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79 Værker Popularitet 30,732 (159 Medlemmer) 249 Bøger 2 Anmeldelser ½ 3.8
Interpreting Artifact Scatters: Contributions to Ploughzone Archaeology by A. J. Schofield 3 eksemplarer4
Recent Turkish coin hoards and numismatic studies by C. S. Lightfoot 2 eksemplarer7
Amber in Prehistoric Britain (Oxbow Monograph) by Curt W. Beck 1 eksemplar8
Archaeological sciences 1989 : proceedings of a conference on the application of scientific techniques to archaeology, Bradford, September 1989 by Paul Budd 2 eksemplarer9
Rock art and prehistory : papers presented to symposium G of the AURA Congress, Darwin 1988 by Paul G. Bahn 2 eksemplarer10
Papers on the Prehistoric Archaeology of Cranborne Chase (Oxbow Monograph) by John Barrett 2 eksemplarer11
Carvel Construction Technique: Papers from the Fifth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Amsterdam 1988 (Oxbow Monographs in Archaeology) by Reinder Reinders 3 eksemplarer12
Anatolian Iron Ages : the proceedings of the second Anatolian Iron Ages Colloquium held at İzmir, 4-8 May 1987 by Athan Çilingiroğlu 1 eksemplar13
The Chambered Tombs of South-West Wales (uk/ne-bur) by Christopher Thompson Barker 1 eksemplar14
The Early Church in Wales and the West (Oxbow Monograph) by Nancy Edwards 7 eksemplarer16
Farm abandonment in medieval and post-medieval Iceland : an interdisciplinary study by G. Sveinbjarnardottir 2 eksemplarer17
Geoprospection in the Archaeological Landscape (Oxbow Monographs in Archaeology) by Paul Spoerry 2 eksemplarer18
The followers of Horus : studies dedicated to Michael Allen Hoffman, 1944-1990 by Renée F. Friedman 3 eksemplarer20
All natural things : archaeology and the green debate by Lesley MacInnes 2 eksemplarer21
Everyday and Exotic Pottery from Europe by David Gaimster 3 eksemplarer23
Alluvial Archaeology in Britain (Oxbow Monograph ; 27) by Stuart Needham 2 eksemplarer27
An Archaeobotanical Guide to Root and Tuber Identification: Europe and South West Asia v. 1 (Oxbow Monographs in Ar by Jon G. Hather 1 eksemplar28
Arguments in Stone: Archaeological Research and the European Town in the First Millennium by M. O. H. Carver 1 eksemplar29
Sculpture from Arcadia and Laconia: Papers from the 1992 Conference in Athens by Olga Palagia 4 eksemplarer30
Easter Island Studies: Contributions to the History of Rapanui in Memory of William T. Mulloy (Oxbow Monographs in Archa by Steven Roger Fischer 1 eksemplar32
Trade and exchange in prehistoric Europe : proceedings of a conference held at the University of Bristol, April 1992 by Christopher Scarre 2 eksemplarer33
Skeletons in her Cupboard (Oxbow Monographs) by Anneke Clason 1 eksemplar34
Rock Art Studies: The Post-Stylistic Era or Where Do We Go from Here? : Papers Presented in Symposium a of the 2nd Aura by Michel Lorblanchet 1 eksemplar35
The Archaeology of Athens and Attica under the Democracy by William D. E. Coulson 2 eksemplarer37
Whither Environmental Archaeology? by Rosemary Luff 2 eksemplarer38
Museum Archaeology in Europe (Oxbow Monographs in Archaeology) by David R.M. Gaimster 1 eksemplar39
Settlement and economy in Italy, 1500 BC-AD 1500: papers of the Fifth Conference of Italian Archaeology by Neil Christie 1 eksemplar41
Experiment and Design: Archaeological Studies in Honour of John Coles by A. F. Harding 3 eksemplarer42
Traditional Metalworking in Kenya (Oxbow Monographs in Archaeology) by Jean Brown Sassoon 5 eksemplarer44
Rock Art Studies in the Americas by Jack Steinbring 8 eksemplarer45
The Medieval Landscape of Wessex (Oxbow Monographs in Archaeology, No. 46) by Michael Aston 2 eksemplarer46
Urban-Rural Connections: Perspectives from Environmental Archaeology (Symposia of the Association for Environmental Archaeology) by A. R. Hall 2 eksemplarer47
Archaeology in the Peloponnese : new excavations and research by Kenneth A. Sheedy 2 eksemplarer48
Art of the Mammoth Hunters: The Finds from Avdeevo (Oxbow Monographs) by Mariana Gvozdover 4 eksemplarer49
Originality in Byzantine Literature, Art and Music (Oxbow Monographs) by Antony Robert Littlewood 2 eksemplarer50
The archaeology of death in the ancient Near East by Stuart Campbell 1 eksemplar51
Roman Small Towns in Eastern England and Beyond by A.E. Brown 1 eksemplar52
Greek Papyri from Kellis (P.Kell.) by Klaas Anthony Worp 10 eksemplarer54
'Unbaked Urns of Rudely Shape' by Ian Kinnes 1 eksemplar55
Sites and sights of the Iron Age : essays on fieldwork and museum research presented to Ian Mathieson Stead by Barry Raftery 2 eksemplarer56
Neolithic Houses in Northwest Europe and Beyond by Timothy Darvill 5 eksemplarer57
Interpreting Roman London : papers in memory of Hugh Chapman (Oxbow monograph ; 58) by Joanna Bird 4 eksemplarer58
Dragonby: A Report on Excavations at an Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement in North Lincolnshire by Jeffrey May 3 eksemplarer61
Greek and Roman Oared Warships 399-30BC (Oxbow Monographs) by John Morrison 13 eksemplarer62
Archaeological Sciences 1995 : proceesings of a conference on the application of scientific techniques to the study of archaeology : Liverpool, July 1995 by Anthony Sinclair 3 eksemplarer64
Finds from Roman Aldborough (Oxbow Monographs in Archaeology) by M. C. Bishop 2 eksemplarer65
From function to monument: urban landscapes of Roman Palestine, Syria and Provincia Arabia by Arthur Segal 4 eksemplarer66
Athenian potters and painters : the conference proceedings by John Howard Oakley 2 eksemplarer67
The Logboats of Scotland (Oxbow Monographs) by Robert J. C. Mowat 7 eksemplarer68
Kellis Literary Texts (Dakhleh Oasis Project Monograph) Volume 1 by Iain Gardner 2 eksemplarer69
The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Empingham II, Rutland by Jane R. Timby 6 eksemplarer70
Reconstructing Iron Age societies : new approaches to the British Iron Age by Adam Gwilt 5 eksemplarer71
Rock Art Studies: News of the World I by Paul G. Bahn 4 eksemplarer72
The Study of the Past in the Victorian Age by Vanessa Brand 2 eksemplarer73
Sacred mound, holy rings : Silbury Hill and the West Kennet palisade enclosures : a later Neolithic complex in north Wiltshire by Alasdair Whittle 3 eksemplarer74
Numismatic archaeology, archaeological numismatics : proceedings of an international conference held to honour Dr. Mando Oeconomides in Athens 1995 by Kenneth A. Sheedy 3 eksemplarer75
The Great Barn of Bredon by F. W. B. Charles 5 eksemplarer76
Sequence and space in Pompeii by Sara E. Bon 5 eksemplarer77
Old Sleaford Revealed by Sheila M. Elsdon 1 eksemplar78
Nonsuch Palace: Domestic Material by Martin Biddle 6 eksemplarer79
Landscape and settlement in Medieval Wales by Nancy Edwards 3 eksemplarer81
Scalloway : a broch, late Iron Age settlement and medieval cemetery in Shetland by Niall Sharples 4 eksemplarer82
Not So Much a Pot: More a Way of Life (Oxbow Monographs) by C. Cumberpatch 4 eksemplarer83
Artefacts from Wrecks: Dated Assemblages from the Late Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution by Mark Redknap 11 eksemplarer84
Neolithic Landscape (Neolithic Studies Group Seminar Papers) by Peter Topping 2 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse86
Explorations in Motoring History: The Proceedings of the First United Kingdom History of Motoring Conference, 12th October 1996 (Bournemouth ... of Conservation Sciences, Occasional Paper) by Bryan J H Brown 3 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse87
The Kellis Isocrates Codex (P.Kell.III Gr.95) (Dakhleh Oasis Project Monograph 5) by Klaas Anthony Worp 1 eksemplar88
Greek Offerings: Essays on Greek Art in Honour of John Boardman (Oxbow Monographs) by Olga Palagia 4 eksemplarer89
Regional schools in Hellenistic sculpture : proceedings of an international conference held at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, March 15-17, 1996 by Olga Palagia 3 eksemplarer90
Roman Frontier Studies 1995 (Oxbow Monographs) by W. Groenman-van Waaterringe 1 eksemplar91
The Kellis agricultural account book: P. Kell. 4. Gr. 96 by Roger S. Bagnall 4 eksemplarer92
Making English landscapes : changing perspectives : papers presented to Christopher Taylor at a symposium held at Bournemouth University on 25th March 1995 by Katherine Barker 5 eksemplarer93
The Romanization of Athens : proceedings of an international conference held at Lincoln, Nebraska (April 1996) by Michael C. Hoff 3 eksemplarer94
The Early Roman Empire in the East by Susan E. Alcock 2 eksemplarer95
Palaeodiet in the Aegean (Oxbow Monographs Series, 96) by Sarah J. Vaughan 1 eksemplar96
The oasis papers 1 : the proceedings of the first conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Project by C. A. Marlow 1 eksemplar97
The Age of Transition: The Archaeology of English Culture 1400-1600 (Architecture in Context) by David R.M. Gaimster 10 eksemplarer98
Life on the Edge: Human Settlement and Marginality (Oxbow Monographs in Archaeology) by C.M. Mills 3 eksemplarer100
Dating and the Earliest Known Rock Art by Matthias Strecker 1 eksemplar101


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