geometrical Methods in Statistics by Shun-Ichi Amari 4 eksemplarer28
Metric methods for analyzing partially ranked data by Douglas E. Critchlow 4 eksemplarer34
Palm Probabilities and Stationary Queues by François Baccelli 3 eksemplarer41
Bayesian Spectrum Analysis and Parameter Estimation by G. Larry Bretthorst 8 eksemplarer48
Extremal Families and Systems of Sufficient Statistics by Steffen L. Lauritzen 2 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse49
Probability Models and Statistical Analyses for Ranking Data by Michael A. Fligner 3 eksemplarer80
Pivotal Measures in Statistical Experiments and Sufficiency by S. Fienberg 2 eksemplarer84
Mixing: Properties and Examples by Paul Doukhan 3 eksemplarer85
Series Approximation Methods in Statistics by John E. Kolassa 13 eksemplarer88
Stochastic Visibility in Random Fields by Shelemyahu Zacks 1 eksemplar95
Random Sums and Branching Stochastic Processes by Ibrahim Rahimov 3 eksemplarer96
The Weighted Bootstrap by Philippe Barbe 3 eksemplarer98
Branching Processes: Proceedings of the First World Congress by C.C. Heyde 1 eksemplar99
Wavelets and Statistics by Anestis Antoniadis 2 eksemplarer103
Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics: Vol II by Constantine Gatsonis 5 eksemplarer105
Indirect Estimators in U.S. Federal Programs by Wesley L. Schaible 1 eksemplar108
Robust Statistics, Data Analysis, and Computer Intensive Methods by Helmut Rieder 3 eksemplarer109
Nonparametric Statistics for Stochastic Processes: Estimation and Prediction by Denis Bosq 11 eksemplarer110
Statistical Disclosure Control in Practice by L. C. R. J. Willenborg 2 eksemplarer111
Bayesian Learning for Neural Networks by Radford M. Neal 7 eksemplarer118
Applications of Computer Aided Time Series Modeling by Masanao Aoki 2 eksemplarer119
Latent Variable Modeling and Applications to Causality by Maia Berkane 4 eksemplarer120
Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics: Vol III by Constantine Gatsonis 1 eksemplar121
Modelling longitudinal and spatially correlated data by T. G. Gregoire 4 eksemplarer122
Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods 1996: Proceedings of a Conference at the University of Salzburg, Austria, July by Harald Niederreiter 7 eksemplarer127
Wavelets, Approximation, and Statistical Applications by Wolfgang Härdle 6 eksemplarer129
Case studies in environmental statistics by Douglas Nychka 2 eksemplarer132
Discretization and MCMC Convergence Assessment by Christian P. Robert 2 eksemplarer135
The inverse Gaussian distribution : statistical theory and applications by V. Seshadri 2 eksemplarer137
Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics: Vol IV by Constantine Gatsonis 2 eksemplarer140
Graphical Methods for the Design of Experiments by Russell R. Barton 2 eksemplarer143
Studies in the atmospheric sciences by L. Mark Berliner 2 eksemplarer144
Measuring Risk in Complex Stochastic Systems by Jürgen Franke 4 eksemplarer147
Robust Bayesian Analysis by David Rios Insua 4 eksemplarer152
Topics in survey sampling by Parimal Mukhopadhyay 1 eksemplar153
Essays on Item Response Theory by Anne Boomsma 2 eksemplarer157
Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics by Constantine Gatsonis 1 eksemplar167
Statistical Matching by Susanne Rässler 3 eksemplarer168
Nonlinear Estimation and Classification by David D. Denison 1 eksemplar171
Linear Regression by Jürgen Gross 8 eksemplarer175
Nonparametric Monte Carlo Tests and Their Applications by Lixing Zhu 5 eksemplarer182
Dependence in Probability and Statistics by Patrice Bertail 8 eksemplarer187
The Nature of Statistical Evidence by Bill Thompson 2 eksemplarer189
Weak Dependence: With Examples and Applications by Jérôme Dedecker 6 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse190
Semi-Markov Chains and Hidden Semi-Markov Models toward Applications: Their Use in Reliability and DNA Analysis by Vlad Stefan Barbu 6 eksemplarer191
Random Effect and Latent Variable Model Selection by David B. Dunson 7 eksemplarer192
Deconvolution Problems in Nonparametric Statistics by Alexander Meister 3 eksemplarer193
Computation of Multivariate Normal and t Probabilities by Alan Genz 2 eksemplarer195
Advances in Social Science Research Using R by Hrishikesh (Rick) D. Vinod 11 eksemplarer196
Multivariate Nonparametric Methods with R: An Approach Based on Spatial Signs and Ranks by Hannu Oja 19 eksemplarer199
Synthetic datasets for statistical disclosure control : theory and implementation by Jörg Drechsler 6 eksemplarer201
Looking Back: Proceedings of a Conference in Honor of Paul W. Holland by Neil J. Dorans 6 eksemplarer202
Inverse Problems and High-Dimensional Estimation: Stats in the Château Summer School, August 31 - September 4, 2009 by Pierre Alquier 7 eksemplarer203
Generalized estimating equations by Andreas Ziegler 7 eksemplarer204
Probability Approximations and Beyond by Andrew D. Barbour 5 eksemplarer205
Advances and Challenges in Space-time Modelling of Natural Events by Emilio Porcu 6 eksemplarer207


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