SerierAdvances in Consciousness Research

93 Værker Popularitet 29,394 (150 Medlemmer) 374 Bøger 2 Anmeldelser 3.5
The Postmodern Brain (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Gordon G. Globus 6 eksemplarer1
Questioning Consciousness: The Interplay of Imagery, Cognition, and Emotion in the Human Brain (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Ralph D. Ellis 1 eksemplar2
Quantum Brain Dynamics and Consciousness: An Introduction (Advances in Consciousness Research, V. 3) by Mari Jibu 9 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse3
Locating Consciousness (Advances in Consciousness Research, Vol 4) by Valerie Gray Hardcastle 5 eksemplarer4
Consciousness and Qualia (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Leopold Stubenberg 1 eksemplar5
Consciousness and self-consciousness : a defense of the higher-order thought theory of consciousness by Rocco J. Gennaro 3 eksemplarer6
Fractals of Brain, Fractals of Mind: In search of a symmetry bond (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Earl R. Mac Cormac 4 eksemplarer7
Finding Consciousness in the Brain: A Neurocognitive Approach (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Peter G. Grossenbacher 7 eksemplarer8
Two Sciences of Mind: Readings in Cognitive Science and Consciousness (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Sean O Nuallain 1 eksemplar9
Foundations of Understanding (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Natika Newton 1 eksemplar10
The Aconceptual Mind: Heideggerian Themes in Holistic Naturalism (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Pauli Pylkko 6 eksemplarer11
Language structure, discourse, and the access to consciousness by Maksim Stamenov 1 eksemplar12
Investigating Phenomenal Consciousness: New Methodologies and Maps (Pragmatics & Beyond New) by Max Velmans 4 eksemplarer13
The Primacy of Movement (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Maxine Sheets-Johnstone 15 eksemplarer14
Stratification in Cognition and Consciousness (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Bradford H. Challis 2 eksemplarer15
The Caldron of Consciousness: Motivation, Affect and Self-organization - An Anthology (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Ralph D. Ellis 4 eksemplarer16
The Presence of Mind (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Daniel D. Hutto 3 eksemplarer17
Languages of Sentiment: Cultural constructions of emotional substrates (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Gary B. Palmer 2 eksemplarer18
Human Cognition and Social Agent Technology (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Kerstin Dautenhahn 5 eksemplarer19
Individual Differences in Conscious Experience (Typological Studies in Language) by Robert G. Kunzendorf 1 eksemplar20
Beyond Physicalism (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Daniel D. Hutto 4 eksemplarer21
Beyond Dissociation: Interaction Between Dissociated Implicit and Explicit Processing (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Yves Rossetti 3 eksemplarer22
Exploring the self philosophical and psychopathological perspectives on self-experience by Dan Zahavi 3 eksemplarer23
The Development of Implicit and Explicit Memory (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Carolyn K. Rovee-Collier 1 eksemplar24
Microgenetic Approach to the Conscious Mind (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Talis Bachmann 3 eksemplarer25
Spatial Cognition: Foundations and applications (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Sean O Nuallain 2 eksemplarer26
Consciousness and Intentionality by Grant Gillett 3 eksemplarer27
Psychological Concepts and Biological Psychiatry: A Philosophical Analysis (Advances in Consciousness Research, Series a, V.28) by Peter Zachar 2 eksemplarer28
The Physical Nature of Consciousness (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Philip Van Loocke 3 eksemplarer29
Self-reference and Self-awareness (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Andrew Brook 3 eksemplarer30
Face Recognition: Cognitive and Computational Processes by Sam S. Rakover 1 eksemplar31
My double unveiled the dissipative quantum model of brain by Giuseppe Vitiello 5 eksemplarer32
No Matter, Never Mind: Proceedings of Toward a Science of Consciousness : Fundamental Approaches (Tokyo '99) (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Kunio Yasue 3 eksemplarer33
Consciousness Evolving (Advances in Consciousness Research) by James H. Fetzer 3 eksemplarer34
Language, Vision and Music: Selected Papers from the 8th International Workshop on the Cognitive Science of Natural Language Processing, Galway, 1999 (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Paul Mc Kevitt 3 eksemplarer35
Neurochemistry of Consciousness: Neurotransmitters in Mind (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Elaine Perry 6 eksemplarer36
Dimensions of Conscious Experience (Advances in Consciousness Research) by P. Pylkkänen 2 eksemplarer37
Awakening and sleep-wake cycle across development by Gianluca Ficca 2 eksemplarer38
Consciousness Emerging: The Dynamics of Perception, Imagination, Action, Memory, Thought, and Language (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Renate Bartsch 2 eksemplarer39
Consciousness Recovered: Psychological Functions and Origins of Conscious Thought (Advances in Consciousness Research) by George Mandler 4 eksemplarer40
Unfolding Perceptual Continua by Liliana Albertazzi 2 eksemplarer41
Mirror neurons and the evolution of brain and language by Maksim I. Stamenov 7 eksemplarer42
On Becoming Aware: A Pragmatics of Experiencing (Advances in Consciousness Research, 43) by Natalie Depraz 13 eksemplarer43
Emotional Cognition: From Brain to Behavior by Simon Moore 4 eksemplarer44
Simulation and Knowledge of Action (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Jérôme Dokic 1 eksemplar45
Narrative Intelligence (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Michael Mateas 17 eksemplarer46
Tone of voice and mind the connections between intonation, emotion, cognition, and consciousness by Norman D. Cook 4 eksemplarer47
Attention and Implicit Learning (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Luis Jimenez 2 eksemplarer48
Neural Basis of Consciousness (Advances in Consciousness Research, 49) by Naoyuki Osaka 2 eksemplarer49
Quantum Closures and Disclosures: Thinking-Together Postphenomenology and Quantum Brain Dynamics (Advances in Consciousness Research, 50) by Gordon G. Globus 3 eksemplarer50
Caging the Beast: A Theory of Sensory Consciousness (Advances in Consciousness Research, 51) by Paula Droege 5 eksemplarer51
Philosophy of the Brain: The Brain Problem (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Georg Northoff 21 eksemplarer52
Touching for Knowing: Cognitive Psychology of Haptic Manual Perception (Advances in Consciousness Research, 53) by Yvette Hatwell 10 eksemplarer53
Consciousness, Emotional Self-Regulation and the Brain (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Mario Beauregard 6 eksemplarer54
Mind and Causality (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Alberto Peruzzi 3 eksemplarer55
Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness: An Anthology (Advances in Consciousness Research, 56) by Rocco J. Gennaro 6 eksemplarer56
The evolution of human language : scenarios, principles, and cultural dynamics by Wolfgang Wildgen 4 eksemplarer57
Brain and Being: At the Boundary Between Science, Philosophy, Language and Arts by Gordon G. Globus 10 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse58
The Structure And Development Of Self-Consciousness: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Dan Zahavi 4 eksemplarer59
Sisyphus's boulder : consciousness and the limits of the knowable by Eric Dietrich 2 eksemplarer60
Curious Emotions (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Ralph D. Ellis 3 eksemplarer61
Body Image and Body Schema: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Body (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory) by Helena De Preester 3 eksemplarer62
Memory and understanding : concept formation in Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu by Renate Bartsch 1 eksemplar63
Exploring Inner Experience: The Descriptive Experience Sampling Method by Russell T. Hurlburt 3 eksemplarer64
Signs, mind, and reality : a theory of language as the folk model of the world by Sebastian Shaumyan 4 eksemplarer65
Imagery And Spatial Cognition: Methods models and cognitive assessment (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Tomaso Vecchi 1 eksemplar66
Visual thought the depictive space of perception by Liliana Albertazzi 2 eksemplarer67
On Being Moved: From Mirror Neurons to Empathy (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Stein Bråten 6 eksemplarer68
Conceptual Atomism and the Computational Theory of Mind: A defense of content-internalism and semantic externalism (Advances in Consciousness Research) by John-Michael Kuczynski 4 eksemplarer69
To Understand a Cat: Methodology and Philosophy (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Sam S. Rakover 4 eksemplarer70
Embodiment in Cognition and Culture by John Michael Krois 5 eksemplarer71
The reflexive nature of consciousness by Greg Janzen 4 eksemplarer72
Constructing the Self (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Valerie Gray Hardcastle 4 eksemplarer73
Mind That Abides: Panpsychism in the new millennium (Advances in Consciousness Research) by David Skrbina 10 eksemplarer75
The Intersubjective Mirror in Infant Learning and Evolution of Speech (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Stein Bråten 3 eksemplarer76
The Transparent Becoming of World: A crossing between process philosophy and quantum neurophilosophy (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Gordon G. Globus 5 eksemplarer77
Unconscious memory representations in perception : processes and mechanisms in the brain by István Czigler 4 eksemplarer78
New Horizons in the Neuroscience of Consciousness (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Elaine K. Perry 2 eksemplarer79
Mind ascribed : an elaboration and defence of interpretivism by Bruno Mölder 6 eksemplarer80
Becoming human : from pointing gestures to syntax by Teresa Bejarano 2 eksemplarer81
Phenomenology and the Physical Reality of Consciousness (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Arthur Melnick 2 eksemplarer83
Body Memory, Metaphor and Movement (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Sabine C. Koch 4 eksemplarer84
Olfactory Cognition: From perception and memory to environmental odours and neuroscience (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Gesualdo Zucco 3 eksemplarer85
Consciousness in interaction the role of the natural and social context in shaping consciousness by Fabio Paglieri 2 eksemplarer86
Empiricism and the foundations of psychology by John-Michael Kuczynski 2 eksemplarer87
Being in Time: Dynamical models of phenomenal experience (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Shimon Edelman 4 eksemplarer88
Moving Imagination: Explorations of gesture and inner movement (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Helena De Preester 1 eksemplar89
The constitution of visual consciousness : lessons from binocular rivalry by Steven M. Miller 2 eksemplarer90
Roots and collapse of empathy : human nature at its best and at its worst by Stein Bråten 2 eksemplarer91
The constitution of phenomenal consciousness : toward a science and theory by Steven M. Miller 2 eksemplarer92
Visually Situated Language Comprehension (Advances in Consciousness Research) by Pia Knoeferle 2 eksemplarer93
The abstraction engine : extracting patterns in language, mind and brain by Michael D. Fortescue 3 eksemplarer94
Consciousness and object : a mind-object identity physicalist theory by Riccardo Manzotti 4 eksemplarer95


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