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68 Værker Popularitet 35,426 (111 Medlemmer) 314 Bøger 2 Anmeldelser 3.8
Calcidius on Matter: his Doctrine and Sources. A Chapter in the History of Platonism (Philosophia Antiqua Volume IX) by J.C.M. van Winden 1 eksemplar9
Theophrastos: PERI EUSEBEIAS, Griechischer Text [Philosophia Antiqua, XI] by Theophrastus 1 eksemplar11
Plato's Seventh Letter by Ludwig Edelstein 4 eksemplarer14
Philosophy of Chrysippus by Josiah B. Gould 10 eksemplarer17
Calcidius on Fate: His Doctrine and Sources (Philosophia Antiqua Volume XVIII) by J. den Boeft 2 eksemplarer18
Plotinus and the Stoics: A Preliminary Study (Philosophia Antiqua) by Andreas Graeser 3 eksemplarer22
Iamblichi Chalcidensis in Platonis Dialogos Commentariorum Fragmenta: Iamblichus, the Platonic Commentaries by Iamblichus 10 eksemplarer23
[Kinēsis akinētos]; a study of spiritual motion in the philosophy of Proclus by Stephen Gersh 5 eksemplarer26
Alexander of Aphrodisias on Stoic Physics. A study of the De mixtione with preliminary essays, text, translation and commentary by Robert B. Todd 4 eksemplarer28
Galen on Language and Ambiguity (Philosophia Antiqua) by Robert Blair Edlow 3 eksemplarer31
Calcidius on Demons (Commentarius Ch. 127-136) (Philosophia Antiqua Volume XXXIII) by J. den Boeft 2 eksemplarer33
Speusippus of Athens: A Critical Study With a Collection of the Related Texts and Commentary (Philosophia Antiqua) by Leonardo Taran 3 eksemplarer39
Human Value: A Study in Ancient Philosophical Ethics (Philosophia Antiqua) by John M. Rist 3 eksemplarer40
Aristotle's Categories and Porphyry (Philosophia Antiqua 48) by C C Evangeliou 5 eksemplarer48
The One and its Relation to Intellect in Plotinus: A Commentary on Selected Texts (Philosophia Antiqua, Vol 49) by John Bussanich 3 eksemplarer49
On Proclus and His Influence in Medieval Philosophy by Egbert P. Bos 2 eksemplarer53
Philosophia Antiqua, Theophrastus of Eresus. Sources for His Life, Writings, Thought and Influence by William W. Fortenbaugh 14 eksemplarer54
Prolegomena : questions to be settled before the study of an author, or a text by Jaap Mansfeld 3 eksemplarer61
Concepts of Space in Greek Thought (Philosophia Antiqua) by Keimpe Algra 7 eksemplarer65
Simplikios' Commentar zu Epiktetos Handbuch by Simplicius 3 eksemplarer66
Aristotle and Mathematics: Aporetic Method in Cosmology and Metaphysics (Philosophia Antiqua) by John J. Cleary 2 eksemplarer67
Aëtiana: The Method and Intellectual Context of a Doxographer, Volume I, The Sources by Jaap Mansfeld 5 eksemplarer73
Aristotle's Topics (Philosophia Antiqua) by Paul Slomkowski 4 eksemplarer74
Logic and the Imperial Stoa (Philosophia Antiqua) by Professor of Ancient Philosophy Jonathan Barnes 5 eksemplarer75
Assent and Argument: Studies in Cicero's Academic Books : Proceedings of the 7th Symposium Hellenisticum (Utrecht, August 21-25, 1995) (Philosophia Antiqua) by Brad Inwood 2 eksemplarer76
Olympiodorus: Commentary on Plato's "Gorgias" (Philosophia Antiqua): Commentary on Plato's "Gorgias" by Robin Jackson 3 eksemplarer78
Prolegomena mathematica : from Apollonius of Perga to late Neoplatonism : with an appendix on Pappus and the history of Platonism by Jaap Mansfeld 5 eksemplarer80
Aristotle's Theory of Predication (Philosophia Antiqua) by Allan T. Bäck 4 eksemplarer84
Traditions of Theology: Studies in Hellenistic Theology : Its Background and Aftermath (Philosophia Antiqua) by Dorothea Frede 7 eksemplarer89
Proclus' Hymns: Essays, Translations, Commentary (Philosophia Antiqua) by Proclus 8 eksemplarer90
Iamblichus De Anima: Text, Translation, and Commentary (Philosophia Antiqua) by Iamblichus 13 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse92
Chrysippus' on Affections: Reconstruction and Interpretations (Philosophia Antiqua) by Teun Tieleman 3 eksemplarer94
The Sceptical Road: Aenesidemus' Appropriation of Heraclitus (Philosophia Antiqua) by Roberto Polito 5 eksemplarer96
The Philosophy of Dionysius the Areopagite (Philosophia Antiqua) by Christian Schäfer 5 eksemplarer99
Aristotle's Practical Side: On His Psychology, Ethics, Politics And Rhetoric (Philosophia Antiqua) by William W. Fortenbaugh 6 eksemplarer101
On Weather Signs by Theophrastus 4 eksemplarer104
Influences on Peripatetic Rhetoric (Philosophia Antiqua) by David C. Mirhady 4 eksemplarer105
Akrasia in Greek Philosophy (Philosophia Antiqua) by Pierre Destrée 7 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse106
The Libraries of the Neoplatonists by Cristina D'Ancona 8 eksemplarer107
Timée le Sophiste: Lexique platonicien by Maddalena Bonelli 2 eksemplarer108
Aristotle on Definition (Philosophia Antiqua) by Marguerite Deslauriers 5 eksemplarer109
Aristotle on Memory and Recollection (Philosophia Antiqua) by David Bloch 8 eksemplarer110
Live unnoticed (Philosophia Antiqua) by Geert Roskam 4 eksemplarer111
Proclus' Commentary on the Cratylus in Context: Ancient Theories of Language and Naming by R. M. van den Berg 6 eksemplarer112
The Notion of That Which Depends on Us in Plotinus and Its Background by Erik Eliasson 4 eksemplarer113
Aëtiana: The Method and Intellectual Context of a Doxographer, Volume II, The Compendium (2 vols.) by Jaap Mansfeld 2 eksemplarer114
Physics and Philosphy of Nature in Greek Neoplatonism by Riccardo Chiaradonna 4 eksemplarer115
L'oeuvre de David l'Invincible et la transmission de la pensée grecque dans la tradition arménienne et syriaque by Valentina Calzolari 3 eksemplarer116
New Perspectives on Aristotle's De Caelo by Alan C. Bowen 6 eksemplarer117
Aëtiana: The Method and Intellectual Context of a Doxographer, Volume III, Studies in the Doxographical Traditions of Ancient Philosophy by Jaap Mansfeld 2 eksemplarer118
Theophrastus On First Principles (known as his Metaphysics) by Theophrastus 4 eksemplarer119
Particulars in Greek Philosophy: The Seventh S.V. Keeling Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy (Philosophia Antiqua) by Robert W. Sharples 5 eksemplarer120
Proclus on Nature by Marije Martijn 4 eksemplarer121
David the Invincible, Commentary on Aristotle's Prior Analytics: Critical Old Armenian Text With an English Translation, Introduction and Notes by Aram Topchyan 3 eksemplarer122
Theophrastus of Eresus commentary Volume 6.1: Source on ethics by William W. Fortenbaugh 6 eksemplarer123
Interpreting Aristotles Posterior Analytics in Late Antiquity and Beyond by Mariska Leunissen 3 eksemplarer124
Gloses et commentaire du livre XI du Contra Proclum de Jean Philopon autour de la matière première du monde by Pascal Mueller-Jourdan 7 eksemplarer125
New Essays on Ancient Pyrrhonism by Diego E. Machuca 5 eksemplarer126
Boethius on mind, grammar and logic : a study of Boethius' Commentaries on Peri hermeneias by Taki Suto 4 eksemplarer127
La démonologie platonicienne by Andrei Timotin 5 eksemplarer128
The Emergence of Reflexivity in Greek Language and Thought: From Homer to Plato and Beyond by Edward T. Jeremiah 5 eksemplarer129
L'aporie ou l'expérience des limites de la pensée dans le Péri archôn de Damaskios by Carolle Métry-Tresson 4 eksemplarer130
Theoria, Praxis, and the Contemplative Life After Plato and Aristotle by Thomas Bénatouïl 4 eksemplarer131
The Eudemian Ethics on the Voluntary, Friendship, and Luck: The Sixth S.V. Keeling Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy by Fiona Leigh 4 eksemplarer132
Simplicius on the Planets and Their Motions: In Defense of a Heresy by Alan C. Bowen 3 eksemplarer133
Protagoras of Abdera: The Man, His Measure by Johannes M. van Ophuijsen 3 eksemplarer134
Aristotle's Metaphysics Lambda: Annotated Critical Edition Based upon a Systematic Investigation of Greek, Latin, Arabic and Hebrew Sources (Philosophia Antiqua) by Stefan Alexandru 5 eksemplarer135
Aristotle on Prescription (Philosophia Antiqua) by Francesca Alesse 2 eksemplarer152


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