SerierBritish Archaeological Reports, British Series

182 Værker Popularitet 28,914 (154 Medlemmer) 275 Bøger 8 Anmeldelser 4.2
Coins and the archaeologist by P. J. Casey 9 eksemplarer4 [first edition only]
Some Iron Age Mediterranean Imports in England (British archaeological reports) by Peter Harbison 2 eksemplarer5
Anglo-Saxon Settlement and Landscape by Trevor Rowley 2 eksemplarer6
Corpus of Pagan Anglo-Saxon Spear-types (British archaeological reports) by Michael Swanton 2 eksemplarer7
A Corpus of Roman Engraved Gemstones from British Sites by Martin Henig 2 eksemplarer8
Grooved ware sites in Yorkshire and the North of England (British archaeological reports) by T. G Manby 1 eksemplar9
Anglo-Saxon garnet inlaid disc and composite brooches (British archaeological reports) by Richard Avent 1 eksemplar11
Clay pipes for the archaeologist by Adrian Oswald 2 eksemplarer14
New Forest Roman pottery : manufacture and distribution, with a corpus of the pottery types by Michael G. Fulford 1 eksemplar17
Roman Fort-Defences to A.D. 117: With Special Reference to Britain by Michael J. Jones 1 eksemplar21
The Religions of Civilian Roman Britain: A Corpus of Religious Material from the Civilian Areas of Roman Britain by Miranda J. Aldhouse-Green 1 eksemplar24
Settlement and Economy in the Third and Second Millenia B.C.: Papers Delivered at a Conference by Colin B. Burgess 1 eksemplar33
The medieval moated sites of south-eastern Ireland : Counties Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary and Wexford by Terence B. Barry 1 eksemplar35
Studies in Celtic survival by Lloyd Laing 1 eksemplar37
Episode of Carausius and Allectus: The Literary and Numismatic Evidence by Norman Shiel 2 eksemplarer40
The Roman pottery industry of the Oxford region (British archaeological reports) by Christopher J. Young 1 eksemplar43
Gatcombe: The Excavation and Study of a Romano-British Villa Estate, 1967-1976 by Keith Branigan 3 eksemplarer44
Bede and Anglo-Saxon England by R.T. Farrell 1 eksemplar46
Early land allotment in the British Isles : a survey of recent work by H.C. Bowen 3 eksemplarer48
Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age Sculpture and Its Context (BAR British series) by James T. Lang 2 eksemplarer49
Ethelred the Unready (BAR British series) by David Hill 1 eksemplar59
British hill-forts : an index by A. H. A. Hogg 1 eksemplar62
The Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco Pipe 1. Britain: the Midlands and Eastern England by Peter J. Davey 2 eksemplarer63
The Saxon and Medieval Palaces at Cheddar: Excavations, 1960-62 by Philip Rahtz 3 eksemplarer65
Agricultural Buildings in Roman Britain by Pat Morris 1 eksemplar70
End of Roman Britain: Conference Papers (British archaeological reports) by P. J. Casey 3 eksemplarer71
Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History, Vol. 1 by Sonia Chadwick Hawkes 0 eksemplarer72
Invasion and Response: Case of Roman Britain (British archaeological reports) by Barry C. Burnham 2 eksemplarer73
Iron Age Promontory Forts in the Northern Isles by R.G. Lamb 1 eksemplar79
The geography of Augustinian settlement in medieval England and Wales (BAR British series) (Pts 1-2) by David M. Robinson 2 eksemplarer80
Megalithic rings : plans and data for 229 monuments in Britain by Alexander Thom 2 eksemplarer81
Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries 1979: The Fourth Anglo-Saxon Symposium at Oxford (BAR British series 82) by Philip Rahtz 0 eksemplarer82
Hillfort and Hill-Top Settlement in Somerset in the First to Eighth Cen turies A.D. (British Archaeological Reports (BAR)) by Ian Burrow 1 eksemplar91
Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History, Vol. 2 by David Brown 2 eksemplarer92
Enamel-working in Iron Age, Roman and Sub-Roman Britain : the products and techniques by J.D. Bateson 1 eksemplar93
Anglo-Saxon Landscapes in the West Midlands: The Charter Evidence (BAR British series) by Della Hooke 1 eksemplar95
Anglo-Saxon Amulets and Curing-stones (British Archaeological Reports (BAR)) by Audrey L. Meaney 8 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse96
Early Church in Western Britain and Ireland: Studies Presented to C.A.Ralegh Radford (BAR. British series) by Susan M. Pearce 1 eksemplar102
Beaker domestic sites : a study of the domestic pottery of the late third and early second millennia B.C. in the British Isles. Part 1 and 2 by Alex M. Gibson 1 eksemplar107
Ageing and sexing animal bones from archaeological sites by Bob Wilson 3 eksemplarer109
Structural Reconstruction: Approaches to the Interpretation of the Excavated Remains of Buildings (British Archaeologica by P. J. Drury 1 eksemplar110
Offa's Dyke reviewed (BAR British series) by Frank Noble 3 eksemplarer114
Landscape archaeology in Ireland by Terence Reeves-Smyth 3 eksemplarer116
The Bronze Age metalwork of South Western Britain (BAR. British series) by Susan M. Pearce 2 eksemplarer120
Pictish studies : settlement, burial, and art in dark age northern Britain by J. G. P. Friell 2 eksemplarer125
The Cattewater wreck: The investigation of an armed vessel of the early sixteenth century (BAR British series) by M Redknap 1 eksemplar131
Military and civilian in Roman Britain : cultural relationships in a frontier province by Thomas Blagg 3 eksemplarer136
Bacchus in Roman Britain: The evidence for his cult (BAR British Series) by Valerie J Hutchinson 0 eksemplarer151
The Lexden tumulus: a re-appraisal of an Iron age burial from Colchester, Essex by Jennifer Foster 1 eksemplar156
Pragmatic archaeology : theory in crisis? by Christopher F. Gaffney 0 eksemplarer167
Corpus of Ancient Brooches in Britain (BAR British series) by Mark Reginald Hull 2 eksemplarer168
Iron Age coinage in South-East England : the archaeological context by Colin Haselgrove 1 eksemplar174
Henge Monuments and Related Sites of Great Britain (int-uk) by Anthony Harding 1 eksemplar, 1 anmeldelse175
Copies of the fel temp reparatio coinage in Britain : a study of their chronology and archaeological significance includ by R. J. Brickstock 1 eksemplar176
The Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco Pipe X by Peter J. Davey 1 eksemplar178
Studies in Palaeoeconomy and Environment in South-west England (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) International) by N.D. Balaam 0 eksemplarer181
Neolithic Settlement of the Thames Basin by Robin Holgate 1 eksemplar, 1 anmeldelse194
The Standing Stones of Wales and South-West England by George Williams 1 eksemplar197
Diet and crafts in towns : the evidence of animal remains from the Roman to the post-medieval periods by D. Serjeantson 2 eksemplarer199
Herefordshire place-names by Bruce Coplestone-Crow 1 eksemplar214
Stone Circles of Britain: Taxonomic and Distributional Analyses and a Catalogue of Sites in England, Scotland and Wales by John Barnatt 2 eksemplarer215
Early Medieval Wall Painting and Painted Sculpture in England by Sharon Cather 1 eksemplar216
Excavations at the Mesolithic Site on West Heath, Hampstead 1976-1981 (Pa-Meso) by Desmond Collins 1 eksemplar217
The Vale of the White Horse Survey (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) British) by Martin Tingle 1 eksemplar, 1 anmeldelse218
Burial Practices in Roman Britain (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) British) by Robert Philpott 4 eksemplarer219
Hanging bowls and their contexts : an archaeological survey of their socio-economic significance from the fifth to seventh centuries A.D by Jane Brenan 1 eksemplar220
Celtic Coinage: Britain and beyond by Melinda Mays 1 eksemplar222
Cadbury Congresbury 1968-73: A late / post-Roman hilltop settlement in Somerset by Philip Rahtz 2 eksemplarer223
The Trinitarian Order in England: Excavations at Thelsford Priory by Margaret Gray 1 eksemplar226
Advances in monastic archaeology by Roberta Gilchrist 2 eksemplarer227
A catalogue of Celtic ornamental metalwork in the British Isles, c. A.D. 400-1200 by Lloyd Laing 3 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse229
Summary Catalogue of the Anglo-Saxon Collections in the Ashmolean Museum (Non-ferrous Metals) (British Archaeolog by Arthur MacGregor 4 eksemplarer230
Hillfort defences of Southern Britain by Michael Avery 5 eksemplarer231
Roman Brooches from North Britain (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) British) by Margaret E. Snape 2 eksemplarer235
Discovery by design : the identification of secular élite settlements in western Britain A.D. 400-700 by Kenneth Rainsbury Dark 1 eksemplar237
The Neolithic - Bronze Age Transition in Britain (int-uk) by Neil Brodie 1 eksemplar, 1 anmeldelse238
The archaeology of the clay tobacco pipe 13 : the clay tobacco pipe industry in the parish of Newington, Southwark, London by Colin Andrew Tatman 2 eksemplarer239
Evidence for Christianity in Roman Britain (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by C. F. Mawer 1 eksemplar243
The archaeology of the clay tobacco pipe XIV : the development of the clay tobacco pile kiln in the British Isles by Allan Peacey 1 eksemplar246
Sub-Roman Britain (AD 400-600): A Gazetteer of Sites by Christopher A. Snyder 1 eksemplar247
Spatial patterning among animal bones in settlement archaeology : an English regional exploration by Bob Wilson 1 eksemplar251
Studies in Maritime Archaeology (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) British) by Sean McGrail 1 eksemplar256
Wine Drinking in Oxford (bar) by Fay Banks 2 eksemplarer257
The use of grave-goods in conversion-period England c. 600 - c. 850 A.D. by Helen Geake 3 eksemplarer261
Medieval grave slabs of County Tipperary, 1200-1600 A.D. by Denise Maher 1 eksemplar262
There by Design: Field Archaeology in Parks and Gardens (BAR British Series) by Paul Pattison 1 eksemplar267
Woods, wolds and groves : the woodland of medieval Warwickshire by Sarah J. Wager 1 eksemplar269
Use of the Woodlands in the Late Anglo-Saxon Period (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) British) by R. D. Berryman 2 eksemplarer271
Llawhaden, Dyfed : excavations on a group of small defended enclosures, 1980-4 by George Williams 2 eksemplarer275
Texts and Monuments: A Study of Ten Anglo-Saxon Churches of the Pre-Viking Period (British Archaeological Reports British Series 277) by Christopher Pickles 0 eksemplarer277
Bronze age metalwork in northern East Anglia : a study of its distribution and interpretation by Colin F. Pendleton 1 eksemplar279
Animal Husbandry Regimes in Iron Age Britain: A Comparative Study of Faunal Assemblages from British Iron Age Sites (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) 282) by Ellen Hambleton 1 eksemplar282
Prehistoric combs of antler and bone by Tina Tuohy 2 eksemplarer285
The Spindle and the Spear: A Critical Enquiry into the Construction and Meaning of Gender in the Early Anglo-Saxon Buria by Nick Stoodley 2 eksemplarer288
Saxon Settlement and Earlier Remains at Friars Oak, Hassocks, West Sussex (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Chris Butler 1 eksemplar295
The late Roman transition in the North : papers from the Roman Archaeology Conference, Durham, 1999 by Tony Wilmott 1 eksemplar299
Sheaths and Scabbards in England AD400-1000 (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) British) by Esther Cameron 6 eksemplarer301
Minster Churches in the Dorset Landscape by Teresa Anne Hall 1 eksemplar304
The Form and Fabric and Belief: An Archaeology of the Lay Experience of Religion in Medieval Norfolk and Devon by C.Pamela Graves 1 eksemplar311
Severn Valley Ware Production at Newland Hopfields: Excavation of a Romano-British kiln site at North End Farm, Great Malvern, Worcestershire in 1992 and 1994 by C. Jane Evans 1 eksemplar313
An Archaeology of Social Identity: Guildhalls in York, c. 1350-1630 by Katherine Giles 1 eksemplar315
Images of Piety: The Iconography of Traditional Religion in Late Medieval Wales (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) Br by Madeleine Gray 1 eksemplar316
Church Monuments in Norfolk Before 1850: An Archaeology of Commemoration (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) British) by Jonathan Finch 1 eksemplar317
The Visibility of Imported Wine and its Associated Accoutrements in Later Iron Age Britain (bar s) by Emma Carver 1 eksemplar325
Relations of production: Social networks, social change and the organization of agriculture in late prehistoric sou by Gloria Polizzotti Greis 1 eksemplar330
The Roman Channel Crossing of AD 43 (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Gerald Grainge 1 eksemplar332
The Roundhouses, Brochs and Wheelhouses of Atlantic Scotland c. 700BC - AD 500. Part 1: The Orkney and Shetland Isles (British Archaeological Reports British Series) (Pt. 1) by Euan W. Mackie 1 eksemplar342
Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Small Mammals in South West Britain: Environmental and Taphonomic Implications and Their Role in Archaeological Research (British Archaeological Reports) by Catherine R. Price 0 eksemplarer347
Unparalleled Behaviour: Britain and Ireland during the 'Mesolithic' and 'Neolithic' by Martin P King 2 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse355
Early Anglo-Saxon Belt Buckles (late 5th to early 8th centuries AD): Their classification and context (bar) by Sonja Marzinzik 6 eksemplarer357
A late Iron Age farmstead and Romano-British site at Haddon, Peterborough by Mark Hinman 2 eksemplarer358
Cyril Fox on Tour 1927-1932 (BAR British Series) by David Hill 1 eksemplar364
Debating Late Antiquity in Britain AD300-700 (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) International) by Rob Collins 3 eksemplarer365
The Construction of Hadrian's Wall by P. R. Hill 4 eksemplarer375
Place-Names of Cardiganshire by Iwan Wmffre 2 eksemplarer379
Bronze Artefact Production in Late Bronze Age Ireland by Simon Ó Faoláin 1 eksemplar382
AEthelbald and Offa: Two Eighth Century Kings of Mercia (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by David Hill 1 eksemplar383
Liminal Images: Aspects of Medieval Architectural Sculpture in the South of England from the Eleventh to Sixteenth Centuries by Alex Woodcock 1 eksemplar386
The Forest, Park and Palace of Clarendon, c.1200-c.1650 : Reconstructing an actual, conceptual and documented Wiltshire landscape by Amanda Richardson 1 eksemplar387
Animals, Economy and Status: Integrating Zooarchaeological and Historical Data in the Study of Dudley Castle, West Midlands (c. 1100-1750) by Richard Thomas 1 eksemplar392
The Archaeology of Woodland Exploitation in the Greater Exmoor Area in the Historic Period (British Archaeological by Judith A. C Cannell 1 eksemplar398
'Of Fish and Men' ('De Iasg Agus Dhaoine'): A Study of the Utilization of Marine Resources as Recovered from Selected He by Ruby N Ceron-Carrasco 1 eksemplar400
The archaeological authority of the Bayeux tapestry by Michael John Lewis 1 eksemplar404
The Survey of the Whole of England: Studies of the documentation resulting from the survey conducted in 1086 by Colin Flight 1 eksemplar405
Stone Tools and the Prehistory of the Northern Isles by Ann Clarke 1 eksemplar406
Excavations at Northton, Isle of Harris by D. D. A. Simpson 1 eksemplar408
Guides, Guards and Gifts to the Gods: Domesticated Dogs in the Art and Archaeology of Iron Age and Roman Britain (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Kate Smith 2 eksemplarer422
Viking Burial in the North of England (British Archaeological Reports) by Angela Z. Redmond 2 eksemplarer429
Roman military objectives in Britain under the Flavian emperors by Alison E. Grant 1 eksemplar440
Historical Ecology of Some Unimproved Alluvial Grassland in the Upper Thames Valley (BAR British) by Alison McDonald 1 eksemplar441
Medieval Textiles of the British Isles AD 450-1100: An Annotated Bibliography (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Elizabeth Coatsworth 10 eksemplarer445
Wilderspool and Holditch: Roman Boom-towns on the 'road North' (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by I.R. Rogers 1 eksemplar449
Rebuilding the Britons : the postcolonial archaeology of culture and identity in the late antique Bristol Channel region by Christopher R. Bowles 1 eksemplar452
Portal Tombs in the Landscape: The Chronology, Morphology and Landscape Setting of the Portal Tombs of Ireland, Wales and Cornwall (BAR British Series) by Tatjana Kytmannow 1 eksemplar455
Salt: Life and Industry. Excavations at King Street, Middlewich, Cheshire 2001-2002 by Matthew Williams 1 eksemplar456
Tacitus, Thule and Caledonia: The Achievements of Agricola's navy in Their True Perspective (BAR British Series) by Stan Wolfson 1 eksemplar459
Northern Rock: The Use of Egglestone Marble for Monuments in Medieval England (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Sally Badham 1 eksemplar480
Early Anglo-Saxon Communities in the Landscape of Norfolk BAR BS481 (BAR British Series) by Mary Chester-Kadwell 1 eksemplar481
St Ninian and the Earliest Christianity in Scotland (BAR British Series) by Jane Murray 1 eksemplar483
A "Splendid Idiosyncrasy": Prehistory at Cambridge 1915-50 by Pamela Jane Smith 4 eksemplarer485
Medieval Welsh Settlement and Territory. Archaeological evidence from a Teifi valley landscape (bar bs) by Jemma Bezant 1 eksemplar487
The Origins of the Borough of Wallingford: Archaeological and Historical Perspectives by K.S.B. Keats-Rohan 1 eksemplar494
Roman Quarrying and Stone Supply on the Periphery - Southern England (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Kevin M J Hayward 1 eksemplar500
Understanding Landscape Values: A Scottish Highland Case Study (bar) by Camilla Priede 0 eksemplarer502
Intersections: The Archaeology and History of Christianity in England, 400-1200. Papers in Honour of Martin Biddle and Birthe Kjbye-Biddle (bar) by Martin Henig 1 eksemplar505
The Survey of Kent: Documents Relating to the Survey of the County Conducted in 1086 (BAR British Series) by Colin Flight 1 eksemplar506
Gem Engraving in Britain from Antiquity to the Present: With a Catalogue of the British Engraved Gems in The State Hermitage Musuem (BEAZLEY ARCHIVE: STUDIES IN GEMS AND JEWELLERY) by Julia Kagan 1 eksemplar514
Medieval military monuments in Lincolnshire by Mark Downing 1 eksemplar515
Roman and native in the central Scottish Borders by Allan Wilson 0 eksemplarer519
A decade of discovery: proceedings of the Portable Antiquities Scheme Conference, [British Museum], 2007 by Sally Worrell 0 eksemplarer520
Reign of Aethelred II King of the English Emperor of All the Peoples of Britain 978-1016 (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Ian Howard 1 eksemplar522
Archaeology of the Upper Witham Valley : prehistoric visitors, Iron Age settlement and a Romano-British landscape dominated by a new villa by Thomas H. Jolliffe 0 eksemplarer524
Manufacturers, Mummies and Manchester (BAR British Series) by Hilary Forrest 2 eksemplarer532
Investigating Animal Burials: Ritual, Mundane and Beyond (BAR British) by James Morris 2 eksemplarer535
St. Saviour's Church and Parsonage (1855-6), Mortimer West End, Hampshire-Berkshire border : building on the Englefield Estate during the Victorian boom by John R. L. Allen 0 eksemplarer537
The Vindolanda tablets and the ancient economy (BAR British series ; 544) by Kasper Grønlund Evers 1 eksemplar544
Tutbury: 'A Castle Firmly Built' : Archaeological and historical investigations at Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire by Malcolm Hislop 1 eksemplar546
The Iron Age in Northern East Anglia: New Work in the Land of the Iceni by John A. Davies 2 eksemplarer549
'The Beste and Fayrest of al Lincolnshire' The Church of St Botolph, Boston, Lincolnshire, and its Medieval Monuments (BAR British Series) by Sally Badham 1 eksemplar554
A Gazetteer of Prehistoric Standing Stones in Great Britain (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Olaf Swarbrick 1 eksemplar558
Salt production, distribution and use in the British Iron Age by Janice L. Kinory 1 eksemplar559
Insects in the city : an archaeoentomological perspective on London's past by D. N. Smith 1 eksemplar561
Roman Soldiers and the Roman Army (bar bs) by Rikke D Giles 0 eksemplarer562
Stanley Abbey and its estates, 1151-c1640 : a Cistercian monastery and its impact on the landscape by Graham Brown 1 eksemplar566
The Use of Skeletal Evidence to Understand the Transition from Roman to Anglo-Saxon Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire (bar bs) by David Klingle 1 eksemplar569
Battlefield Archaeology of the English Civil War (Bar Bs) by Glenn Foard 2 eksemplarer570
Urban-rural connections in Domesday Book and late Anglo-Saxon royal administration by Jeremy Haslam 1 eksemplar571
Living with the Past: the Reuse of Prehistoric Monuments in Anglo-Saxon Settlements (bar bs) by Vicky Crewe 1 eksemplar573
Cultural Behaviour or Natural Processes?: A Review of Southern Britain Iron Age Skeletal Remains (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Justine Tracey 1 eksemplar576
Prehistory in Practice: A Multi-Stranded Analysis of British Archaeology, 1975-2010 (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Anwen Cooper 1 eksemplar, 1 anmeldelse577
The Masonry Defences of Roman Silchester (Calleva Atrebatum), North Hampshire: Building Materials, Building Styles and the Building Programme (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by J. R. Allen 0 eksemplarer580
Female Burial Traditions of the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age: A Pilot Study Based on Modern Excavations (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Alice Rogers 0 eksemplarer581
Architecture, Regional Identity and Power in the Iron Age Landscapes of Mid Wales: The Hillforts of North Ceredigion (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Toby Driver 0 eksemplarer583
Royal Authority in Anglo-Saxon England (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Gale R. Owen-Crocker 1 eksemplar584
The South-Warwickshire Hoard of Roman Denarii: A Catalogue (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Stanley Ireland 1 eksemplar585
Contextual Archaeology of Burial Practice: Case Studies from Roman Britain by John Pearce 3 eksemplarer588
The Place-Name Evidence for a Routeway Network in Early Medieval England (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by Ann Cole 2 eksemplarer589
Unearthing Late Medieval Children: Health,status and burial practice in Southern England (BAR British) by Heidi Dawson 1 eksemplar593
Lines of Archaeology alomg the North Cornish Coast (BAR British) by Andy M. Jones 1 eksemplar594
The Bronze Age Metalwork of South Western Britain: A Corpus of Material Found Between 1983 and 2014 by Matthew G. Knight 0 eksemplarer610
Hoarding and the Deposition of Metalwork from the Bronze Age to the 20th Century: A British Perspective by John Naylor 1 eksemplar615
Wallingford: The Castle and the Town in Context (British Archaeological Reports British Series) by K.S.B. Keats-Rohan 1 eksemplar621


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