SerierNumismatic notes and monographs

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Coin Hoards, NNM 1 by Sydney P. Noe 1 eksemplar1
The Coinage of Metapontum, Parts 1 and 2 by Sydney P. Noe 4 eksemplarer
Octobols of Histiaea, NNM 2 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar2
Alexander Hoards: Introduction and Kyparissia Hoard, NNM 3 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar3
The Mexican Revolutionary Coinage 1913-1916 by Howland Wood 1 eksemplar4
The Jenny Lind Medals and Tokens, NNM 5 by Leonidas Westervelt 1 eksemplar5
Five Roman Gold Medallions or Multiple Solidi of the Late Empire, NNM 6 by Agnes Baldwin 1 eksemplar6
The Medallic Work of A. A. Weinman, NNM 7 by Sydney P. Noe 1 eksemplar7
The Mint of the Philippine Islands, NNM 8 by Gilbert S. Perez 1 eksemplar8
Computing Jetons, NNM 9 by David E. Smith 1 eksemplar9
The First Seleucid Coinage of Tyre by Edward T. Newell 2 eksemplarer10
French Orders and Decorations, NNM 11 by Harrold E. Gillingham 1 eksemplar11
The Gold Dollars of 1858 with Notes of the Other Issues, NNM 12 by Howland Wood 1 eksemplar12
The Pre-Mohammedan Coinage of Northwestern India, NNM 13 by R. B. Whitehead 1 eksemplar13
Attambelos I of Characene, NNM 14 by George F. Hill 1 eksemplar14
ΤΑΡΑΣ ΟΙΚΙΣΤΗΣ: a contribution to Tarentine numismatics by Michel P. Vlasto 1 eksemplar15
The Commemorative Coinage of the United States, NNM 16 by Howland Wood 1 eksemplar16
Six Roman Bronze Medallions, NNM 17 by Agnes Baldwin 1 eksemplar17
The Tegucigalpa Coinage of 1823, NNM 18 by Howland Wood 1 eksemplar18
Alexander Hoards, NNM 19 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar19
Italian Orders of Chivalry and Medals of Honor, NNM 20 by Harrold E. Gillingham 3 eksemplarer20
Alexander Hoards: Andritsaena, NNM 21 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar21
A Hoard from Side, NNM 22 by C. T. Seltman 2 eksemplarer22
A Cretan Coin Hoard, NNM 23 by Richard B. Seager 1 eksemplar23
The Coinage of Aegina, NNM 24 by Samuel R. Milbank 1 eksemplar24
A Bibliography of Greek Coin Hoards, NNM 25 by Sydney P. Noe 1 eksemplar25
Mithradates of Parthia and Hyspaosines of Characene: A Numismatic Palimpsest, NNM 26 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar26
The Mende (Kaliandra) Hoard, NNM 27 by Sydney P. Noe 1 eksemplar27
Four Medallions from the Arras Hoard, NNM 28 by Arras Baldwin 1 eksemplar28
The Earliest Coins of Norway, NNM 29 by H. Alexander Parsons 2 eksemplarer29
Some Unpublished Coins of Eastern Dynasts, NNM 30 by Edward T. Newell 2 eksemplarer30
Spanish Orders of Chivalry and Decorations of Honour, NNM 31 by Harrold E. Gillingham 1 eksemplar31
The Coinage of Metapontum, Part 1 by Sydney P. Noe 1 eksemplar32
Two Recent Egyptian Hoards, NNM 33 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar33
The Second and Third Seleucid Coinage of Tyre, NNM 34 by Edgar Rogers 1 eksemplar34
The Anonymous Byzantine Bronze Coinage, NNM 35 by Alfred R. Bellinger 1 eksemplar35
Notes on the decorations and medals of the French colonies and protectorates by Harrold E. Gillingham 3 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse36
The "Colts" of Ambracia, NNM 37 by Oscar Ravel 1 eksemplar37
The Coinage of the Mexican Revolutionists, NNM 38 by Howland Wood 1 eksemplar38
Alexander Hoards Olympia, NNM 39 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar39
Fifth and fourth century gold coins from the Thracian coast by Allen B. West 4 eksemplarer40
The Leper Colony Currency of Culion, NNM 41 by Gilbert S. Perez 1 eksemplar41
Two Hoards of Attic Bronze Coins, NNM 42 by Alfred R. Bellinger 2 eksemplarer42
The Caparelli Hoard, NNM 43 by D. H. Cox 1 eksemplar43
On the Coins of Narbonensis with Iberian Inscriptions, NNM 44 by George F. Hill 1 eksemplar44
A Mint in New York, NNM 45 by Bauman Lowe Belden 2 eksemplarer45
The Küchük Köhne hoard by Edward T. Newell 2 eksemplarer46
The Coinage of Metapontum, Part 2 by Sydney P. Noe 1 eksemplar47
United States Half Dimes by D.W. Valentine 6 eksemplarer48
Two Roman Hoards from Dura-Europos, NNM 49 by Alfred R. Bellinger 1 eksemplar49
Notes on the Ancient Coinage of Hispania Citerior, NNM 50 by George F. Hill 2 eksemplarer50
The Russian Imperial Orders, NNM 51 by Alan W Hazelton 3 eksemplarer51
Corinthian Hoards (Corinth and Arta), NNM 52 by Oscar Ravel 1 eksemplar52
The Symbols on Staters of Corinthian Type, NNM 53 by Jean B. Cammann 1 eksemplar53
An Egyptian Hoard of the Second Century, A.D., NNM 54 by Shirley H. Weber 1 eksemplar54
The Third and Fourth Dura Hoards, NNM 55 by Alfred R. Bellinger 1 eksemplar55
South American Decorations and War Medals, NNM 56 by Harrold Gillingham 2 eksemplarer56
Greek and Roman Plated Coins, NNM 57 by William Campbell 1 eksemplar57
The Fifth Dura Hoard, NNM 58 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar58
Two Hoards From Minturno, NNM 60 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar60
The Gampola Larin Hoard, NNM 61 by Howland Wood 1 eksemplar61
The Melos Hoard of 1907, NNM 62 by Jo Milne 2 eksemplarer62
The Mexican Mints of Alamos and Hermosillo, NNM 63 by A. F. Pradeau 1 eksemplar63
A Hoard from Siphnos, NNM 64 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar64
Romano-British Imitations of Bronze Coins of Claudius I, NNM 65 by C. H. V. Sutherland 1 eksemplar65
Ephemeral Decorations, NNM 66 by Harrold E. Gillingham 1 eksemplar66
A bibliography of Byzantine coin hoards by Sawyer Mosser 1 eksemplar67
Five Greek Bronze Coin Hoards, NNM 68 by Edward Theodore Newell 5 eksemplarer68
The Sixth, Seventh and Tenth Dura Hoards, NNM 69 by Alfred R. Bellinger 1 eksemplar69
Greek Bronze Coins from a Well at Megara, NNM 70 by Frederick O. Waage 2 eksemplarer70
The Thurian Di-Staters, NNM 71 by Sydney P. Noe 1 eksemplar71
The Coinage of the Second Saffarid Dynasty in Sistan by John Walker 2 eksemplarer72
The Seleucid Coinages of Tyre(A Supplement), NNM 73 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar73
An Achaean League Hoard, NNM 74 by Margaret Crosby 1 eksemplar74
The Pergamene Mint Under Philetaerus, NNM 76 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar76
Aramaic Graffiti on Coins of Demanhur, NNM 77 by C. Charles Torrey 1 eksemplar77
A Bibliography of Greek Coin Hoards (Second Edition), NNM 78 by Sydney P. Noe 1 eksemplar78
A Hoard of Folles From Seltz (Alsace), NNM 79 by Naphtali Lewis 1 eksemplar79
The Richborough Hoard of 'Radiates,' 1931, NNM 80 by Harold Mattingly 1 eksemplar80
Coins from Jerash, 1928-1934, NNM 81 by Alfred R. Bellinger 1 eksemplar81
Miscellanea Numismatica: Cyrene to India, NNM 82 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar82
The Commemorative Coinage of the United States 1892-1938, NNM 83 by David M. Bullowa 1 eksemplar83
Late Seleucid Mints in Ake-Ptolemais and Damascus, NNM 84 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar84
The Eighth and Ninth Dura Hoards, NNM 85 by Alfred R. Bellinger 1 eksemplar85
Counterfeiting in Colonial Pennsylvania, NNM 86 by Harrold Gillingham 2 eksemplarer86
A Byzantine weight validated by al-Walīd by George C. Miles 2 eksemplarer87
A Puerto Rican Counter-Stamp, NNM 88 by Jaime Gonzalez 1 eksemplar88
Mexican Decorations of Honour, NNM 89 by Harrold E. Gillingham 1 eksemplar89
Temples of Rome as Coin Types, NNM 90 by Donald Brown 1 eksemplar90
The Earlier Staters of Heraclea Lucaniae, NNM 91 by Eunice Work 1 eksemplar91
A Tarsus Coin Collection in the Adana Museum, NNM 92 by D. H. Cox 1 eksemplar92
Foreign Imitations of the English Noble, NNM 93 by Herbert E. Ives 1 eksemplar93
Gold and Silver Coin Standards in the Roman Empire by Louis West 2 eksemplarer94
The Silver Dollars of the United States of America, NNM 95 by Arthur D. McIlvaine 2 eksemplarer95
Kolophon and its coinage : a study by J. G. Milne 2 eksemplarer96
The Endicott Gift of Greek and Roman Coins: Including the "Catacombs" Hoard, NNM 97 by Sawyer Mosser 1 eksemplar97
The Medals of the United States Army Medical Department and Medals Honoring Army Officers, NNM 98 by Edgar E. Hume 1 eksemplar98
Sycee Silver, NNM 99 by Phares O. Sigler 1 eksemplar99
The Castine Deposit: An American Hoard, NNM 100 by Sydeney P. Noe 1 eksemplar100
A Numismatic Bibliography of the Far East, NNM 101 by Howard Bowker 1 eksemplar101
The New England and Willow Tree Coinages of Massachusetts, NNM 102 by Sydney P. Noe 1 eksemplar102
An Inscribed Chinese Ingot of the XII Century A.D., NNM 103 by Nai Chi Chang 1 eksemplar103
Early American currency : some notes on the development of paper money in the New England colonies, with 36 reproductions of engraved and typographic specimens by George McKay 2 eksemplarer104
The Byzantine Hoard of Lagbe, NNM 105 by Edward T. Newell 1 eksemplar105
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesos, NNM 107 by Bluma Trell 1 eksemplar107
The Coinage of Rhesaena in Mesopotamia, NNM 108 by Karel O. Castelin 1 eksemplar108
Coins of Tingi with Latin Legends, NNM 109 by Aline A. Boyce 1 eksemplar109
The Oak Tree Coinage of Massachusetts, NNM 110 by Sydney P. Noe 2 eksemplarer110
Early Arabic Glass Weights and Stamps, NNM 111 by George C. Miles 1 eksemplar111
"Barbarous radiates" : imitations of third-century Roman coins by Philip V. Hill 3 eksemplarer112
Notes on the Early Coinage of Transoxiana, NNM 113 by Richard N. Frye 1 eksemplar113
Bank Note Reporters and Counterfeit Detectors 1826-1866, NNM 114 by William H. Dillistin 1 eksemplar114
Hacienda Tokens of Mexico, NNM 115 by O.P. Eklund 1 eksemplar115
Aspects of the Principate of Tiberius (Classic Reprint) by Michael Grant 2 eksemplarer116
Gold coins of Khoḳand and Bukhārā by C. Charles Torrey 1 eksemplar117
Rare Islamic Coins, NNM 118 by George Carpenter Miles 2 eksemplarer118
Notes on Syrian Coins, NNM 119 by Henri Seyrig 1 eksemplar119
Early Arabic Glass Weights and Stamps (Supplement), NNM 120 by George C. Miles 1 eksemplar120
Fāṭimid coins in the collection of the University Museum, Philadelphia, and the American Numismatic Society by George C. Miles 1 eksemplar121
Early Chinese Coinage, NNM 122 by Yu-ch'uan Wang 3 eksemplarer122
Barbarians on Roman imperial coins and sculpture by Annalina C. Levi 3 eksemplarer123
A Hoard of Silver Coins from Carystus, NNM 124 by David M. Robinson 2 eksemplarer124
The Pine Tree Coinage of Massachusetts, NNM 125 by Sydney P. Noe 2 eksemplarer125
Macedonian Regal Coinage to 413 B.C., NNM 126 by Doris Raymond 4 eksemplarer126
Counterfeiting in Colonial New York, NNM 127 by Kenneth Scott 2 eksemplarer127
The Venetian Gold Ducat and Its Imitations, NNM 128 by Herbert E. Ives 2 eksemplarer128
Chemical Composition of Parthian Coins, NNM 129 by Earle R. Caley 1 eksemplar129
Studies in the Numismatic History of Georgia in Transcaucasia, NNM 130 by David Marshall Lang 1 eksemplar130
The Coinage of the First Mint of the Americas at Mexico City 1536-1572, NNM 131 by Robert I. Nesmith 2 eksemplarer131
Counterfeiting in Colonial Pennsylvania, NNM 132 by Kenneth Scott 3 eksemplarer132
The Aes Coinage of Galba, NNM 133 by Colin Mackennal Kraay 3 eksemplarer133
The European League and its Coinage, NNM 134 by William P. Wallace 3 eksemplarer134
Coinage for Colonial Virginia, NNM 135 by Eric P. Newman 1 eksemplar135
Two Hoards of Persian Sigloi, NNM 136 by Sydney P. Noe 2 eksemplarer136
The Triumviral Portrait Gold of Quattuorviri Monetales of 42 B.C., NNM 137 by Theodore V. Buttrey 1 eksemplar137
Light Weight Solidi and Byzantine Trade During the Sixth and Seventh Centuries, NNM 138 by Howard L. Adelson 3 eksemplarer138
The coinage of the Ṭūlūnids by Oleg Grabar 2 eksemplarer139
Counterfeiting in Colonial Connecticut, NNM 140 by Kenneth Scott 1 eksemplar140
Contributions to Arabic Metrology I., NNM 141 by George C. Miles 2 eksemplarer141
The secret of the Good Samaritan shilling : supplemented with notes on other genuine and counterfeit Massachusetts silver coins by Eric P. Newman 1 eksemplar142
Excavation Coins from the Persepolis Region, NNM 143 by George Carpenter Miles 2 eksemplarer143
The Numismatic Iconography of Justinian II (685-695, 705-711 A. D.), NNM 144 by James D. Breckenridge 3 eksemplarer144
Coins from the Excavations at Curium (1932-1953), NNM 145 by D. H. Cox 4 eksemplarer145
Studies in Constantinian Chronology, NNM 146 by Patrick Bruun 1 eksemplar146
Coinage of Cilician Armenia by Paul Z. Bedoukian 4 eksemplarer147
A Bronze Hoard of the Period of Zeno I, NNM 148 by Howard L. Adelson 1 eksemplar148
Victory as a Coin Type, NNM 149 by Alfred R. Bellinger 2 eksemplarer149
Contributions to Arabix Metrology II., NNM 150 by George C. Miles 1 eksemplar150
Orichalcum and related ancient alloys: origin, composition, and manufacture, with special reference to the coinage of the Roman empire by Earle R. Caley 2 eksemplarer151
The barbaric tremissis in Spain and Southern France : Anastasius and Leovigild by Wallace J. Tomasini 2 eksemplarer152
Festal and Dated Coins of the Roman Empire: Four Papers by Aline A. Boyce 2 eksemplarer153
Metrological Tables, NNM 154 by Earle Caley 1 eksemplar154
The Confederate Coinage of the Arcadians in the Fifth Century B.C., NNM 155 by Roderick T. Williams 1 eksemplar155
The minting of Antoniniani 238-249, and the Smyrna hoard by Samuel Kennedy Eddy 2 eksemplarer156
Late Roman and Byzantine solidi found in Sweden and Denmark by Joan M Fagerlie 2 eksemplarer157
Carolingian coinage by Karl F. Morrison 3 eksemplarer158
The Agrinion hoard by Margaret Thompson 5 eksemplarer159
The coinage of the Arab amirs of Crete by George Carpenter Miles 5 eksemplarer160
The western coinages of Nero by David William MacDowall 1 eksemplar161
The coinage of the Lycian League by Hyla A. Troxell 11 eksemplarer162
The Venetian tornesello : a medieval colonial coinage by Alan M. Stahl 5 eksemplarer163
The Coinage of Metapontum Part 3 by Ann Johnston 5 eksemplarer164
A hoard of coins from eastern Parthia by Heidemarie Koch 2 eksemplarer165
The silver coinage of Cappadocia, Vespasian-Commodus by William E. Metcalf 6 eksemplarer166
The medals concerning John Law and the Mississippi system by John W. Adams 2 eksemplarer167
The Athenian Decadrachm (Numismatic Notes and Monographs) by Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert 5 eksemplarer168
Numismatic Finds of the Americas: An Inventory of American Coin Hoards, Shipwrecks, Single Finds, and Finds in Excavations (NNM 169) by John M. Kleeberg 3 eksemplarer169


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